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4.1 Adding Fog and Cutting Out Our Character

In this lesson we will add some fog to the foreground of our scene, creating a realistic atmosphere, as well as adding in our main human element.

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4.1 Adding Fog and Cutting Out Our Character

Hello, welcome back to lesson seven of Creating a Surreal Scene with Photo Manipulation. In the last session, we added some rocks and our cracks to our main face, our face mask. So in this lesson, we're going to be working on the floor, making that a little bit brighter, as well as adding some dust. All right, so let's get right to it. So first we'll open up your background group layer and go down to our floor because I think it's a bit dark alone. It's not really showing the roots either, so it needs to be a little bit brighter than it is. So let's check the adjustments we've got, see if we need to adjust any of these. I'm happy with that one, but not these levels. Let's actually delete the levels and add in our own curves, and let's readjust this. So bring down the shadows and bring up the highlights. Don't want the sky light orange, but we do wanna bring some of this light, okay? So not too bright, not too dark either, so something like that first of all. Bring around that point to touch. Leave that for now. Just a little bit of an adjustment and what we're going to do, add a brightness of contrast, and brighten it up quite a lot first. This is where the sun is going to be in the back. Add some contrast. Okay, invert the mask, then we go white brush, get quite big one. So something about that. Then just click in the middle a few times. We're using the white brush, so make sure you're get the passe up a little bit more. This will just create that highlight at the back, behind the mask. Behind the mask as well. Zoom out, see what it looks like. Now, you can see a little bit more of the roots underneath, but I think we can work with the roots even more, because they're not really showing up behind the rocks. Let's make sure we fix that. So, let's find out where the roots actually are. So we got crack in the floor, we got mask. So we have the shadow of the mask is not helping us much. And we have the roots, so we should make the roots darker. Okay? So we got the brightness and contrast, let's bring down the brightness. Add some more contrast, so we need a bit more there, let's have a look. Okay. Maybe we need to add a bit, few more roots to this, so it's no problem. So get your brush, get your roots. Now I always do things that redo things, it's what a designer does, it's not a problem. So let's add a few more roots to this. Let's try and add a few more in certain areas. So like that. And maybe darken the actual texture. So it looks better with this off, so let's make sure we get this right. So get a multiply on our texture or overlay. Let's try one of these. Soft light adds a bit of silver, that bit of texture. But it goes away, so that's fine. So it's something like that, let's have a look. That looks a lot better. We can see some of the texture and we can also see our roots. Let's delete the ones we don't want. So I've got some here that I don't really like. Okay, but now we can see the roots which is what we wanted. Okay, take the shadow as well needs a little bit of work so let's fix that. I think it needs to be a bit darker and needs to be a bit more evident the shadow in the middle. Let's add another shadow then, so make a new layer, get your black brush and a soft brush, a low flow. Low opacity, and just go over certain areas you want a bit more shadowy. I just want this to be a lot darker under there. Put it back. A lot more shadow there. And just lower the opacity a little bit more. There you go. That's perfect. Okay, so now we've done that. Let's fix the problem with the roots. Let's add in some smoke, but before we do that let's actually just fix the dullness of the master mix. It's looking a bit dull. So open up the master layers and add a curves adjustment just above all the other adjustments just under the textures. All we'll do is just bring out the highlights and bring down the shadows. This'll just create a bit more contrast. It's a bit like how using the brightness and contrast layer, just using a different way, like that. As you see, it's add a lot more contrast into our scene. Okay, perfect. All right, so then now we fix those little errors along the way. Let's add in our actual smoke. So make a new layer above everything. And then go to your brush. Get a nice cream brush. Let's try something like this. If you want to copy that code you can, but I'm sure we'll have to change it again anyway. Okay. Go to the soft round, low opacity, and low flow. Actually, I'm going to create some natural smoke. If you bring the flow right down you can have lot more control over it. You don't really need to a Wacom tablet or any tablet for that. Much clearer. It makes it look a bit more realistic with the smoke rising. Maybe this needs to be a bit more colored. A bit darker. Let's try that. Yep okay, that's good. A lot more smoke here. Make it look a lot more realistic. A lot more dramatic, add a bit of atmosphere to it Okay, it looks good. Make sure if you wanna go back, control, alt, insert multiple times. And it does that or you can just go to edit and undo. For something like that, looking very good with the haze. Okay, now make sure you put that into a group layer. Let's call it smoke, or dust, or whatever you want to call it. So I'm going to call this first layer, so first, let's put first. Add another layer of smoke. So, new layer. Get to your brush. And I've given you the fog brush. Pin it to the same sort of yellow, so let's go back to the color. Looking around, skew yellow, about that. Low flow, same as before, low opacity. And we're just gonna add in some different types of fog here, a bit lower opacity. It almost looks like it's rolling, smoke's rolling over the landscape type of thing. Okay. Something like that, let's go upwards as well. Like that, bit more opacity. Like that, though we're gonna be blurring this anyway. I know it looks a bit odd at the moment. I'm gonna add a bit of blur to the top of the mask as well, something like that. Looks good. I go to filter, blur, Gaussian blur, not box blur. Okay and so bring that up to a reasonable level so something like 14. Get to filter blur, mission blur, straight up and we've got a nice, sort of gradual blur there. So, opacity is zero and bring it up until it looks pretty good. Now like that looks okay. Just make sure you rub out the sides if you need to. So if you've got, I'm hitting e on my keyboard to get to the erasure. That low