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4.3 Additional Tools

There are several additional tools that are useful when designing logos in Adobe Illustrator: the Shaper Tool, the Smooth Tool, the Knife Tool, and the Scissors Tool. Let’s dive in!

4.3 Additional Tools

[MUSIC] We're going to look at a couple of other additional tools and then we're going to jump in to actually creating this logo. So, another really useful tool that I absolutely love is the smooth tool. And you can find this, down here. So depending on your version of Illustrator, it will either be under the Pencil Tool, or the Shaper Tool, and you can just left-click, and hold, and select Smooth Tool. By the way, Shaper Tool, is also really useful. You can left-click and drag, with the Shaper Tool, And it will recognize what you're drawing and attempt to draw it. So if you're doing anything like y framing or you're just kind of conceptualizing ideas, you can use the shaper tool to very quickly draw straight lines, draw shapes, even if you draw like an absolutely terrible one you can see there. I did a circle within a few seconds. So that's incredibly useful if you're looking to do something fairly quickly. Right, so the smooth tool. So let's just draw a line. Now this is very common with the pen tool, especially if you are new to the pen tool. Your lines won't look as perfect as you might like. In fact, I get this even now so this isn't a new tool illustrator thing. I use this tool all the time now when I'm creating lines if I create part of a logo in illustrator and it's not as smooth as I'd like, I can nicely smooth it out. So you could see here, we have that little kink there. It doesn't flow as smoothly as the rest of the line. However, we can left-click and hold, select the Smooth Tool, drag over everything, and then select the Smooth Tool again. And all I need to do is just left click and drag over the part of the line that I want to smooth out. Now, this line is all connected, which is what we need. And I can just left click and drag, you can see it's kind of showing me where I'm drawing. And I just need to go over that one segment. And you can see it smoothed it out. It adjusts it and it's added another anchor point in there. Not quite smooth, though so let's go again. And again, I'm just left clicking and dragging until it's perfectly smooth. In fact with this tool you can, it's often a case of trial and error. You can go out, you can do this as many times as you like, you can see as I'm smoothing this it's changing the shape every time. And sometimes you can go too smooth, but then you've also got the undo option. So just remember, commander, control, zed. And you might go smooth, smooth, undo, undo, and you can use that to very quickly get the type of curve that you like. But it's fantastic at just removing those little kinks, those little awkward curves, that aren't as smooth as you'd like them. All right, we've also got the knife tool. Now this is quite literally what it says. I can select the shape, it's under the eraser tool here. We've got the knife tool. And you can use this in a very kind of free-hand fashion, and you can make those slices, and what it does is it will literally slice apart your vector shapes into different segments. So that's pretty straightforward, something else we'll just talk about briefly is the scissor tool. So if I create a circle, remember that's selecting the ellipse tool, left clicking and holding shift. And we'll just increase that weight. And then just left click and hold where the knife tool is, select scissor tool. What I can do is I can select the points along the path and select another point over here. And then with the direct selection tool, I can now select in between those points, and just hit delete. And it removes that space in between, and I could then just left-click and hold Shift, and we've created something like a power symbol. So another really useful tool if you're kind of looking to create gaps between lines or you're doing icons or doing a lot of line work. So incredibly useful tool. That's the scissor tool.

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