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5.3 Inking

Welcome back, it's time to put everything you've learned so far into practice. I know this can seem a little daunting, even with the pencil sketch we laid out, but remember, you can always start over. It's only a piece of paper after all. Take things slowly, it's not a race. Take your pen off the paper as many times as you need, and use pencil lines as a guide. You don't have to trace these exactly, that often rules the natural flow of the movement. So don't worry if your lines don't follow them precisely. You might find you have some shaky or wobbly lines, but here's a little secret for you, you can touch it up. It's so hard to create perfect, precise lettering, unless you have a lot of patience, time and paper to do the piece hundreds of times. Instead, you can really easily touch up your lettering after, and your artwork will look even better. Simply use a black ink pen that has a much smaller nib, so you can add precise details. I'm using the other end of the Tombow brush pen. I'm just going over some of the shaky lines, making sure ovals and end points are round at the top and there are no sharp edges. Rub out your pencil lines and admire the perfect piece of lettering you've created. You can use these lessons to create any piece of brush lettering you like. But you can also apply them when using different lettering styles and tools. Join me in the next lesson to find out how.

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