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25+ Best Product & Item Catalog Template Designs (InDesign & Word 2022)

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Read Time: 14 mins

Whether you sell furniture, clothes, electronic devices, or something else, printing a beautifully laid-out product catalogue helps attract customers. A catalogue provides important information about your products, so that customers can make informed purchasing decisions.   

Just one of the many stunning product catalogue design templates on offer at Envato Elements
Just one of the many stunning product catalogue design templates on offer at Envato Elements

Are you ready to start creating a product catalogue? Let's look at the 25+ best product catalogue templates available at Envato Elements and GraphicRiver.

Best Source for Item and Product Catalogue Design Templates (With Unlimited Use)

Best Source for Item and Product Catalogue Design Templates
Find thousands of product catalog template designs from Envato Elements.

We'll break down where to find the best product and item catalog templates next. But first, let's look at what makes Envato Elements one of the best sites for product catalogue templates.    

  1. Elements offers an incredibly wide selection of product catalogue examples and templates.
  2. Once you buy an item catalog template, you can customize it to fit your needs.
  3. You can keep making changes to your catalog template to adapt it for different occasions.
  4. The product catalogue design templates at Envato will save you money. Download as many as you like for one low price.  

Top 12 Amazing Product Catalogue Design Templates (From Envato Elements) 

You've just seen some of the great reasons to use templates from Elements. Now, let's look at 12 of the top product guide catalog templates available there: 

1. Lagoina Jewelry Lookbook (INDD, IDML)

Lagoina Jewelry Lookbook

This fashionable product catalog is a stylish choice for all boutique jewelers. Each page has a layout that balances modern typography with image placeholders. Like many of the other product catalogue examples on this list, you can customize Lagoina in InDesign.

2. Yellow InDesign Catalog (INDD)

Yellow Product Catalog Template InDesign

This catalog uses a minimal design to make your products stand out. It uses color very well, and it does a great job of presenting your images in fresh ways. The 32 pages of this A4-sized template are easily customized and print-ready. Try this product catalogue design for your creative agency or boutique.

3. RATTU: Lookbook Brochure Catalogue (INDD)

RATTU - Lookbook Brochure Catalogue

This business catalogue design template offers a cool and modern design that'll help you promote your products. The template is perfect for designers, photographers, architects, and others. It's available in both A4 and US Letter size and contains 26 pages with a wide variety of layouts.

This is one of those InDesign catalog templates that's super easy to add your product photos to. Customize the colours, text, and fonts according to your needs. 

4. Product Promotion Catalog Design (INDD)

Product Promotion Catalog

If you're looking for standout InDesign catalog templates for product promotion or sales, this is the one for you. The US Letter size template can be customised in a myriad of ways to suit your needs. The InDesign product catalogue contains 12 pages and includes a handy help document to guide you through the customisation process. It's one of the most versatile product catalogue examples out there.

5. Photoshop and InDesign Catalog Template (INDD, PSD)

Catalog Template

This stylish and trendy catalogue book template was designed specifically for those in the fashion industry, but it can be adapted to serve just about any purpose. The product catalogue design comes in both A4 and US Letter size. Customize it using either Photoshop or InDesign.  

6. Product Catalog Design Template (INDD)

Product Catalog

Here's another one of Envato Elements' InDesign catalog templates you'll fall in love with. Product Catalog has an incredibly adaptive layout that comes in both A4 and US Letter size. This product guide template is also versatile. Use it to promote your furniture, clothing, electronic goods, accessories, or anything else you want to advertise.

7. Clean Interior Catalog Template (INDD)

Clean Interior Catalog Template

This product book catalogue template offers a layout with 24 unique pages. It's perfect for property management companies or interior or furniture businesses. The A4 InDesign catalog template contains four colour schemes. All the elements are easy to edit and customize as needed.

8. Eureka Product Catalog (INDD)

Eureka Product Catalog

This product catalog for InDesign was designed as a universal template. It comes in two sizes (A4 and US Letter) and includes master pages and separate layers for the images, text, and background. If you have catalogue design ideas for your products, use this template to get them out.

9. Product Catalog Magazine (INDD)

Product Catalog Magazine

If you're looking for an elegant and minimalist result, this product catalog magazine is a great option for you. The InDesign catalog template comes in A4 size and includes 20 pages and separate layers.

10. Square Interior Catalog (INDD)

Square Interior Catalog

Next up, if you want an eye-catching and different catalog, why don't you try a square layout? This product guide template includes 22 pages, and it's layered and print ready. Overall, this is a great InDesign catalogue template for your projects.

11. Simple Product Catalog (INDD)

Product Catalog

This product catalog design template gets the work done. It features a simple design and comes in A4 size. The template includes two InDesign files with 16 predefined pages that are very easy to edit.

