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5.1 Conclusion

In this last video, we’ll summarize and wrap up the key elements of the typographic lessons we learned in this course. In this course, we learned about typography from its very beginning, all the way to what it is today. We talked about basic elements, the nitty-gritty of typesetting, types of fonts, and how to combine fonts.

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5.1 Conclusion

[MUSIC] Hi and welcome to the last lesson of this course, the ultimate guide to typography. Typography is one of the most important elements of design, in this course we learned about type history, it's fascinating beginning, and its evolution to become what it is today. Typefaces come in all shapes and sizes, so we learned about the different type categories, big type families, their characteristics, and their uses. We also took a look at the different type files and a few innovating ones that are changing the way we look at type today. [MUSIC] Mastering the details of typography is very important, so we looked at readability, legibility, and a few mistakes to avoid when type setting. Last we took a look at how to choose the right fonts based on their personality traits, and how to combine them to create an aesthetically pleasing design. Typography knowledge is vast and always evolving. In this course, we provided you with typographic concepts, that are perfect to get you started and master it as you learn. My name is Laura Keung, and from all of us at Envato, we hope you enjoyed this course and we'll see you on the next one. [MUSIC]

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