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30+ Best New Business Brochure Templates for 2021

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Every business can benefit from a well-made brochure. Find the perfect design for your startup in this list of brochure templates.

30+ New Business Brochure Templates

Ready to smash your business goals for 2021? Then take on a new opportunity with a brilliant brochure design.

Try out a new look your audience will love by introducing your company with one of the stunning brochure templates from Envato Elements and Envato Market.

Business BrochureBusiness BrochureBusiness Brochure

Brochure Templates From Envato Elements

Every designer relies on having a sound toolkit. What if you had everything you needed in yours? 

With your subscription to Envato Elements, you'll have access to unlimited downloads of high-quality design assets. For just one monthly fee, you'll be able to unleash your creativity on a variety of projects.

Best Brochure Templates From Envato ElementsBest Brochure Templates From Envato ElementsBest Brochure Templates From Envato Elements
You can find the best brochure templates while browsing Envato Elements.

Check out these great templates we're sure you'll love!

1. Corporate Trifold Brochure (AI, PSD, EPS, PDF)

Just because it's for business doesn't mean your brochure has to look stuffy. This trifold brochure is a perfect example. Its design is creative and fun without being over the top. The professional brochure template features Smart Object layers, letting you quickly customize this download.

Corporate Trifold Brochure Template DownloadCorporate Trifold Brochure Template DownloadCorporate Trifold Brochure Template Download

2. Business Brochure (INDD)

This lovely template features a stylish design with geometric influences. It has 12 pages, photo options, and more for you to customize. Mix and match pages. Add your branding and your photos. This could be a great foundation for your brochure project!

Business BrochureBusiness BrochureBusiness Brochure

3. Bifold Business Brochure (INDD)

A bifold brochure can be such a simple yet effective solution. There are dynamic pops of color here that really grab the viewer's attention. Customize this with color choices that work for your brand! 

Bifold Business BrochureBifold Business BrochureBifold Business Brochure

4. Business Brochure Template (INDD, AI, PSD, EPS)

This 14-page template has a long, horizontal layout, both in half US Letter size and A5 ISO. It could be a great fit for projects with a lot of photos, data visualizations, and/or infographics! Not only that, but you also get editable files for InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator.

Business Brochure TemplateBusiness Brochure TemplateBusiness Brochure Template

5. Business Brochure (INDD)

Check out this classy, modern design. It has 28 different layout designs to pick and choose from within the template! Customize the pages, mix and match, and add your own content to save time and get your project completed in a snap.

Business BrochureBusiness BrochureBusiness Brochure

6. Company Brochure (INDD, AI, PSD, EPS)

This is such a colorful, inviting template! It has cross-functionality with so much different software too, including PowerPoint and Keynote! Just edit the placeholders, insert your content, and you've got yourself a professional presentation, ready to go.

Company BrochureCompany BrochureCompany Brochure

7. Business Brochure (INDD)

Check out this stunning brochure download. The design is simple and sophisticated, and the cover leaves plenty of room for company details like official brand names and contact information. Get 16 pages custom made in this clean and modern pamphlet template.

Business BrochureBusiness BrochureBusiness Brochure

8. Business Brochure Template (INDD)

Need a business brochure on the go? Try out this next awesome template. This sharp and professional design highlights your company on the cover with an extraordinary photo. Switch it out using the handy smart objects located in your InDesign files.

Business Brochure TemplateBusiness Brochure TemplateBusiness Brochure Template

9. Hipster Portfolio Brochure (INDD)

Step into the latest trends with a hipster portfolio brochure. Great for creative businesses, this portfolio makes for a fantastic marketing brochure for photographers and artists. It comes in A4 and US Letter sizes and includes everything you need to get started.

Hipster Portfolio BrochureHipster Portfolio BrochureHipster Portfolio Brochure

10. Company Profile Brochure Template (INDD)

Still undecided? Test out your luck with this next company profile template. Created by designer TMint, this InDesign template is print-ready and easy to use. It includes 20 pages with creative layouts, master pages, and so much more. Check it out!

