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15 Free InDesign Catalogue Templates With Creative INDD Layouts 2022

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When it comes to creating a catalogue for your business, there's no better tool than Adobe InDesign. Adobe InDesign is a powerful program created with print design projects in mind. It's got plenty of tools to help you lay out an attractive InDesign catalogue in 2022 and export it for printing or sharing digitally. 

Famella Catalogue TemplateFamella Catalogue TemplateFamella Catalogue Template
Famella Catalogue Template (a premium template)

What’s more, you don’t have to start from scratch if you want to design a professional-looking catalog. Thanks to the tons of catalogue templates found on marketplaces like Envato Elements, you can speed up the design process. You'll get your InDesign catalogue done quickly, even if you’ve never designed a catalogue before. And if your budget is tight, you can even find free catalogue templates online.

Find the Amazing Premium InDesign Catalog Templates on Envato Elements & GraphicRiver (2022)

For top-notch premium InDesign catalog templates in 2022, Envato Elements is an all-you-can-download resource for creatives. As an Elements member, you’ll pay a low monthly fee. It unlocks access to thousands of premium, professional resources that include:

  • professional InDesign catalog templates
  • stock photos and royalty free music
  • graphic templates, fonts, and more.

Premium templates from Envato Elements are the place to start your InDesign catalog project professionally. Free catalogue templates are often not as robust as professional premium templates like those available from Envato Elements.  

You can find thousands of premium InDesign catalog templates on Envato Elements.You can find thousands of premium InDesign catalog templates on Envato Elements.You can find thousands of premium InDesign catalog templates on Envato Elements.
You can find thousands of premium InDesign catalog templates on Envato Elements.

Premium themes include professional design options. There are hundreds of InDesign template features that go beyond the free products available around the web. 

Elements is intuitive and easy to use and is the perfect tool for making a statement with your catalog in 2022. As you can see, it includes thousands of business catalog templates.

GraphicRiver is another great source of premium InDesign catalog templates you can easily edit.GraphicRiver is another great source of premium InDesign catalog templates you can easily edit.GraphicRiver is another great source of premium InDesign catalog templates you can easily edit.
GraphicRiver is another great source of premium InDesign catalog templates you can easily edit.

But if you don’t need other design elements and just want a catalogue template to create your catalogue quickly, stop by GraphicRiver. This marketplace offers thousands of InDesign catalogue templates. Buy them one at a time, as you need them.

5+ Premium InDesign Catalogue Templates on Envato Elements and GraphicRiver

For a premium InDesign catalogue template, start your search on Envato Elements. Envato Elements has thousands of catalogue templates for InDesign. Download these templates and customize them quickly to meet your needs. 

To buy your InDesign catalogue templates one at a time, look at GraphicRiver.

Here are some of our premium InDesign catalogue templates from Envato Elements and GraphicRiver for 2022:

1. Product Catalogue (INDD, PSD)

Product CatalogueProduct CatalogueProduct Catalogue

Do you need a versatile catalogue layout? This InDesign product catalogue is a great option for you.

Take advantage of its modern design and customize it to display any type of products. This catalogue template features:

  • A4 size (8.27 in x 11.69 in) + bleed
  • 16 different pages
  • based on master pages
  • automatically numbering pages
  • unlimited color options

2. Square Catalogue (INDD)

Square CatalogueSquare CatalogueSquare Catalogue

If you want your catalogue to stand out from the rest, try a different size. This square catalogue features a clean and modern design. 

The multipurpose square catalogue template is layered for easier use. It also features:

  • 36 unique pages
  • 210x210 mm size
  • 3mm bleed
  • ready to print
  • CMYK color mode
  • based on master pages 
  • minimalist design

3. RAZOR Shoes Catalogue Brochures (INDD)

RAZOR Shoes Catalogue BrochuresRAZOR Shoes Catalogue BrochuresRAZOR Shoes Catalogue Brochures

This template has a modern design that can be used for any type of catalogue. The template is easy to edit and comes with predefined paragraph and character styles. 

It includes 16 predesigned pages, all of which have a 3mm bleed, so the entire document is print-ready. All you've got to do is add your content and customize the fonts and colors to your liking.

