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1.1 Getting Started With CorelDRAW

In this introduction to the course we’ll take a look at some of the interface, and I’ll describe the tools, dockers, and effects we’ll review. I’ll also give a preview and description of the final project.

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1.1 Getting Started With CorelDRAW

Welcome to Getting Started with CorelDRAW. I'm Mary Winkler for Tuts+. In this course, we'll get acquainted with CorelDRAW X7's interface. So whether you're a beginner, somebody who's completely new to the program, or an intermediate student, maybe looking for a review, this course will cover useful information and techniques on CorelDRAW's latest application. Together we'll go over most of the tools in the toolbox, exploring their uses, options, various ways to customize them, we're gonna break all of it down. We'll take a look at commonly used dockers, those panels that kinda sit over to the left. Not only to understand their functions, but also to get the most out of CorelDRAW in terms of organization and productivity. When you know exactly what you want and where it is, you can spend more time in the program creating than figuring out where to find something. In the end, we'll put everything learned in this course together by way of a final project, giving you the tools and techniques necessary to create graphics in CorelDRAW with confidence. So whether you're making an infographic or creating a full mesh illustration, you'll know exactly what you're doing because you already went over all of the uses of those tools. So join me, Mary Winkler, in getting started with CorelDRAW.

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