Company Profile Brochure TemplateCompany Profile Brochure TemplateCompany Profile Brochure Template

11. Business Corporate Brochure Template (INDD, PDF)

How will your brochure look on the shelf? Perhaps this next corporate brochure has the right look for your waiting room. Check out the sleek and minimal design, which features various layouts and well-organized files. Just drop your photos in to begin. 

Business Corporate Brochure TemplateBusiness Corporate Brochure TemplateBusiness Corporate Brochure Template

12. Bifold Brochure (EPS)

Bifolds are a popular choice for many business owners. Now you can design your dreams with this professional brochure template. Featuring a bold, black color scheme, this brochure has accent colors you can easily switch out. Update it with Adobe Illustrator. 

Bifold BrochureBifold BrochureBifold Brochure

13. Yellow Business Brochure (INDD)

Get amazing free fonts and so much more when you download this brilliant yellow design! This custom brochure is compatible with Adobe InDesign versions CS4 and above. It includes 12 custom pages and print-ready files for your convenience. Try it out!

Yellow Business BrochureYellow Business BrochureYellow Business Brochure

14. Business Bi-Fold Brochure (PSD)

Step into a new business plan with this brochure. This template can easily last you several years. It comes with two high-quality Photoshop files along with fully editable text, images, and colors. Match it to your brand for more appeal!

Business Bi-Fold BrochureBusiness Bi-Fold BrochureBusiness Bi-Fold Brochure

15. Corporate Business Bifold Flyer (AI, PSD, EPS, PDF)

Love the simplicity of black and white design? Then you're sure to love this next brochure template. This bifold flyer doubles as a fantastic marketing brochure. It features standard formats for both Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator and uses only free fonts! Try it out!

Corporate Business Bifold FlyerCorporate Business Bifold FlyerCorporate Business Bifold Flyer

16. Business Brochure Template (INDD)

Embrace green design with this next brochure. This template is simply stunning. It offers a creative solution for advertising your company at a corporate event. Get 16 custom pages and so much more in this download!

Business Brochure TemplateBusiness Brochure TemplateBusiness Brochure Template

17. Company Profiles for Creative Agency (INDD, JPG)

Create a dazzling experience with this next company profile. This pamphlet template features trendy geometric elements and triangular photos you can quickly swap out. Update it fast with the latest versions of Adobe InDesign. 

Company Profiles for Creative AgencyCompany Profiles for Creative AgencyCompany Profiles for Creative Agency

18. Clean Startup Bifold Brochure (INDD)

Launch your startup with an attractive brochure! This custom design features a bifold setup with lots of room for company information. Include the background of your services and share why you first got started. Introduce your startup with this charming design!

Clean Startup Bifold BrochureClean Startup Bifold BrochureClean Startup Bifold Brochure

19. Business Brochure Bi-Fold (INDD, PDF)

Elegant, modern, and professional, this business brochure is a smart bifold. It comes in standard A4 and US Letter sizes and is the perfect addition to any annual report. Mark down your progress and future predictions with this template. 

Business Brochure Bi-FoldBusiness Brochure Bi-FoldBusiness Brochure Bi-Fold

20. Corporate Bi-Fold Brochure (INDD, PDF)

The details really do matter. So make sure your business stands out with a bold brochure. This next corporate template features an inviting aesthetic. It's clean and sophisticated and offers an outstanding design for any business promotion. Use it with Adobe InDesign. 

Corporate Bi-Fold BrochureCorporate Bi-Fold BrochureCorporate Bi-Fold Brochure

Brochure Templates From Envato Market

Find more incredible brochure templates on Envato Market. Get fantastic designs that work for any business.

Brochure Templates From GraphicRiverBrochure Templates From GraphicRiverBrochure Templates From GraphicRiver
GraphicRiver is home to thousands of well-designed brochure templates.

In this next list of amazing templates, you'll find a mix of modern and timeless designs. Enjoy classic layouts and handcrafted products.

1. NYX Brochure Template (PSD)

If you only have Photoshop then you'll definitely want this next template. Maximize your potential with this brilliant, modern look. This template includes 64 pages available in two sizes. You'll also discover awesome perks like automatic page numbering and more.

