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24 Best New Brochure Templates for 2023 (Design Inspiration & Ideas)

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Imagine what a new layout could do for your company brochure. Discover fascinating and inspiring premium brochure templates for 2023. Gain some brochure design inspiration and find the best brochure template for your needs.

This new travel brochure template is a great option if you're looking for the latest brochure ideas.This new travel brochure template is a great option if you're looking for the latest brochure ideas.This new travel brochure template is a great option if you're looking for the latest brochure ideas.
This new travel brochure template is a great option if you're looking for the latest brochure ideas.

Find the Best Brochure Designs for 2023

Business brochure design ideas help you communicate your vision to new customers. Great brochure designs feature basic service descriptions, prices, and other important details. You definitely won't go wrong with the best brochure design on hand.

That's why we're bringing you a selection of helpful resources from Envato Elements. You'll find plenty of brochure inspirations for your next design. 

These new brochure layout ideas will make your business shine. And with multiple layout options available, you'll be able to pick between standard layouts, like bifold and trifold designs.

Not a pro designer? No problem! Check out this brochure tutorial from instructor Grace Fussell to help you get started.

Now, let's dive into our list of the best new brochure templates for 2023! 

Cool Brochure Templates From Envato Elements for 2023

Looking for brochure design ideas? Envato Elements is home to millions of assets that are free to download with a low-cost monthly fee. Find the latest pamphlet designs for 2023 on Envato Elements. You'll also get the best brochure ideas for design. 

If you need new brochure design ideas for your business or project, start by checking out these premium options:

1. Fashion Lookbook Tri-Fold Brochure Template (INDD)

Short, sweet, and super stylish, this lookbook brochure template is perfect for fashion. It's a double-sided tri-fold brochure template that comes in A4, A5, and US Letter sizes. It's one of the best aesthetic brochures you'll find online. If you need fresh new InDesign brochure templates, give this one a try!

Fashion Lookbook Trifold Brochure TemplateFashion Lookbook Trifold Brochure TemplateFashion Lookbook Trifold Brochure Template

2. Botanical Tri-Fold Brochure Template (INDD, JPG)

Looking for clean and sophisticated brochure cover ideas? Check this brochure template out. Visibly inspired by fresh botanicals, this design has plenty of versatility. Add your photos and your content for a sophisticated design in a snap. It's definitely one of the best designed brochures. 

Botanical Trifold BrochureBotanical Trifold BrochureBotanical Trifold Brochure

3. Fashion Tri-Fold Brochure Template (EPS, AI, JPG)

How about brochure ideas that are stylish and daring with a pop of color? Download this template, add your images, and customize the color to work with your branding. Not feeling pink? How about cyan or yellow? This latest pamphlet design is easy to customize. It's a great source of brochure inspo. 

Fashion Trifold BrochureFashion Trifold BrochureFashion Trifold Brochure

4. Graphic Design Portfolio Brochure (INDD, DOCX)

If you're into aesthetic brochures, this might be a good fit. Create an elegant and professional design portfolio to impress potential clients. This could also work as a proposal brochure template. You'll get 24 custom page layouts in A5 size (landscape).

Graphic Design PortfolioGraphic Design PortfolioGraphic Design Portfolio

5. Event Brochure (EPS, AI, PSD, INDD)

A bi-fold brochure can be a great fit for more long-form content. Check out this template for new brochure cover ideas. It's an awesome fit if you have a lot of written content to share with your readers. It's easy to customize too; do so in either Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator.

Event BrochureEvent BrochureEvent Brochure

6. Hospitaly Brochure Template (EPS, AI, PSD, INDD)

Talk about versatility! This latest pamphlet design works with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe InDesign. Your choice! Not only that, but it's also got compatibility with Google Slides, Keynote, and PowerPoint too.

Hospitaly Brochure TemplateHospitaly Brochure TemplateHospitaly Brochure Template

7. Adobe InDesign Brochure Template (INDD, PDF)

Looking for top InDesign brochure templates? Are you into aesthetic brochures? This template has 16 pages to mix, match, and customize to meet your project's goals. Work with one of the best designed brochures. Easily add your content, customize colors, and add photos in Adobe InDesign. Get loads of brochure layout ideas! 

Adobe InDesign Brochure TemplateAdobe InDesign Brochure TemplateAdobe InDesign Brochure Template

8. Portfolio Brochure Catalogs (PSD, INDD, PDF)

If you're looking for the best design brochure, check this one out. Drop your own photos and content into one of the best designed brochure templates. Create aesthetic brochures using this template as a base. Present photos, products, and services. You'll get 32 pages designed in a simple and unique layout.

Portfolio Brochure CatalogsPortfolio Brochure CatalogsPortfolio Brochure Catalogs

9. Creative Brochure Template (INDD)

Ready to make your business boom? Then try out a new creative brochure template like this one. This template includes 12 custom pages in A4 and US Letter sizes. InDesign brochure templates like this are super easy to edit and even feature premade bleed lines for more convenience. 

Creative Brochure TemplateCreative Brochure TemplateCreative Brochure Template

10. Multipurpose Square Brochure (INDD)

Or switch things up with a square brochure. This multipurpose template features two InDesign files with 24 pages in total. Create a captivating cover that matches the design and update it quickly with Adobe InDesign versions CS4 and above. This can work pretty well for a travel brochure template.

