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3.1 How to Create a Poster in Photoshop

In this lesson we'll find and download a more complex poster design from Envato Elements, insert and arrange our copy, and add an original font to the design.

For this lesson you'll need to download the Poster Design Template and the Devant Horgen Font from Envato Elements:

3.1 How to Create a Poster in Photoshop

Hello and welcome to the second part of this Tuts Plus course on how to create an event poster design in Photoshop. In this set of lessons, we'll be learning how to create a more complex poster design using a graphic design template, a unique original font, stock photography, and an original logo, all from Envato Elements. So without further ado, let's get into it. So we begin here on Envato Elements. So there are tons of event poster templates to choose from. I've picked this one from PicStar called Core Music Party, Big Poster Design. I think it's bold and fresh, and it's also a little bit more complex than the template that we used for the previous lessons. So let's download it. And let's find that download in the downloads folder if you're on a Mac, or the equivalent if you're on a PC, and just unzip that file. Open that folder, open the A2 folder and open the A2 file in Photoshop. Now the first thing to do is explore the layers that make up this file. So obviously we need to remove this first layer here just by clicking the eye tool, the eye sort of icon next to the layer, and now we can see the design. So just go through and find your way around the different layers here to see sort of what corresponds to what on screen. This one's quite complex, there's a lot of different layers going on, so they're actually folders to help sort of group some of the sections together. [MUSIC] That just gives us an idea of what we're working with. Now, let's insert our copy. [MUSIC] Now, we've inserted most of the copy now, including a couple extra bits of information compared to the last poster. But you'll notice that the main piece of text here is actually going to be edited in a slightly different way to the previous design that we're working with in the previous lesson. You actually need to edit the text in a different Photoshop file. So let's just insert out sort of main act here, which is DJ Halcyon. And no, it doesn't fit but we'll address that in a second, and you need to just make sure that you save that Photoshop file so that it shows up when you go back to the original one, there it is. So as you can see, everything's a bit wonky right now. We've got text kind of that says Bertie tools up here and after that text, you kinda see the text on its side, we've got all these different sizes going on. So we'll fix that up in just a sec, but it's important to just get your copy in just see what you're dealing with, and start to sort of realize what needs to be done to improve the structure of this to make it work for your text. Let's jump into it now with a bit of structure refinement. So the first thing I wanna do is probably make sure that we can actually see DJ Halcyon. So we need to reduce the size of this text in this separate file here. Okay, so we can now do that for now and we just sorta wanna send to that in this file. It's a bit tricky because this little file here doesn't really have a background. So it can be a bit tricky to align that stuff. See how the alignment tools are actually popping up here. So we're just going to do a little cheat and create our own little sort of canvas right now just using a shape. I just find shapes are very useful to help measure things, to help give you a bit of context, of spacing. So we're just going to draw a rectangle, this sort of size of the background here. And use that just by selecting that to help align our text to make sure that it's in the center of this canvas. We'll Command+D to unselect that, and we'll just get rid of that rectangle, and that's all spelled correctly, yes, and we will save. Okay, so there it is, DJ Halcyon. Now, in the trance in 2020, not looking too bad up there, so we might leave that there for the moment. This Birdy Tours section, if we go into the text folder, that needs some serious attention because the lettering is obviously incredibly spaced. So we're going to reduce the letter spacing in the character section. I can have character properties there to be about, I think we might just do a bit more of a conventional one there, and I think we might go Birdy Tours presents. I think that's looking okay. I'll just leave that there for the time being, but now we can actually see that. Let us, now, I wanna turn some of this around a little bit, so let's scrap out event information, so that the venue information and the dates. So that's all one text box, so we need to kind of, it's odd cuz it's on its side. So maybe we just turn that on its side just by pressing Command+T and then using these rotate tools. I can also just move it really quickly, To round about there. Will press Enter. And let's double click the text kind of part of that and we'll move those lines together a little bit more. And as we did last time, I think the date information is just slightly more important than the venue information. So we'll just make that a little bit bigger and start adding a bit of hierarchy to this information there. Okay, we can leave that there for the time being. Let's address this kind of featuring situation here. I might add featuring at the top there like we did last time, and I'll reduce the size of that featuring text, and making nothing small like that. Well, I might actually Command+T that and just make that a little bit bigger just so it's a little bit more comparable with DJ Halcyon. It's obviously not as big, but is an important bit of information. And we'll just take new bit of information down there that I've added. It's just a website for tickets. So we'll Command+T, will pop that on its side. As you may have seen in the last lesson, I do like to make sure that these text boxes aren't ridiculously big for no reason. I might actually just increase the, no, we'll leave that the way it is. We'll make that text box nice and small, and then we'll resize this by going Command+T and just pull it from the corner. Okay, then we'll move that over here. All right, still a bit of a jumble of information, but we're going to start to clean this now. Another thing I would just wanna get rid of is this QR code, I'm not really into it. So we just need to find that in here, there it is, this sorta little layer. And we're going to actually use this DJ Halcyon hero text here, as I'll call it, to start anchoring the shape of the text on this page. So I want all of this kind of text to actually anchor to the bottom of that text there. So we're actually going to select DJ Halcyon. And it's tricky, because the way that we actually do that is through this section here, this text effect section. So if I Command and click that, then we start to see those dotted lines around there, which means that we can start to align things. [MUSIC] Now, one thing that we need to add now is that now that a lot of this text is kind of aligned in the same way. We're seeing different sizes, we're seeing different lengths of text. It's all a bit of a jumble, and one thing that I think that we can do to help simplify the way that things look, is add a bit of extra hierarchy, we'll go in and we'll refine the sizing and stuff shortly. But add in a bit of extra hierarchy by using a different font, not for everything, but just for the most important information. So Envato Elements along with other creative assets that they have, like stock video, stock audio, stock photography, they have thousands of unique fonts. So I've chosen this one called Devant Horgen that I'm going to download and just install that font. Now we'll head back to Photoshop and let's try and address this DJ Halcyon text first. So this sort of, kind of that more important bits of text, so we'll go text edit, we'll select DJ Halcyon, see the character section kind of lot up there. So let's search for Devant Horgen, there it is. And look at that, this font I particularly like and I chose because it's quite economical when it comes to the spacing. It's quite a sort of narrow font. And so you can just see that we've got a pretty longish name here, but it fits effortlessly into the kind of space that we have for it. And we've even got room to kind of fiddle with the letter spacing a little bit, I might even space it just a little bit more so that it's nice and clear. And we'll grab that rectangle space again. But I think with this, I'm going to center it and I might even anchor it down because we have so much more space compared to what we had before, and I might even resize it. So Command+T, and let's just say how much of this room we can take up without it bleeding over the edge, around about the area ish. So we might even be able to kind of center ish and still have it be quiet, have there be more than enough room. Might anchor it down just so it's even with everything else. Let's save that. Now, it's starting to come together, I think. So we've got our big hero text there. Let's start to pick where we're going to use this hero font, this Devant font that we've just downloaded. [MUSIC] So what we've done so far is made it a little bit clearer. We put our copy in, we've customized the structure of the template, and we've added a new font into the mix to help with the kind of communication font and information hierarchy. In the next video, we're going to add a logo from Envato Elements. We'll add some stock photography and we'll customize the colors before we export this poster design. I'll see you then. [MUSIC]

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