4. Interior Catalogue: Professional InDesign Catalogue Template (INDD, PDF)

Interior Catalogue - Professional InDesign Catalogue TemplateInterior Catalogue - Professional InDesign Catalogue TemplateInterior Catalogue - Professional InDesign Catalogue Template

If you’re looking for an interior design catalogue template, this template is a perfect choice. It uses a modern, vertical layout and comes with predefined paragraph styles and a 3mm bleed. The template includes 20 pages, and you can easily add more by duplicating existing spreads. 

5. Jasmine Lookbook Catalogue: Fashion InDesign Catalogue Template (INDD)

Jasmine Lookbook Catalogue - Fashion InDesign Catalogue TemplateJasmine Lookbook Catalogue - Fashion InDesign Catalogue TemplateJasmine Lookbook Catalogue - Fashion InDesign Catalogue Template

Try the Jasmine template if you need to design a fashion catalogue quickly. This template has a clean and elegant design, with 18 pages and a 3mm bleed. This means the template is print-ready. You'll also find well-organized layers and a horizontal layout that’s easy to edit.

6. Catalogue: Simple InDesign Catalogue Template (INDD)

Catalogue - Simple InDesign Catalogue TemplateCatalogue - Simple InDesign Catalogue TemplateCatalogue - Simple InDesign Catalogue Template

The Catalogue is a simple InDesign template that can be used for any type of catalogue. The template includes eight pages and predefined character styles. You can easily edit colors and fonts and add your own images. 

7. A5 Booklet Catalogue: Multipurpose InDesign Catalogue Template (INDD, EPS, PSD, AI)

A5 Booklet Catalogue - Multipurpose InDesign Catalogue TemplateA5 Booklet Catalogue - Multipurpose InDesign Catalogue TemplateA5 Booklet Catalogue - Multipurpose InDesign Catalogue Template

Consider the A5 Booklet Catalogue if you’re looking for a versatile and modern design. This template has plenty of space to include your product photos and provide their descriptions. It comes with 12 premade pages and all the necessary bleed and margin areas to make it print-ready. 

Best Free InDesign Catalogue Templates

If this is your first time designing a catalogue for your company, perhaps you’re not ready to invest in a premium template. Thankfully, there are plenty of free InDesign templates designed with catalogues in mind. Those free InDesign catalogue templates are a good starting point. They'll help you get your catalogue designed quickly. 

1. Minimal Free InDesign Catalogue Template

Minimal Free Catalogue TemplateMinimal Free Catalogue TemplateMinimal Free Catalogue Template

Try this free InDesign catalogue layout if you want a minimal look and feel. The catalogue template InDesign free option includes a master page and several inner pages, which can be duplicated as many times as you need. 

2. Free Catalog Template for Companies

This InDesign product catalogue template was designed for companies and businesses who need a professional catalogue. This is a good catalogue template InDesign free option if you need to renew your corporate brochure.

3. Simple Free InDesign Catalogue Template

This simple InDesign catalogue template is fully editable and comes in A5 size. You can customize fonts and colors and add your own images in this free catalog template.

4. Multipurpose Brochure Catalog

Multipurpose Brochure Catalog TemplateMultipurpose Brochure Catalog TemplateMultipurpose Brochure Catalog Template

This free multi-purpose brochure template could be repurposed as a catalog template. It includes a front and back cover design and five interior layout spreads.

5. 20-Page Multipurpose Template

Use this 20-page free InDesign template for many different purposes, including as a product catalogue template. It includes master pages, and the file is print-ready.

6. Free Product Catalogue InDesign Template

Looking for a simple product catalogue InDesign template? Consider this one. This free catalogue layout comes in A4 size, and it's ready to print.

7. Free Brochure Template

Free Business Brochure Template InDesignFree Business Brochure Template InDesignFree Business Brochure Template InDesign

Here's a free InDesign product catalogue template designed for businesses. It also includes a table of contents and an "About the company" section.

8. Stylish Free InDesign Template

Here's a creative free InDesign template with a stylish design to use for your magazine, catologue, or other brochure. It features a wraparound cover and a modern look.

9. Free Modern InDesign Template 

This modern InDesign template features smart layouts. There's also a table of contents. Use it for a brochure, catalog, or other corporate document.

10. Lookbook Fashion Free Catalog Template

Lookbook Free Catalog TemplateLookbook Free Catalog TemplateLookbook Free Catalog Template

Looking for catalogue template InDesign free options for a fashion store? This product catalogue InDesign template is a good option. The InDesign product catalogue template is designed for fashion brands and includes multiple pages in a square layout.

