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39 Stylish Lookbook Template Designs (Brand, Fashion, Product, and More)


The perfect lookbook template design should look the part—sophisticated, elegant, and perfect for showcasing your work with style. Put your best foot forward and make your work really shine with a professionally designed lookbook design template.

Lookbook Template
Professionally showcase your style in the perfect lookbook design template for your content.

Not sure how—or why? Well, a template is one of many options that can help you meet your design goals. In this case, it's as simple as finding just the right layout. Download it, open it up in the appropriate software, and make your edits. 

However, this is where your options can expand. 

Professionally designed lookbook template
Use a professionally designed lookbook template to share your favorite looks with your audience.

Found the perfect design? Add your content—your photos, your type, and more—to complete your project in a flash. Edit, customize, and repurpose the template—this can save both time and money on your lookbook design project.

Or use a lookbook template to jump-start your design process. Maybe you found an awesome template, but you know you want to dig in and really make the content your own. The sky's the limit—edit the layouts so they're absolutely perfect for what you had in mind.

Want to give it a try?

Envato Elements
There are so many stylish lookbook template designs on Envato Elements—check them out!

Envato Elements is a fantastic choice if you're looking for the perfect lookbook template. There are so many to choose from—and the best part is, you can download as many as you like for one fee. That's unlimited downloads for one low fee, with Envato Elements. 

Try out several designs, and if you think you might need other assets, like fonts, graphics, and other design elements, it's all included. Download and experiment to your heart's content. It's like having a huge bank of professionally designed and developed content at your fingertips. 

Check out this selection of stylish, trendy lookbook design templates from Envato Elements. Consider downloading one today, or simply enjoy the design inspiration.

30+ Best Lookbook Template Designs

1. Lookbook Design Template (INDD, IDML)

Lookbook Design Template

Jump into Adobe InDesign and add your content to the 18 included pages in this lookbook design template. That's 18 pages that you can mix, match, and reuse to easily meet your project's goals, right now.

2. Lookbook Layout Template Design (INDD, IDML, IDX)

Lookbook Layout Template Design

Looking for a simple, clean, sophisticated layout? Give this lookbook layout template a try. With 24 different pages to work with, there's a little something for so many different projects. 

3. Lookbook Template Design (INDD, IDML)

Lookbook Template Design

Isn't this a beautiful design? And this is just a sample of the clean, sophisticated layout designs included in this lookbook template—choose from 36 unique pages and start designing today.

4. Stylish Look Book Design Template (INDD, IDML)

Stylish Look Book Design Template

This is such a versatile lookbook design template, isn't it? Whether you'd like to focus on photography or you'd like a mix with descriptions, text, and your design narrative, there's something here for everyone.

5. Fashion Lookbook Template Design (INDD, IDML, PSD)

Fashion Lookbook Template Design

Stylish with a pop of color, this template has plenty of potential. In fact, it has 36 pages of potential, and that's a lot of content to work with! Why not download this one today and take it for a spin?

6. Fashion Lookbook Design (INDD, IDML)

Fashion Lookbook Design

There's so much variety in the 24 pages included in this lookbook template. Whether you're looking for pages that accommodate type, collage layouts, or full-page spreads, it's all right here.

7. InDesign Fashion Lookbook Template Design (INDD, IDML)

InDesign Fashion Lookbook Template Design

Check out this blocky aesthetic, with its fun pops of color! Change the colors to match your personal or professional brand—it's a breeze in Adobe InDesign. Just download it, open it up, and dig right into this design template.

8. Fashion Design Lookbook Template (INDD, IDML)

Fashion Design Lookbook Template

How about a lookbook template with some varied shapes and contours? This one is clean and sophisticated, but still mixes it up with some varied shapes. Check out the 20 included layout designs.

9. Look Book Design Template (INDD, IDML)

Look Book Design Template

This interior design lookbook template also doubles as a really strong candidate for catalog design projects! Showcase plenty of photos, content, and more in the 20 included layout designs.

10. Fashion Lookbook Template Design (INDD, IDML)

Fashion Lookbook Template Design

A landscape orientation can make for such a classy presentation. Showcase your favorite looks, and break down each piece in these well-organized pages. There are over 20 page variations to choose from, too!

11. A5 Landscape Lookbook Template (INDD)

A5 Landscape Lookbook Template

This 30-page lookbook layout design template has such fun use of typography! What kind of written content might you include with your lookbook design? Experimenting with layout options is a breeze with a beautifully designed template like this one.

