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2.1 Source Images

In this lesson I show you the source images and the must dos and don'ts when using them.

2.1 Source Images

Hello, and welcome back to lesson two of how to create a surreal scene with photo manipulation. In this lesson I will show you where to obtain the stock images and the rules you need to follow when using the images. First of all, let's have a little look at the some of the images we'll be using. So let you know not very many in this course which is a good thing, it means we don't have to obviously download all the images and take time doing that. So let's zoom in here and see what images we've got here. So we've got some lovely skies here we're gotta use. Very nice Western look from America, I believe. Got some of the arid landscape here with some nice bushes here which can be used as our main background image. The reason why this is good is because it's so long, it a antro-panoramic, so we can use any part of this in our main focus, in our image. We've got some cracks here as well, we're gonna be using underneath our main subject area, the mask, and some effects here of a bit of rubbish to debris and all that type of thing. Some dirt charges here. As you see there that's the mask we're gonna be using. Very cool image. And got these nice lovely all ready pre-cut out rocks from and a few textures down here and also our model here. Okay, so for the rules for following the actual images, where you can find them is, I've provided you with some links to download, and you can go there and download them. So first of all, there's some images from CG Textures, actually called now, formerly CG Textures. So these images here, now you get credits for these and then with those credits, you can download the images. So as you can see here, medium is two credits. See, I've got 15 so it's enough to download all the images we need for this course. And you don't need to get the bigger ones. Unless you wanna print it off on a big scale, then these medium sized ones will be fine. Maybe in the four credits for this image because it's obviously the background of our image. But all the rocks and all that, just get the small or the medium and you'll be fine. I've actually signed up for the year which is still not very much money so if you want to download that and do that then I would advise to do that, it's a great website for some textures and some images. The other site we're using is Deviant Art. Some of these users have their own set of rules. As you can see, they have please see our journal, our front page for our rules. So you don't have to use it for a mass commercial use or to print it off just for a few friends. You still need to follow the rules of this stockholder. Let's do that. Just go to their main page. You'll find their rules somewhere on here. So here's the rules, stock rules here. So this is everything you need to know. So make sure you follow that, if you want to print it off or do any setting of the piece from this course. On here is the image we're going to be using for the woman. She's got some rules as well in the journal so it goes to that as well. So apart from that we also got some brushes for you to use as well in the course, so how to install them, you'll find a link in the video so just go download that and you'll get this file. So then when you open up Photoshop, right click with the brush enabled. Go to the little sentence icon in the corner. Click on load brushes, and find where I downloaded the brushes, and they'll be called LouisMoorheadBrushes, click on that, load them, and you'll get all these brushes. So in here, you will find some normal brushes which you use, normally, some soft, round brushes of different values and heights and sizes. The most important ones are the dust brush here, you can see what shape it makes, like by dust and debris. Plain stain brush, which is a nice brush as well. Gonna be using that a lot. Add some crack brushes as well as some mud brushes and some roots. The root is gonna be the most important one for we're using that as our main focus underneath our mask image. And we'll see at the bottom, here, we've got some flashes of the light as well. We're using behind the sky or in front of the sky. Got a bit more emphasis behind our women character. So apart from that I really hope you join in the course with me. And I really hope you learned something new and something exciting. So please join me in the next lesson we're gonna continue during this course.

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