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3.1 Conclusion

Welcome back to How to Design a Business Card. I hope this course has inspired you to try out the amazing design resources on Envato Elements for your own creative business card designs. Let's recap everything we've learned!

3.1 Conclusion

Hello everyone, and welcome back to this course, How To Make Business Cards in Adobe Photoshop. Again, my name is Melody Nieves, and I've been your instructor. I hope this course has given you a lot more confidence when it comes to tackling print design. Graphic design does not have to be a scary process. And with these incredible resources and tips, you'll be able to create professional designs faster than ever before. So with all that said, let's go over a final recap of everything we've learned. First we started with the basics, tackling important steps like setting up the bleed lines and knowing the difference between RGB and CMYK formats for professional printing. Then we took a look at our designs. Each one was created with a particular theme in mind, and supplemented by fantastic stocks and resources from Envato Elements. Starting with a floral design, we complemented it with amazing premium fonts, and a clever location map on the back. Our next card featured a fun photographer theme. Although you can also utilize the helpful smart objects to swap out the images you want at any time. Finally, our last card showed off the power of minimalism for a quick and creative business card. We made sure to highlight the best parts of our self and our mock businesses while changing up the vibes completely with each design. Take your time with this course, and be sure to come back to these videos for a refresher on any steps. For more design and digital art advice, feel free to follow me on social media for more helpful tips. As always, from all of us here at Envato Tuts+, thank you for watching, and good luck.

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