Multipurpose Square BrochureMultipurpose Square BrochureMultipurpose Square Brochure

11. Creative Brochure (INDD, PDF)

Looking for minimal brochure design inspiration? Study the benefits of simple details to transform your company brochure. This template features an effortless and classic aesthetic, with 30 InDesign pages to help you effectively introduce your business. It also uses free fonts to give you a straightforward, pain-free design!

Creative BrochureCreative BrochureCreative Brochure

12. Bifold Corporate Brochure (INDD)

Get brochure design ideas to lay out your company profile before a big proposal. Win your investors over with this brilliant brochure template. Its multipurpose design makes it suitable for almost any business. Get fully editable files you can print out at any time. Add it today!

Bifold Corporate BrochureBifold Corporate BrochureBifold Corporate Brochure

13. Business Brochure (INDD)

Or take a more hands-on approach to get the best brochure design. Customize this template, for instance, with images of your business or services. Included in this download are A4 and US Letter sizes with 24 custom pages and automatic numbering. 

Business BrochureBusiness BrochureBusiness Brochure

14. Business Company Profile (INDD)

Work with the best design brochure. It's perfect if you're looking for a cool brochure design, and it's easy to edit and customize. Add your own images and fonts to make it look unique. This download uses free fonts and includes 16 pages with custom design. The best brochure designs are set up with paragraph and character styles in Adobe InDesign, and this one is no exception. 

Business Company ProfileBusiness Company ProfileBusiness Company Profile

15. Brochure Template (INDD)

Many brochure layout ideas feature strong, bold shapes to deliver the right message. Perhaps you'll need a new design brochure template like this one. Featuring high-resolution files with all the details you need, this template makes it easy to create quality brochures on the go.

Brochure TemplateBrochure TemplateBrochure Template

16. Bifold Brochure (PSD)

Show off your expertise with exciting brochure cover ideas. This bifold template includes a four-page layout available in a professional PSD format. Change the cover photo to one from your business to make the most out of this colorful, geometric look. Start working with the best brochure design!

Bifold BrochureBifold BrochureBifold Brochure

17. Corporate Brochure Template Design (PSD)

How will you choose to make an impact? Start with a phenomenal brochure like this corporate design. Include all the latest information about your innovative projects in this A4 sized document. No prior design experience is necessary. 

Corporate Brochure Template DesignCorporate Brochure Template DesignCorporate Brochure Template Design

18. Business Brochure (INDD)

Celebrate a bountiful year with this next business brochure. This sleek and sophisticated template features 24 complete pages, with parent pages also included. It even includes customizable infographics to help sell your work. Great for any business owner!

Business BrochureBusiness BrochureBusiness Brochure

19. Multipurpose Magazine Brochure (INDD, PDF)

This next brochure template features a clean-cut design that's perfect for budding entrepreneurs. Go with the minimalist approach and create a simple cover so you can include the most important details inside. Get 28 pages you can change in Adobe InDesign.

Multipurpose Magazine BrochureMultipurpose Magazine BrochureMultipurpose Magazine Brochure

20. Square Mini Brochure (PSD)

Want something a little smaller? Try out this square brochure template in a convenient smaller size. Not only will it help your brand look amazing, but you'll also get seven panels for all your business details. Make it work with premade templates in Adobe Photoshop.

Square Mini BrochureSquare Mini BrochureSquare Mini Brochure

21. Coffee Shop Brochure Vol.4 (INDD, PDF)

Are you a coffee shop owner? Check out this brochure template. The best of brochure design is that you can adapt for other commercial or personal needs. You'll get 20 custom pages in A4 paper size format. Easily edit this inspirational brochure design. Replace images and fonts, and play with the layout. It's also print-ready! 

Coffee Shop Brochure Vol.4Coffee Shop Brochure Vol.4Coffee Shop Brochure Vol.4

22. Corporate Square Brochure (INDD, PDF)

Corporate brochures should be professional yet engaging, and we think you'll knock it out of the park with this next square design. This brochure template includes print-ready files along with 24 pages for your work. A minimum of Adobe InDesign CS4 is needed to update this file.

Corporate Square BrochureCorporate Square BrochureCorporate Square Brochure

23. Moderno Square Tri-Fold Brochure Template (INDD)

Modernize your boring brochure template with a fresh, square design. This tri-fold brochure template is sleek and professional. It features trendy geometric elements and fully editable layers for your text, images, and backgrounds. Update this brochure template today with Adobe InDesign.

Moderno Square Trifold BrochureModerno Square Trifold BrochureModerno Square Trifold Brochure

24. Creative Brochure Template Vol. 33 (INDD)

Looking for a cool brochure design? Check this template out. This creative business brochure could work as an inspirational brochure design. The download includes 12 pages design in A4 and US Letter format. It's super easy to edit, so you can customize colors to match your brand. 

Creative Brochure Template Vol. 33Creative Brochure Template Vol. 33Creative Brochure Template Vol. 33

We've covered some of the best brochure designs for 2023. Now you've got plenty of new brochure layout ideas! 

More Cool Brochures and Resources

I hope this list of cool brochure templates helps you find a design your clients will love. You may have loads of brochure ideas for design. Make sure to experiment with your templates and all the included assets. Bring out the best brochure designs.

Want more brochure design ideas and inspirational brochure design? Get all the brochure inspo you can. Check out these tutorials and articles for inspiration:

Editorial Note: This post has been updated with contributions from Maria Villanueva and Janila Castañeda. Maria is the Associate Editor of the Tuts+ Design channel. Janila is a staff writer with Envato Tuts+.

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