flow I'm just gonna get rid of the edges here. Got on too much. Okay, so that's just added a little bit more smoke to our scene. Now I cann see if you have to low the opacity of some of these smoke layers, then please do so. They make it just over the top, then I fell on 100%, so that does look a bit too, we've got rid of all the detail basically. So not just really sessal. Okay. So something like that. Maybe add another layer if you need to. My there you use as long as it's nice and tidy. Now maybe a few more layers here. Maybe more smoke, there's some blur. Okay, so I'll leave you that to work on that, if you want to try and add some more smoke in certain areas to do so. Should I write that down, that's fine, like that. Okay, so now we're going to actually add our main, well the only person in the image. So I'm going to open up our stocks and bring in our lady here, which is windswept it's called. This one here. So to cut this one out of the background is quite difficult because there's not really anywhere we can do it unless we use Pencil. Let's try it one time on a quick selection. See if we can try and get a good selection on this one. Okay, something like that might work. Believe I did a pencil with the originally, but let's just see if we can do this. Make our lives a lot easier for us. Oops, see it's gone right there it goes full with it there. Okay, so that's no problem, so we only got a little bit left to do here now, just take off or enhance that might help us. So now it didn't help us at all. So what we're gonna do to fix this. Go to our quick mask that we've done before, and you can see the mask that we've got. Go to a hard brush, a ground pixel. Bring the hardness down to about 90% and the size up. What are we going to do? Bring the capacity to 100% and the flow and just take out the red part on this side of the dress. And don't worry if you get some of the dress in there because I'll just see it's the material so you can cut some of that off, and it'll still be realistic. Let's get rid of all that there, so now we got a good color on that one. Okay, so we just saved us a lot of time doing this. We still need to get in all the feet and all that. So circle that to a black brush. And bring back some of this mask here. So you kind of actually do a little trick. So hold Shift on your keyboard. Click once, click, hold Shift. Click again and it'll create a straight line. So that might help if I actually fill it in some areas for the mask. Of course it also creates a straight line so I can use that in the future. That's good. Zoom in on her hair. Just gotta make sure we get her nose in there. Okay, on her face there as well, like that, and a little bit of arm there missing, so I am going use that trick with the straight line and I just fix it like that, and a bit of material in her hand as well. Okay. Looks good, I think her feet were cut off as well, let's make sure we actually get her feet in there as well. And again I'm holding the plus key on my keyboard, holding control and the minus to zoom out. All right, there we go, and her feet there as well, like that. Just maybe try and get the shape of her feet like that. Yeah, that looks good. Don't mesh this in there now, we also got part of the window you can see through her dress there. Let's get rid of that. Also, in the corner here, that's a white. And again, we're going to use the white. This is a bit too round with our brush, let's change it to a polygon lasso tool. That way we can just choose a straight line, so we get a straight line there, there, there, I missed a bit there, but we can fix that in a second. Directly down, just get a straight dress, this part. And I fill this, so edit to fill with black, sorry white. Okay, I go out to the mask. Now we do that shadow to add fabric to that. I can see a lot to on the feather. So if you need to remember to do that, again, that's fine. That gives us a bit more of a blur to the edge. That looks good. Okay, now I get off the mask, so I click on, the mask tool, the quick mask tool. And you've got this, I'm gonna get some of her hair back in there. So we go to the refine edge if you're not one there already, go to the, let's mark it so that just allows you to click on the refine edge. Click on refine edge, what I wanna do, just get on her hair so just go and hit this section here. And try and get in some of hair again, there you go, to add those. Hit okay. Add in mask. Invert the mask so Ctrl+i or command i. And we've got our woman character. Now, bring her into our main file, okay, Ctrl+c. I'm gonna make her smaller. Place her where we want her, so just about there. Little smaller than that. About that size I believe. Yep, that looks good. Make sure she's in the center so bring up the ruler scan, control, and semi colon. Right in the middle, good. Now I've got a small box around her as you can see, happens a lot of the time when you cut out something. So what we're gonna do, on the mass itself, just make a square around her and make sure she's inside of the box. And then hit Ctrl+Shift+I. What that's done is it's now selected everything outside of the box. Now if I go on the mass now, I'm gonna Edit > Fill with black, she's not filled in but the box is gone. Anything outside of that box is disappeared. As you can see on the mask. Okay, I need to refine her hair section that's gone a bit wrong there on the refine mask which is fine. Let's get the brush, just get rid of that, make it a bit softer. You'll have to change the layer style of the actual brush. We didn't know that on the mask, overlay, and then we'll get rid of it for you, like so. That won't get rid of her as much, like that. There you go, that looks better. As you can see, she's got a bit of a edge to her, especially on that arm. Let's see if there's anywhere else. Zooming in on the arms, make sure we fix that first. Okay, so like we've done before, just with a brush, a black brush. Let's get rid of that edge there. Okay, I've got a bit of a feather on this, it's a soft brush. I'll bring that hardness back up, to about 80%. And just do that again like so. You can confer the shape of her arm too much. Let's do the line trick, it's a lot easier. Again, and I just hold shift, click once, click again, holding shift, and that will create a straight line. You size it. You'll just keep doing that normally, and that just saves us so much time, like so. Okay, on this side of her arm. Okay, too much there. Add a little bit on here as well. It's a bit bright there. Okay, so that's all done. So, we've added some dust and some more rocks to our scene. So you can please join me in the next lesson and we'll continue doing this course.

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