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2.3 Adding a New Font

In this lesson we'll download an original font from Envato Elements and add it to our copy to make the design our own.

We'll also tidy up the layout of the design to make it readable and fit the new font.

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2.3 Adding a New Font

Lastly, for this lesson, I want to add a new font. So the font that we're using currently is a font called Lato, which is pretty common. It should be on most computers pretty easy to find. And that's a pretty nice font, but Envato elements actually gives you access to thousands of unique and original fonts. And so I want to download one of them to just give our poster a bit more originality and edge. I've chosen this one called Kabadi. It sort of looks a bit modern and it's a bit of a throwback, at the same time sort of reminds me of the future of font. So, we're just going to download that. [MUSIC] And now that's going to pop up in our downloads folder. So let's just unzip that and install the font. [MUSIC] Now if we head back to Photoshop, all we need to do is select the text and start changing the font. So, if you go to your character section, you should be able to type in Kabadi and there it is. It's already installed. This is pretty simple. We'll just go through and change, all of our sections to data font. [MUSIC] Beautiful. That's looking good. And the only thing I just wanna do here, is just again, because we've resized that rectangle, I just wanna make sure that, that is still matching the height of the DJ Halcyon, which at the moment, it's actually not. So let's just quickly fix that up. We're just gonna use the ruler tool here. You can get that by just pressing R on your keyboard. And that will bring up sort of like these measurements on the side there and you can just drag down a ruler. Sorry that's what we're going to do now. [MUSIC] So that's looking good. We've got the rectangle now adjusted to that font. And the last thing I just want to do is adjust the featuring act make sure that that's to the right of this text which is now made DJ Hal Cyon on a bit wider, so it's actually out of alignment now, so let's just fix that up really quickly. So we're just going to command and click DJ Hal Cyon. We're gonna grab that featuring section and we're just going to go right align with the Align tools that have popped up because we've selected The DJ Hal Cyon section. To get out of that, we just go command and click. And let's just make sure that in the trance is still centered. We still should have that little rectangle that we drew. Yes, there it is, in that sort of space there. So that's command and click that to select that and we will. Entrance, select that and center. Yep, a little bit of movement there. We'll get rid of that rectangle again. We'll just hide it. And then lastly, let's select in the trance and select the venue information. I just make sure with the Elan tools that they're right aligned to the bottom of the trance that looks fine to me. And there we are. So in the final video for this event poster template will be adding some final touches will adjust the colors to fit esthetic. And then we'll export it. So thanks for watching and I'll see you in the next one. [MUSIC]

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