12. Stylish Product Catalog (INDD)

Stylish Product Catalog InDesign Template

This interior catalog uses modern design trends very well. Its image placeholders are offset and intersect with page design elements for a stylish end product. The 34 pages are fully editable to suit your catalogue design ideas. Making the perfect item catalog is a breeze with this template.

Envato Elements (Design Without Limits)

Envato Elements - Great template at one low price
Envato Elements: Great creative templates and assets at one low price.

The business catalogue design templates on Envato Elements are professional, versatile, and easy to use. With unlimited downloads, choose as many modern product catalogue templates as you want. 

That's the beauty of Envato Elements. One low monthly fee = unlimited access to the best business catalogue design templates. You'll also get access to thousands of premium digital assets like logos, fonts, photos, business card templates, and much more.

If you're looking to buy just one InDesign item catalog templateGraphicRiver may be a better option for you. 

Best Source for Item and Product Catalogue Design Templates (Buy One at a Time)

Best Source for Item and Product Catalogue Design Templates
There are many creative product catalog templates found on GraphicRiver.

For more business catalogue design templates, GraphicRiver is another great resource. Elements is the best product catalogue template source when you want to buy many templates as well as other resources, but GraphicRiver works for those who want to buy a single template.

15 Best Product & Item Catalogue Template Designs (InDesign & Photoshop 2022) 

For a one-off template when your budget is tight, GraphicRiver is a great option for the best catalogue book templates. Let's look at 15 product catalogue design templates:

1. Furniture and Interior Catalog Template (INDD, IDML)

Furniture and Interior Design Product Catalogue Examples

We're starting our list of InDesign catalog templates from GraphicRiver with a contemporary brochure. This catalogue book guide template is made to show off furniture and interior design products. The product catalog design has 24 pages to customize along with four unique cover layouts.

2. Modern Fashion Brochure Template (INDD, IDML, DOCX, DOC)

Modern Fashion Product Guide Template

Check out this product catalogue template if you're after something minimal to showcase your fashion items. While its 16 pages don't make it the longest of catalogue examples, it's still highly customizable. The organized layers let you make edits exactly where you want to within the document.

3. Catalogs / Brochure / Portfolio (INDD, IDML, PSD)

Product Catalogue Design

Do you have beautiful landscape shots of your wares? This stylish product catalogue template is the perfect showcase for them. The InDesign catalog template is a versatile piece, so you can use it for a wide selection of products. With this download, you'll get 32 pages of an A5-sized product catalog design.

4. Furniture and Interior Catalog (INDD, IDML)

Furniture and Interior InDesign Product Catalogue Template

You'll love this chic download for your product catalogue layout ideas. It's a template that offers minimal design with a focus on your content. Specifically, your images. It offers 24 A4 pages that each have placeholders for your photos. The InDesign catalogue template is well organized and is perfect if you have images to share. 

5. InDesign Product Catalogue Design (INDD)

Product Catalog

This clean and simple catalog template is a great choice for contemporary companies who want to create a modern catalogue. The A4 and Letter size template offers 30 pages. Its unique layouts are all customisable in InDesign. The template is best suited for food, fashion, architecture, furniture, and property topics. Try it if you've been hunting for product catalogue examples for your items.

6. Product Catalog Bundle No 1 (INDD) 

Product Catalog Bundle No 1

This beautiful item catalog template comes in three professional styles. Fully editable in InDesign, the template comes in A4 and US Letter. All you need to do in InDesign is to drop your own images into the placeholders. Type your text and change the colours and logos as you need. Use it for all your catalogue design ideas.

7. InDesign Catalogue: Interiors Brochure (INDD, PSD)

Interiors Brochure

This 24-page catalogue book template was designed specifically for interior designers, but it can be adapted to any industry.

The InDesign and Photoshop files of this product catalogue design come in A4 size only. The images, text, and backgrounds are separated on different layers, making them super easy to customise. If you get stuck, there's a help file included. 

8. Product Catalog: Williams (INDD)

Product Catalog - Williams

This is a professional and modern 16-page product catalogue design template that can be customised to work with any business. The entire catalogue is easily edited and customised in InDesign. 

Just drop in your own pictures and text, change your colours, add your logo, and your catalogue is ready to send to the printers. 

9. Product Catalog (INDD)

Product Catalog

When you want your products to shine, choose this A4 print-ready catalogue. It features 16 pages in A4 size. Simply add your own images and text, change the colours to match your brand or taste, and your project is ready to send to the printers. It's one of the top product catalogue examples.

10. Fashion Lookbook 001 (INDD, DOCX)

Fashion Lookbook 001

Sometimes you're looking for a product catalog template in Word. For those times, there's this 34-page template with its clean and professional design. The product guide template comes in A4 and US Letter paper size in light and dark versions. 

