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4.3 Texturing Our Roots

In this lesson we will apply a texture to the roots to make them look like realistic roots!

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4.3 Texturing Our Roots

Hi, and welcome back to lesson nine of creating a surreal scene with photo manipulation. So, in this lesson we're gonna be finishing off our root which we started, and basically applying a texture to them to make them look a bit more realistic. Let's zoom in a bit here. So on the left hand side I've got this root here. Let's see which one it is. It's that one on the left there. So obviously it's not joining that, so I'm gonna fix that. So I'm gonna focus on that area there. I'm going to get a black brush and just get hard round, and just draw it in myself. So use the brackets on your keyboard to make the brush smaller. It's a bit too big there. Make a swerve again and again and join up these. Very good, and then join up that one to that site there as well. Okay, so let's use on that. Just zoom out, and we're gonna add a few to the front of our scene as well and also on top of the mask. So I'm gonna make a new one, a new layer. I'm gonna place a few at the front here, so let's get some here. This one would be a good one. No, let's try and find a good one for the front. Possibly that one. No, not that one. That's not that bad. Put that on there. So one there. One there as well. I'm gonna rotate this one as well. I really like this one on there. Maybe not just like that. Like that. Try to find another one to use. Maybe one from there, going onto his nose. Let's rotate it a little bit. Reaching down from the rock onto his face. I'll try and fix that there. I don't want that all reaching out like that so maybe just join up. There we go. Maybe another one on this side of his face. Yeah, that's good. Here, I'm gonna rub out this section here, or erase it, and that one there which is sort of flying off there, and there. Okay, maybe get rid of that section. So it's all up to you right now at the moment. You've got to use your own artistic representation. Do whatever you think looks best. Don't just copy me blindly. If you want to become an artist you have to start trying to think for yourself and all that type of thing. So, you've got creative freedom, so do whatever you want, so I'm just going to paste a few here. Well that one didn't like that. So just a few there. I'm liking what this is turning out to look like, so just a few more on the corner maybe, or the front. One there. Okay, so when you've done that, and you're happy with what it looks like add a texture to this. Cuz at the moment it just looks like some black branches. It doesn't really look like it's detailed, has no texture on it. So what we're gonna do, bring in this one here. It's gonna be the bark texture we used before. What we're gonna do is apply this to one of the vines. So it's this one on the right-hand side first. Just apply that. I'll hold Alt between the two layers. As you can see, it now looks like perfect branches. The only thing we need to do now is to make it look a bit more 3D, so to do that we're going to use blending options. So right-click on the layer you need to change. So get the blending options or you can just double click on this empty space, and click on bevel and emboss. As you can see, mine's already set up to let that be perfect. So as you can see it looks like real vines now, but yours might come up like this, so really harsh highlights. It's really white on one side. So you need to lower down the opacity, and make sure that looks right. Leave hardly any of that on there on the white. On the darks we'd increase that to make the shadows more prominent. Then what we're gonna do is add a contour. That's basically like what the bevel's doing. So we're gonna change that to this one down here. Now, they're all pretty decent, so it doesn't really matter which one you use. Some of them look good, some of them don't. I like this one here with a little slight curve and turn on anti-aliased to be the better quality. Okay, so now what we've got to do now is just do the exactly the same to each of them. Right-click on this layer, get a copied layer style and just paste on the other ones, okay? And do the same thing with that one. Just add the texture to the others, so find where they are. This was at the front. I'm gonna leave that for now, cuz this is a bit harder. So add it to the top one like that, and that one's done. Add it to the bottom one, on the left, and that one's done. So now, for this one on the bottom it's a bit larger so we have to actually make the texture bigger. So Ctrl+J, and I'm going to just stretch out, but soon as stretched out hold Alt on your keyboard, drag it to the right hand side holding Shift, and then join them up, and you got perfect texture in the middle. All these are repeatable patterns. That's the good thing about textures that come as repeatable patterns, and then hold Alt between the two layers again, and you've got perfect vines. Now, the ones at the front I think they should be a bit darker because they're in front of the mask and the sun's behind the mask. Make sense? So add a brightness and contrast layer. Bring down the brightness quite a lot. Something like that looks good. Add some contrast and a bit more on the darkness, but that should be fine. That looks really good. Okay, so now what we're gonna do is add some more flying rocks around the outside of our masses. Looking a bit all centralized. There's nothing going on the edges. So close the branches. We've done them now. They look really good. So we go back to the flying rocks, but I'm gonna make a new layer above that. I call it wing rocks for the wings, cuz it's on the wings of the image. Go back to a black brush, and then go to our flying stone brushes. I'm thinking this one here is always the best one. Make it completely black. I'm gonna rotate it slightly, so I have a curve on it like that. Do the same to the other side like that. One at the front as well and there may be one on this left hand side front as well. Okay, so maybe there, yeah. Okay, so then duplicate that layer to make it a bit thicker, and then merge together like so, and then I'm gonna go to Filter, Blur, Motion Blur, but actually first of all before I do that I'm gonna split them in two. So I want the ones on the right hand side to go curving round, and on the same on the left. I'm actually gonna split these up. So I'm just gonna get the last little two, and just trying to mix some of the rocks like that. That'd be right hand side ones so, Ctrl+C, Delete, Ctrl+V, and we got to place that there. For the right hand side one I'm going to convert to smart object, do the same to the left hand side rocks. Let's wait for that to finish. Okay, and then on the right hand side one Filter, Blur, Motion Blur. Now you could have still used the pathway tool and you can actually rotate the path on this. I will show you that as well cuz that's obviously a