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6.1 Conclusion

I hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know the program and continue to use it for your scalable, vector creations. Thank you so much for joining me in Getting Started With CorelDRAW! I'm Mary Winkler for Tuts+.

6.1 Conclusion

Thank you so much for joining me in getting started with CorelDRAW. We explored the toolbox, working through curve tools, shape tools, artistic media tools, and various tools that manipulate them. We learned how to add and delete attributes, all without leaving the comfort of the toolbox and the property bar. We explored shortcuts to speed up our work, including the eyedropper tools and duplicating objects instead of copying and pasting them. Then we explored commonly used dockers, including Object Properties and Object Manager giving us greater control over the organizational aspects of our work. Dockers like the Text Properties docker, Align and Distribute, and the Transformations docker, gave us additional options and control within the images we made. And sped up our productivity. You learn how to create patterns and power clips, both fantastically useful functions within the program. Finally, we put everything we learn together in to a projectt creating a fun brightly colored trendy infographic design ready to be filled with information. We've barely scratched the surface and all you can do with CorelDRAW. I hope you've enjoyed getting to know the program, and continue to use it for your scalable vector creations. If you enjoyed this course, you may enjoy some of the other introduction courses including Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape, and Print Design here on tuts+. I've been Mary Winkler for tuts+. Thank you so much for watching.

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