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3.2 How to Add a Promoter Logo

In this final lesson, we'll find an original logo design from Envato Elements and add it to our design.

We'll also download and add a stock photo to the design and adjust the colour overlay to bring everything together before we export it.

For this lesson you'll need to download the Bird Logo and DJ Photo:

3.2 How to Add a Promoter Logo

Okay, welcome back to this course on creating an event poster design in Photoshop. In the last video, we found an event poster design template on envato elements. We inserted content, we downloaded and added a new font, and we refined the structure of the design. Now in this video, we're going to be adding a logo stock photography, and we'll change the color before we apply some last minute refinements and export the poster. We begin this lesson in envato elements yet again, as I mentioned earlier, envato elements is a subscription to over 53 million creative assets. So far, we've used a poster design template, a fond from envato elements, and now we're going to look for a logo to add to the mix. Envato elements has over 15,000 logo designs to choose from, they're all high quality, and many of them are vector designs that are customizable. Now, I've picked this one called Bird Colorful Gradient, I've really liked the bird logo here and I think it could work quite well for our Birdy Tours Presents section of the poster. So, let's download it. We'll look for it in our downloads section, unzip the file, open the folder, and we're going to open the Adobe Illustrator file. We'll pop into Illustrator just briefly, so don't panic, and the only reason we're in Illustrator is actually just to grab this logo, because it's part of the way it comes, it's part of this bigger design. So, we just need to grab that bird, now we're gonna just open a new in Illustrator, a new 1440 pixels by 1440 pixels just cuz it's a nice easy big size. And cuz it's a vector design, we can just grab it and resize it, and there won't be any pixelation or anything like that because it's a vector. And all we need to do is just save that, so Command and save or go File and Save. Pop that in our minimal poster design folder and I'll just name it Birdy logo. And you just need to save it as an Illustrator file, you don't need to export it as anything else. We'll pop back into Photoshop and I'm just going to grab that file out of the folder, I'm just gonna drag it into Photoshop. Yep, that's fine, and there you go, it's a bit effective because it's behind a texture overlay at the moment. So don't stress about that, but just gonna resize that and pop that sort of next to Birdy Tours up here, we'll clean that up, right now actually. So, that's your Birdy logo, that's a Birdy Tours Presents text, we're going to also make a group, and we'll rename that Birdy Tours. Let's drop that down and we're just going to nudge the text part of Birdy Tours over. So that's like that, kinda looks nice next to the logo. And we're just going to select the shape of the logo, Command and click, and just central line Birdy Tours Presets, yep, it's all pretty centered. Now, the reason we put this in a group is because we're also going to center this group. So we're just going to grab that background layer, select that, hit Command, select Birdy Tours, and see those line tools that pop up, aligned to the center, there you go, that's all, that's all you need to do. So, now we've got our Presents logo up the top, nice and centered, we've got our hero text here, and we've got all of our supplementary text over here. The next thing I wanna do is insert a photo, at the moment we've got just some sort of texture at the back here, and that's cool. But I think that we can take advantage of this button and really communicate what kind of event this is by adding a stock photo to it, so for that, we head back to envato elements. So, envato elements has nearly 2 million royalty-free stock photos to choose from, all of them are high quality and cover a diverse range of genres and activities. And elements also gives you access to more than 50 million photos on 2020. I've selected this photo from Pressmaster that I really like, I love the colors of it, and I like that she's a DJ, so this is what's happening in our event, this is what we want. So I'm going to download that. And let's open that up in our Downloads folder and just drag it into Photoshop file. I will just resize it, just so it fits the canvas. Looking good, and it's already in the background there. So, as you can see, this new photo it's positioned really well, I mean, she's poking sort of out really nicely between the different streams of information that we have here. But the color of the photo is obviously making most of this text quite difficult to read, so it's time to start refining our design a little bit and making some color choices. So the first big problem I am seeing, obviously, and you will be seeing it as well, is the DJ housing on text is basically unreadable, it's camouflaging into background basically. So, we're gonna go in and try and mess with the effects a little bit, so if we go into text effect here, I can say that there's an inner shadow on there, okay? That's removed and this so drop shadow, we might leave that on cuz we might need that later, in fact, let's take it off and we can always put it back on. I was just gonna do a quick color overlay, which