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Designing and Building a Brand



In this course you’ll learn how to create visual brands from scratch and develop your brand designs into professional, comprehensive brand identities. Graphic designer and brand consultant Grace Fussell will show you how to design effective logos and icons, create typography style masters, develop professional color palettes, and design custom graphics for your brand.

Through real-world examples of successful brands, you’ll learn how to pull together your brand elements into a style guide, and how to extend your brand identity into the digital world. Whether you’re looking to create a stunning brand identity for your own business or to learn more about how professional brand designers tackle branding projects for clients, this course is a fantastic place to get started!

If you want to go further with logo design, watch our courses Mastering Logo Design in Adobe Illustrator and Creating Professional Logos in an Instant. Or build on your experience designing a brand with our course Creating Product Mockups With Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.