NYX Brochure TemplateNYX Brochure TemplateNYX Brochure Template

2. Company Profile Brochure Template (INDD)

How does your company's brochure stand against the others? Design a profile with a clean template like this one. This brochure template features 16 different pages that are easy to edit and are very well organized. Get access to a detailed help guide for more info. 

Company Profile Brochure TemplateCompany Profile Brochure TemplateCompany Profile Brochure Template

3. Business Brochure Template (INDD)

Business brochures vary in style. This next template features a mostly bare design with room for your logo, graphics, and company tagline. Get a total of 16 pages in this high-quality download. It also includes fully editable Adobe InDesign files and nice free fonts. 

Business Brochure TemplateBusiness Brochure TemplateBusiness Brochure Template

4. Brochure Template A4 (INDD)

You'll find that many business brochures come in popular blue tones. This brilliant design is no exception. Update the brochure cover with photography that you love, like fantastic architectural shots and more. Test it out with your favorite fonts or use the ones included.

Brochure Template A4Brochure Template A4Brochure Template A4

5. Brochure Template (PSD)

Make a brochure cover that's inviting and new. This glorious design features a pro business template with 16 editable templates. Open it up with the latest versions of Adobe Photoshop to play around with the main photo and title text. Check it out!

Brochure TemplateBrochure TemplateBrochure Template

6. Brochure Template (INDD)

Here's another amazing brochure template to add to your collection. Bring in more business with this colorful template featuring free fonts and print-ready files. Get everything you need to kick-start your brochure for just $11. 

Brochure TemplateBrochure TemplateBrochure Template

7. Ginkgo Brochure Template (INDD)

Design a brochure cover with class and style. This lovely Ginkgo template is elegant and chic. It's a massive brochure with 76 pages and helpful additions like customizable text and colors. Read the quick PDF file also included to get more help with this design.

Ginkgo Brochure TemplateGinkgo Brochure TemplateGinkgo Brochure Template

8. Corporate Brochure Template (INDD)

Stand proud as the owner of your business. Will you add your photo to a brochure cover? Consider the options with this impressive corporate brochure. This template is a smart choice for small business owners at a cool $13. Get 14 pages and so much more. 

Corporate Brochure TemplateCorporate Brochure TemplateCorporate Brochure Template

9. Professional Bifold Brochure Template (AI, EPS)

Maybe a bifold brochure is the way to go? Try this template from designer posanlab. It features a modern and creative design with beautiful colors you can easily customize. Edit the text and other elements fast with Adobe Illustrator. 

Professional Bifold Brochure TemplateProfessional Bifold Brochure TemplateProfessional Bifold Brochure Template

10. Conference Bifold Brochure Template (AI, EPS)

Need a brochure for your next conference? Check out this quality design. This Illustrator template is sure to tick off many boxes on your ultimate brochure list. It's creative and impressive, with plenty of room for conference event information. 

Conference Bifold Brochure TemplateConference Bifold Brochure TemplateConference Bifold Brochure Template

11. Corporate Brochure Template (INDD)

Or you could add this impressive corporate brochure to your collection. This template features 12 pages at A4 size. It's perfect for Adobe InDesign lovers and also includes fully editable files. Get free fonts and more with this impressive pack. 

Corporate Brochure TemplateCorporate Brochure TemplateCorporate Brochure Template

12. Square Tri-Fold Brochure Template (INDD)

Switch things up with a square brochure. This colorful template is print-ready and fully editable. It's compatible with Adobe InDesign CS4 and above. Enjoy the adventurous brochure cover design which also includes helpful smart objects for your photos.

Square Tri-Fold Brochure TemplateSquare Tri-Fold Brochure TemplateSquare Tri-Fold Brochure Template

More Brochure Templates

Hey, small businesses are hard! So we hope this list has inspired you to launch your company with confidence. Find more smart and affordable brochure options from Envato Elements and Envato Market.

Want more brochure templates? Check out these articles for more inspiration:

Tried any of these assets? Let us know! Tell us your favorites in the comments below.

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