we'll just turn into a different color, there we go. So, now we can actually read it, it's just in white, if we want we can add a drop shadow to it later on, but let's just leave that the way it is for now. We've also got this blurred section here, which I'm not loving right now because it's just adding a bit of a mess and it's sort of out of alignment with this text, so that looks better. So I've just actually aligned it sort of vertical center by selecting the DJ Halcyon shape like the text, and aligning that DMT blurred to the center of it. That looks a bit better now because it looks like kind of streaks of the letters, now I may even just going to cover that white as well and just play with the opacity, see I think that's looking quite good. Cuz I still like the effect but we just need to soften it a little bit, we'll leave it at that for now, we might even go all the way down to 10, okay? Now, you can also see in the background, if we were to remove that photo and the background texture that was there before. You can see all of this stuff happening there and I'm not sure how much we want that there. We've got this whole section of letters spelling out nation for some reason. And that just doesn't really mean anything to me for this design, so I'm gonna get rid of that, I'm just gonna hide that. And we've still got a few different kinds of elements happening here, this isn't the literal, it's called elements, this element section. There's also another section some where, texture, yeah, texture overlay. I'm not loving these textures, so I'm just gonna get rid of them for the moment and reduce some of the elements that we're seeing, like these circular elements, I don't know. Let's put the picture back, so we've got a bit more context to what we're dealing with. I'm not loving this circles, I don't mind the light, I think that's adding something nice. So that's a little bit better to read now but we're still not able to see a lot of what's on this right side. Mostly because of the color and just the colors of the background, and yeah, the text is just not punchy enough. So we're gonna do a bit of grouping again, say if we took that whole section here, and say, if we took all of this stuff in the trance on down so if we grouped that, then we can kinda edit that nice and easily. But so if we made that black, It still doesn't look quite right to me, so we're not going to do that, we are going to do a little trick here. I want to see what it's like if I put a color behind this background image, so I was just going to draw a shape, lots of shape drawing. I will use that background photo to help center the shape, will pop up behind our little DJ friend here. And we might just make it black, just to see what happens, and we're going to select the photo of the DJ and I'm gonna actually just gradually put it down, okay? Now we're starting to say we put that down to 70, yes. Okay, now we're starting to see something happening here, so this still it's looking a bit dim, isn't it? So, we're going to apply a gradient to it. Now, we've lightened it up but we can still see our DJ friend in the background there. And we can still see the text which could use a little bit of a harsher drop shadow now. So if we, I probably didn't wanna go all the way up, but if we just increase this year now we're starting to see it. Just need it to be a little bit more readable, that's all that we need out of our text right now. So it's just got a slight bit more punchiness to it. And really the final thing that we're gonna do now, which is what we'll say sort of the magic of this template come through, is we've got a color overlay here. Now, we had one of these in the previous design that we did earlier in this lesson. But you're gonna start to see how just inverting these colors sort of brings the design to a new sort of creative level, and you can see all these different elements sort of change. So that's looking pretty cool, I really like that, that's looking nice as well. This is where you've got a bit of freedom to just sort of play around and it just heightened the design a little bit more, see how vivid this design sort of is beginning to look and sort of futuristic. This is looking quite nice, it really does feel like a nightclub a sort of scene. But yeah, this is where you can really just go nuts, there's not really much of a way that you can stuff this up, so it really is a nice final touch to make this your own. I'm kind of liking this warm sort of look here, it's not too different to what we ended up with and I'm liking this one as well. Let's maybe stick with this for now. And that's the design. So, the last thing that you will want to do is just save it and export it, so you can do a quick export as a PNG, [MUSIC] And there's the design. [MUSIC] And that wraps up this Tuts plus course, on how to create an event poster in Photoshop. In these lessons, we've learned how to create two different poster designs using graphic design templates, unique original fonts, stock photography and logos, all from envato elements. We've learned how to insert and arrange our copy, how to work with a color overlay, how to insert news a logo, and how to export designs. All using basic Photoshop skills and a subscription to envatoelements. I've enjoyed teaching, I hope you've enjoyed learning, and I look forward to seeing you next time on Tuts plus. [MUSIC]

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