The files are well organised in layers, and the structured pages use a document grid and a baseline grid for better positioning of elements.

11. Product Catalog Vol. 1 (INDD)

Product Catalog Vol 1

Check out this very clean and modern 16-page product catalogue template, which can be used by a wide variety of businesses. It offers A4 and US Letter InDesign catalog templates, as well as A4 and US Letter product catalogue PDF templates.

As with the other catalogue examples here, just drop in your own images and text, and change the colours. Then this product guide template is ready for printing.

12. Nathalie Inspiration Lookbook (INDD, DOCX, DOC)

Nathalie Inspiration Product Catalogue Design Ideas Template

If a fashion lookbook is what you're after for your InDesign catalog, try out Nathalie. Its style is reminiscent of a magazine, which is the perfect backdrop for displaying clothing. Nathalie is fully customizable, and editing the product catalogue design is made easier thanks to the organized layers.

13. InDesign Product Catalog (INDD, IDML)

Product Catalog Design

This is a product guide template that's visually interesting from cover to cover. It uses minimal layouts and pops of color to draw attention to item descriptions and photos. With this product catalog template, you can go into greater detail about featured item categories. In all, there are 16 pages in this InDesign catalogue. Use them all to show off your catalogue design ideas.

14. Bakery Cookbook Recipes (INDD, DOCX, DOC)

Bakery Cookbook Product Catalogue

There are few product catalog templates for Word and InDesign that are as sweet as this one. It's a square document that's designed for bakeries. Whether you want to share recipes or your newest creations, you'll have 16 customizable pages to do it. With one-click color changes, you can easily get this product catalogue design to match your branding.

15. IT Services Product Catalog (INDD, IDML)

IT Services InDesign Catalogue

Of all the product catalogue examples featured here, IT Services is the only one made for the tech niche. The 16-page template has an excellent use of white space, letting products breathe without looking crammed together. IT Services also has some great features, like:

  • character and paragraph styles
  • automatic page numbering
  • free fonts and icons
  • multiple color themes
  • print-ready document

This product catalog design is great for 2022 and beyond, and can help you in your marketing efforts. 

5 Quick Tips for Product Catalogue Designs 

JASMINE- Lookbook Brochure Catalogue

If you want to know how to design a product catalog, you need to understand that designing a multi-page catalogue from scratch is an enormous undertaking. It requires a huge amount of time and an in-depth knowledge of programs like InDesign. 

This is why we recommend product catalogue templates in this article. They not only offer you a wide variety of layout options, but also save you hours of work.

But whether you're making your own catalogue from scratch or using an online template, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. Here are some of those things:  

1. Select Your Design Software

If you decide to create your catalogue from scratch on your own, you'll need a software package like InDesign to help you design your catalogue layout.

2. Gather the Info That Goes Into Your Catalogue

Here's some of the information you'll need:

  • product information
  • images
Art Gallery Exhibition Catalog

3. Plan Your Catalogue Layout

At this point, you need to think about how to organise both the product information and images. At a minimum, your catalogue will need:

  • a front and back cover
  • introduction pages
  • master pages: header, footer, thumb index, category colour, page columns, etc.
  • table of contents
  • chapter separators
  • product layouts 

4. Proof Your Catalogue

The next step is to carefully proof your catalogue for mistakes and typos. This is really important at this stage because once you go to print, any mistakes are there to stay.

Fashion Catalog

5. Print Your Catalogue

Once your catalogue is ready to be printed, decide how many copies you need and what paper quality you'd like. All these decisions affect the cost of printing your catalogue, so discuss them with your printer. 

To learn more about making product catalogues from scratch, check out the following article:

Discover More Awesome Catalog and Brochure Templates

I hope you've enjoyed the selection of the best product catalog templates we've got in Envato Elements and GraphicRiver. They're the best canvas to display your catalogue design ideas. Now, if you're looking for more inspiration for your next design project, take a look at the resources below.

Bonus: if you're interested in learning more about design software and print design, we've got these amazing courses for you: Adobe InDesign for Beginners and The Basics of Print Design.

Choose Your Favorite Product Catalogue Design Template Today 

To find the best catalogue templates, Envato Elements is an excellent resource for polished and professional templates that are versatile and easy to use. If you regularly need fonts, icons, PowerPoint business templates, and other business and design resources, Elements offers unlimited downloads for one low monthly fee. 

To buy a single template, GraphicRiver is an excellent alternative for high-quality business catalogue design templates. Head over to either site today to choose your favourite catalogue template.

You can get inspired and learn even more about catalogues, brochures, and flyers from these articles from Envato Tuts+:

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