12. Lookbook A5 Brochure Template (INDD, IDML)

Lookbook A5 Brochure Template

Bold pops of color can make such an impression! Work with this classy peach, or try a different color that better suits your brand or message. This is another design that could work really well as a catalog design template, too.

13. Lookbook Brochure Catalogue (INDD)

Lookbook Brochure Catalogue

Clean, open layouts can make such a classy impression. Let your photos do the talking, but lay them out in a sophisticated way in this beautifully designed lookbook design template.

14. Minimalist Lookbook Design Template (INDD)

Minimalist Lookbook Design Template

Here's another beautifully open, minimalist design template. Simple, clean, white space can really make for a classy, upscale aesthetic. Whether this is your favored aesthetic or not, remember the importance of negative space!

15. Fashion Lookbook Design (INDD)

Fashion Lookbook Design

With 30 included pages, automatic page numbering, and easy color swapping, this template is as easy to use as it is stylish! Check out the included layouts—this is just a sample of all the content included. 

16. Fashion Lookbook & Magazine Template (INDD, IDML)

Fashion Lookbook  Magazine Template

This template could work for either a lookbook or a magazine, and with 26 included pages, you could easily use it for both! Mix them, match them, and customize them to meet the goals of your project (or projects!). 

17. Lookbook Template Design (INDD, IDML)

Lookbook Template Design

Presentation can make or break your design project. Step out on the right foot with an elegant design like this one. Will you go with hardcover? Perfect bound? Options like this can have a big impact on your finalized lookbook design.

18. Stylish InDesign Look Book Template (INDD, IDML)

Stylish InDesign Look Book Template

Color can be really communicative—what do you think it helps convey in this lookbook design? It's got a fresh, clean vibe—imagine this in dark colors, for example. It would really change it up! Remember, this template and the others are all fully customizable. The choice is yours!

19. Lookbook Brochure Template (INDD, EPS, PSD)

Lookbook Brochure Template

This is a larger lookbook, at 8.5" x 11", so it's perfect if you're looking to print large, beautiful photographs. The horizontal aesthetic is a fun one too—perfect if you're looking to deviate from the expected.

20. Fashion Lookbook Template (INDD, IDML, DOCX)

Fashion Lookbook Template

This template includes files for both Adobe InDesign and Microsoft Word—so give it a download and edit it in whichever is most convenient for you. With 30 included pages, there is a lot of room here for experimentation. 

21. Fashion Lookbook Design Template (INDD, IDML)

Fashion Lookbook Design Template

This fashion and jewelry lookbook template is a versatile one. Use it to showcase beautiful photos that span more than one page—it's great for fashion, but could work just as well as an interior design lookbook template, as a director lookbook template, or even for your favorite food creations. 

22. Modern Lookbook Fashion Template (INDD, IDML)

Modern Lookbook Fashion Template

This design is super classy, and it could work wonderfully as a lookbook design or for your next magazine project. The included pages work for so many different scenarios—beautifully showcasing images, written content, and more. 

23. Stylish Lookbook Template Design (INDD)

Stylish Lookbook Template Design

Aren't these sample pages classy? There's a whole lot more to see, as there are 32 stylish layout design pages included with this lookbook template. Create endless combinations when you jump in and add your own customizations.

24. Inspiration Look Book Template (INDD, IDML)

Inspiration Look Book Template

Enjoy 24 professionally designed layouts at two different sizes when you give this lookbook design a try. Whether you prefer working at A4 or US letter, there are so many possibilities here. 

25. Lookbook Fashion Design Template (INDD, IDML)

Lookbook Fashion Design Template

Color can add a lot to your design work—but we, as designers, need to do so strategically. Experiment with color in a design template, like this one, that is already designed with a pop of color in mind. 

26. Fashion Lookbook Template (INDD, IDML, AI, EPS, DOCX)

Fashion Lookbook Template

This template incorporates a lot of beautiful contrast into its layout designs. What customizations would you make here? Imagine this one in black and white, or with a saturated purple. You could take this design in so many directions. 

27. Designer Fashion Lookbook Template (INDD, IDML)

Designer Fashion Lookbook Template

This A4 design has a relaxing vibe, doesn't it? Between the calming color scheme and the generous breathing room, it would be a perfect fit for showing off casual looks. Or mix it up completely and take it in a new direction! It would make a great director lookbook template, for example.