new feature. At least at was in 2014 I believe, or 2015 with Blur Gallery and then Path Blur We can do one here. So you got this arrow here. So you actually direct the path blur. So when I do like that and like that, bend it around you can see that it starts to bend around like that, and I can bring it down to high quality. Centered blur, let's change that just the end point speed, and I bring the speed down quite a lot, something like 15%. As you can see it's going around our object, our face at maybe 18% instead of just going straight up. So like that, click OK. Let's see what it looks like. Okay, so very cool. Grab on the side of it's face. Very cool effect, and do the same thing to the left hand side. So Filter, Blur Gallery, and then Path Blur. Of course this one's going to be going the other direction like that, like that. High quality, and then take off center blur. Speed down quite a lot, it's like 20%. And we've got two different ones here. Like that, click OK Perfect. Okay, so the ones that are a bit too evident on the front here I want to get rid of that, so I'm actually going to add a whole mask to the wing rocks folder. I'm just gonna get rid of some of these at the front, so we get a big round brush full of. I'm just gonna get rid of some of these. I don't want them all there I just want them on the sides basically. Bit too dark as well. Something like that. That looks good. Now let's add a few more in a new folder, or just put it in the same folder. Now, cuz I didn't have the mask on it, so my new folder. Call it front rocks, front fly rocks. Let's add a few more at the front here to make it a bit more realistic there, so this one here again and there. Maybe one in the middle or a few in the middle like so and get to Ctrl+J, duplicate that one, merge them together. Make it a bit more thicker, more dark, and get a blur and then just motion blur straight up this time like so, and you've got some nice rocks in the center there as well. Okay, I'm just gonna lower the opacity of these and see what I think's best for these. So, something like that, and let's add a mask, and again just get rid of any you don't think looks correct. So I think it's a bit too dark in some areas. I just want the hint of rock, so I don't want to actually to see them. That and that all blends in together now. Okay, so now these branches on our woman and on our rocks they're still looking a bit too white. So you need to make them more fit in with the scene more. So, let's have a look into there, so branches, we change this to normal, and anything inside of course is only be effected by inside. So, change these to slightly red and yellow. Not too much red, but I want to make it a bit more yellowish. Okay, it looks better already. Something like that, that's fine. Get a brightness and darken this slightly down. I'm only gonna effects the ones up here not the ones at the front. Do actually want some darkness here so something like that. Invert the mask Ctrl+I, and it only effects certain areas, so soft brush again. Just only effect like the area over here. These branches, I want these a bit darker. The ones closer to her will be quite brighter because we're closer to the sun. These there in the front. Maybe a bit on the front actually just cuz it's a bit too bright here. Like that. That looks good. Okay, I'm gonna actually have to blur some of these, cuz I'll see they're on the rocks these branches. So if the rock's blurry then obviously the branches need be blurry, so to do that we'll have to actually make these into smart objects. So we actually are going to lose the ability to turn off and on the bar. [INAUDIBLE] to do that. We can always open that up if we have to. I haven't even showed you what you can do with a smart object. I'm not sure if you know how. It is an advanced course. I'm pretty sure you'd know what they are, but when they're actually converted into a smart object you can right-click and just edit contents. As you can see I can change the bark here and just click file save and it will work and it will just save it in our original file. So I've done that and I'm going to do the same to the ones that we need, so the ones on the left hand side need to be blurry as well so this one here. Very smart object, and all I'm gonna do is Filter, Blur, Motion Blur, and then there's this one on the left side first. So I'm gonna add a bit of blur to this. Once we match, something like that. That's fine. Do the same thing for the other one, this one here. Filter, Blur. Motion Blur and do it this way this time. Around there it will get a bit blurry. A bit less on this side cuz it's a bit smaller, like that. The same thing we did before just on the mask. I'm just gonna get rid of anything over there. I just want it to be effective on the place on the rock. Make sure some black. There you go, like that. Same with this one black, and just get it on there. There you go, perfect. Okay, so now for the actual character, our main character in our scene here. Zoom in on her. Okay, we need to add some highlights, from the sun on her dress, and on her. Okay, the first thing we're going to do to her is actually add a hue and saturation layer, so inside of that layer I'll change this to normal instead of pass through, like we've done before. Click on the hue saturation, I'll go to yellow because there's quite a lot of yellow in her, so I'm going to change that right down to zero, and bring it back up until it's a more reasonable like that. That's perfect. Okay, and we're gonna go zoom in, and I'm gonna attach a color dodge layer like we've done before. So new layer, fill it with black, and then hold Alt between the two layers, and attach it to her. Okay, now change this to color dodge. What we wanna do like we've done before is get a nice color of the sun. So we'll zoom out on the first part. Get the sun part here maybe, and just gently add it to her dress, so bring the flow down, and we'll do a few overall ones, so a few big ones here and there. See that looks like the suns on effect on her, like that. Okay, so maybe the top of her as well just a little bit on there. Make her really shiny. So something like that. Nice, okay I'm gonna actually darken her a little bit cuz I think she's a bit too bright. So I'm gonna go to brightness and contrast. I'm just gonna darken her completely, bring down the contrast, a lot contrast in her. A bit more darker something like that. Now, that we've done that we actually have to change the color dodge layer, cuz its made it a little bit to blown out. So get black color, and just go over this section of the dress. It's a bit to dark there, like that. As you can see that fixes it. Obviously if the sun was someone behind someone you've got a nice see through transparent dress, and of course it's gonna come through quite bright. Okay, that looks really good, so that's how I'll leave it there for this lesson. So please join in next lesson. We'll continue doing this course.

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