11. Business Brochure Design Free Download

You can edit this free template in InDesign or Photoshop. It's made for business, but you can use it for a variety of purposes such as an annual report, catalog, or magazine.

12. Free Blank Catalog Design Template

Use this free predesigned blank catalog layout the next time you want to publish a catalog. It's print-ready, so you can just customize it with your own pictures and text.

13. Free InDesign Template: Fully Editable

Free-InDesign Magazine CatalogFree-InDesign Magazine CatalogFree-InDesign Magazine Catalog

If you're looking for InDesign catalogue templates online for free, consider this InDesign template. Created for a simple magazine, it also works for catalogues and reports.

14. Colorful, Modern Free InDesign Template

This free InDesign template was created for proposals, but it would work just as well for a catalog or other corporate brochure. It features an 11 x 8.5-inch layout (US Letter size).

15. Catalogue or Magazine for Free Download

Showcase your products in this Adobe InDesign magazine or catalog template that you can download for free. It includes custom artwork in a layered PSD file.

5 Creative InDesign Catalogue Layout and Design Tips

You’ve now seen a range of free and paid InDesign catalogue templates. Here are a few tips and tricks that'll help you create an attractive catalogue design. 

1. Pay Attention to the Cover

When it comes to catalogue design, your cover matters more than you think. It’s the first thing potential customers and clients see. If you get it wrong, chances are nobody will bother opening the catalogue in the first place. 

Your catalogue cover needs to give a hint of what's hiding behind it and give them a reason to explore the rest of the contents. 

Minimal Catalogue TemplateMinimal Catalogue TemplateMinimal Catalogue Template
Minimal Catalogue Template: a premium catalogue template on Envato Elements.

2. Use High-Quality Photos

The photos in your catalogue should be high quality, so that your customers and clients can get a clear view of your products. Make sure the photos are well-lit and that the product is the main focus of the photo. You can also save some of the catalogue pages to include a full-width photo to separate different sections of your catalogue.

3. Limit Your Fonts

Your catalogue copy needs to be legible and cohesive. With that in mind, limit your fonts to two or three maximum. That'll allow you to create a pleasant typography scheme without overwhelming readers. 

Clean catalogueClean catalogueClean catalogue
Try this premium clean catalogue with easy-to-read fonts

4. Make Ordering Easy

Your catalogue should make it as easy as possible for your customers and clients to place their order. Dedicate a page to ordering instructions. Also, consider including a mail-in form to help with the order process. You can also include a dedicated phone number for placing orders on each page so that your customers can easily find it.

5. Don’t Clutter the Design

Leave plenty of white space around individual products, and consider using a column layout. This will reduce the chances of your catalogue pages appearing cluttered. Cluttered pages can make your catalogue look unappealing.

Fashion Lookbook CatalogueFashion Lookbook CatalogueFashion Lookbook Catalogue
Fashion Lookbook Catalogue: another premium InDesign catalog from Envato Elements

Explore More InDesign Templates and Resources

I hope you've enjoyed the selection of premium InDesign catalogue templates, and the free InDesign templates as well. If you need more resources, tutorials and templates, be sure to check this helpful content:

Design an Attractive Catalogue With a Professional InDesign Catalogue Template

Designing an attractive catalogue for your products is easy. Start with a professional InDesign catalogue template, instead of starting from scratch. 

While there are plenty of free InDesign catalogue templates out there, they're often limited in terms of customization options and come with a limited number of pages. A premium InDesign template will have a more professional design and more customization options. 

Start your search for an InDesign catalogue template on Envato Elements. You'll also get access to other design assets such as web templates, stock photos, fonts, and more. 

If you need an InDesign catalogue template immediately, stop by GraphicRiver and check out the premium InDesign catalogue templates that you can buy individually.

No matter which marketplace you chose, you'll be able to find an attractive catalogue design that'll meet your needs.

And if there's more you want to learn about Adobe InDesign and InDesign templates, stay right here on Envato Tuts+. We have loads of useful roundups and tutorials just for you!

Editorial Note: This post has been updated with contributions from Maria Villanueva. Maria is the Associate Editor of the Tuts+ Design channel.

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