28. Landscape Look Book Template (INDD, IDML, DOC)

Landscape Look Book Template

Landscape can be the perfect choice for showing off photos, like in this lookbook design. What kind of layout orientation best suits your content? These are important things to consider when deciding what kind of lookbook layout design is best for your project. 

29. Square Lookbook Template Design (INDD, IDML)

Square Lookbook Template Design

This product lookbook template would also work well for a portfolio showcase, catalog, and so much more! There's something super classy about a square layout, isn't there? It can be so timeless. 

Even More Lookbook Design Template Inspiration From GraphicRiver

Envato Elements is a pretty awesome resource—but maybe you aren't necessarily looking for a library of content. If you're more interested in strategically downloading only what you need, GraphicRiver might be right up your alley.

Choose from an ever-growing collection of lookbook template designs on GraphicRiver.

You'll still find an amazing selection of professionally designed lookbook templates, designs, assets, and more over on GraphicRiver—but it's one download, one fee. It's simple, it's straightforward, and it's a perfect fit if you know exactly what you're looking for. 

Here's a sneak peek at some of the professionally designed offerings over at GraphicRiver—there's a lot of wonderful, inspiring content to see.

30. Fashion Lookbook Template Design (INDD, IDML)

Fashion Lookbook Template Design

Two different sizes, 24 different pages to choose from—this lookbook template has so many possibilities! It uses free fonts, for your convenience, and it also includes a help file, just in case you get stuck.

31. Brand Lookbook Template Design (INDD, IDML)

Brand Lookbook Template Design

This is just a taste of this professionally designed lookbook template. Take a look at the 20 beautiful layouts included with this download. Use this one as your next director lookbook template or brand lookbook template.  

32. Fashion Look Book Design Template (INDD)

Fashion Look Book Design Template

Print-ready and easy to edit—that's this lookbook design template. Just download, install the free fonts, and start creating the lookbook of your dreams today. It's designed with ease of editing in mind. 

33. Stylish Lookbook Template Design (INDD, IDML)

Stylish Lookbook Template Design

One of the best things about lookbook templates, like this one, is how adaptable they can be. While this was designed with fashion in mind, it can be used for so many industries. From portfolio use to interior design, the possibilities are endless.

34. Fashion Lookbook Design Template (INDD, IDML)

Fashion Lookbook Design Template

Aren't these lookbook layout templates fun? This one even comes with easy color-change options to make things even more straightforward and save your time. And how beautiful is that full-page layout? 

35. Brand Lookbook Template Design (INDD, IDML)

Brand Lookbook Template Design

Working on a lookbook or catalog for your store? Then give this lookbook template a look—it has plenty of beneficial content to offer your project. There are an amazing 48 pages included with this one!

36. Fashion Product Lookbook Template (INDD, IDML)

Fashion Product Lookbook Template

This product lookbook template really is easy to use. Change the colors with a click, drop in your images, and you have a beautifully designed lookbook in a flash! Or take it further, and adjust the layout in any way you prefer. 

37. Lookbook Design Template (INDD, IDML, INX)

Lookbook Design Template

Sometimes, less is more. Let your photos do the talking in these stylish, minimal layout designs for your next lookbook. The 30 included pages offer a host of options, all of them clean and sophisticated. 

38. Brand Lookbook Template Design (INDD, IDML)

Brand Lookbook Template Design

Isn't this a welcoming layout design? It's so easy to imagine this one as a jewelry lookbook template or as a perfect fit for interior design. Remix it into the perfect portfolio, or showcase your latest seasonal styles. 

39. Lookbook Layout Template Design (INDD, IDML)

Lookbook Layout Template Design

Bold color or soft color—which better suits your brand? Check out how this lovely lookbook design template uses color. With 34 included pages, there are plenty of options here to work with, edit, and make your own. 

Ending Statement

What's the perfect fit for your lookbook design template? Whether you're in the market for a jewelry lookbook template or your focus is more geared towards an interior design lookbook template, a professional and engaging design is key. Make sure that your design reflects both your branding and the needs of your target audience!

And there's no better time to dig right in and start meeting those design goals. Why not start designing today? Remember, you can download and work with a whole collection of lookbook templates, right now, on Envato Elements. It's all included with unlimited downloads! Or browse a beautiful collection of lookbook layout template designs on GraphicRiver, and download only what you need.

Still looking for more design inspiration? Check out these roundups and collections of other swoon-worthy designs:

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