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3.2 The Layers Panel

Time for another powerful panel. Let’s take a look at the Layers panel and figure out how layers work.

3.2 The Layers Panel

[MUSIC] Next we've got The Layers Panel. Now if you've used anything like Photoshop or XD, this may be familiar to you. And you can see this on the right. Remember if you don't have the Layers Panel, it's up here at window and then down to layers. Now, by default, you get Layer 1. And you can double-click on this and give this a name of your choice. Let's think of a funky name. That's good. Tuts+, there we go. And you can expand the layer by clicking the arrow and it shows you all of the elements. Now we haven't got anything on our layer because we just deleted it. However, if I go ahead and create some shapes. It's remembered that dotted line, brilliant. You can see that as we create more shapes, I'm just duplicating this here. It then adds these as separate layers. And we can lock those layers by clicking within this space here. So that layer is now locked or we can hide and show by clicking the little eye icon. And we can double click in this empty space on the right. Not on the text, cuz that will let us rename it. We'll click over here. And we get some other options. So we've similar options here, but we can dim the layer, by a percentage. We can change the color, if you like. So lots and lots of different options there. And you get a few more here, as well. So New Layer, New Sublayer, you can duplicate layers. All by clicking that four-lined menu icon in the top right corner.

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