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44 Best Creative InDesign Brochure Templates (New for 2021)

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Put your best foot forward with a professional brochure. Get the latest creative templates from this list of resources.

44 Best Creative Brochure Templates

Selling yourself is an art form. But not everyone feels that they can do it confidently.

So let a professional brochure do all the work for you! Today, we've got a wide selection of creative brochure templates you'll definitely want to see.

ADVENT Adventure Business Brochure InDesign TemplateADVENT Adventure Business Brochure InDesign TemplateADVENT Adventure Business Brochure InDesign Template
ADVENT is one of thousands of premium brochure templates for InDesign from Envato Elements and GraphicRiver.

Featuring many stylish and modern designs, these brochure templates are made by the talented creators at Envato Envato and Envato Market.

Save time with high-quality templates that are fully customizable. Update them with your brand details for a fast and efficient alternative.

Want to know how to make a brochure? Dive into the basics with this tutorial from Laura Keung.

Multipurpose Brochure Templates

Not sure where to begin? Tackle this first selection of multipurpose templates suitable for a variety of industries. Here are our favorites.

Multipurpose Life Brochure Template (INDD, INX)

With both form and function, this is an excellent InDesign brochure template for your brand. It features a simple contemporary layout and strong typography. This 22-page template comes in both A4 and US Letter sizes. Use it to showcase fashion, photography, architecture, and more.

Multipurpose Lifestyle Brochure InDesign TemplateMultipurpose Lifestyle Brochure InDesign TemplateMultipurpose Lifestyle Brochure InDesign Template

Clean Square Brochure (INDD, INDML)

This brochure is clean, sophisticated, and ready for your content! Easily add your images in Adobe InDesign, change the colors, and more! This template is a perfect fit for projects that have engaging visuals to share with their audience.

Clean Square BrochureClean Square BrochureClean Square Brochure

Minimal Brochure Template (INDD, PSD, AI, EPS)

Looking for something simple and clean with a minimalist aesthetic? Check out this template. Change the key color to match your branding, and customize the included eight pages in either Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign.

Minimal Brochure TemplateMinimal Brochure TemplateMinimal Brochure Template

Trifold Brochure (INDD)

Leave them stunned with incredible photography. This next trifold brochure is great for creatives like photographers and more. It includes paragraph and character styles, along with everything you need to customize it fast. Enjoy six unique pages at A4 size.

 Trifold Brochure Trifold Brochure Trifold Brochure

Creative Agency Brochure (INDD, INDML)

How will you make your creative agency stand out? Try a brilliant black brochure like this gorgeous template. This monochromatic design features a bold pop of yellow which you can easily replace with a new color. Jump-start your business the right way with this brochure template.

Creative Agency BrochureCreative Agency BrochureCreative Agency Brochure

Brochure Template (INDD, INDML, INX)

Love abstract design? This next brochure template is modern and multipurpose. It can be used for a variety of industries in tech, business, or art. You'll get four Adobe InDesign files that can be used with versions CS2 and above.

Brochure TemplateBrochure TemplateBrochure Template

Creative Brochure Template (INDD)

What will it take for your business to reach new heights? Now you can try an exhilarating brochure design. Designed in standard A4 and US Letter formats, this smart template is well organized and fully layered. Get access to free fonts and more. 

Creative Brochure TemplateCreative Brochure TemplateCreative Brochure Template

Basic Brochure Template (INDD)

Need something basic for your next project? Try this minimal yet elegant brochure template. This modern design features a refreshing, bright color scheme that can be easily changed to suit your brand. Get 12 custom pages and print-ready files in one great download!

Basic Brochure TemplateBasic Brochure TemplateBasic Brochure Template

Multipurpose Brochure InDesign Template (INDD)

Multipurpose templates help you express your individual style in less time. Take this brilliant InDesign template, for instance. This download includes professionally made files of a 16-page document that's based on a clean, architectural theme. Add it to your collection!

Multipurpose Brochure InDesign Template Multipurpose Brochure InDesign Template Multipurpose Brochure InDesign Template

Fashion Trifold Brochure (INDD, INDML)

Opening a shop or local boutique? Add this beautiful fashion trifold to your list of helpful templates. This brochure features a polished, cream design that's perfect for designers, photographers, and freelancers. Best suited for Adobe InDesign CS4 and above.

Fashion Trifold BrochureFashion Trifold BrochureFashion Trifold Brochure

Business Brochure Templates

Brochures are essential to the operation of many companies. Get high-quality designs with this next selection of professional templates.

Square Company Profile (INDD, IDML)

This brochure is super easy to customize in Adobe InDesign—just add your photos to the placeholders and voila! Add your content or use this design to jump-start your creative process. The only limit is your imagination.

Square Company Profile InDesign Brochure TemplateSquare Company Profile InDesign Brochure TemplateSquare Company Profile InDesign Brochure Template

Real Estate Brochure InDesign Template (INDD)

Need a pamphlet template for your real estate business? This next brochure design is sure to win your clients over. It features a 16-page document with print-ready files and a highly detailed instructional guide. Just follow along with the simple steps for the best result.

Real Estate Brochure InDesign TemplateReal Estate Brochure InDesign TemplateReal Estate Brochure InDesign Template

Corporate Brochure (INDD)

Business brochures help you understand a company's services, history, and management team. This corporate brochure features a refreshing white and blue design with sharp, angular details. It also includes paragraph and character styles, swatches and more for easy customization.

Corporate Brochure Corporate Brochure Corporate Brochure

Interior Design Brochure (INDD, INDML)

Combine your favorite images and fonts for a strong brochure cover. This sleek template is inspired by the interior design business but can also be applied to many industries. It includes 32 unique layouts, automatic page numbering, and a quick help guide. 

Interior Design BrochureInterior Design BrochureInterior Design Brochure

Brochure Template (INDD, INDML)

Stylize your brochure covers with an incredible geometric design. This brochure template features a colorful, modern layout with a total of 16 pages available. Update the cover with your logo and company photo for a quick edit. Check it out!

Brochure TemplateBrochure TemplateBrochure Template

Business Brochure (INDD, INDML)

Make your brand colors the star of your business brochure. This bold brochure design features a solid blue cover with geometric accents. Update the color to the one you prefer or insert a photo for more customization. Try it out with landscape or portrait photography!

Business BrochureBusiness BrochureBusiness Brochure

Brochure Template (INDD, INDML)

Is your business brochure sending your clients the right message? Bring more customers in with a creative brochure template. Lay out all your future projects and current business activities with style and class. Enjoy 16 print-ready pages you can easily edit.

Brochure TemplateBrochure TemplateBrochure Template

Bifold Brochures (INDD, PSD)

Here's a brochure design with a modern, stylish edge. This awesome brochure features three layout options for covers and three more for inner pages. It's like having multiple brochure templates in one download. Add it to your collection today!

Bifold Brochure InDesign TemplateBifold Brochure InDesign TemplateBifold Brochure InDesign Template

Food Restaurant Trifold Brochure (INDD, INDML, EPS, AI)

Get three amazing color concepts for the price of one with this brilliant food restaurant trifold brochure. The helpful trifold design gives you plenty of room for food photos, menu details, and company information. Remember to add your own colors or logos for a whole new look!

Food Restaurant Trifold BrochureFood Restaurant Trifold BrochureFood Restaurant Trifold Brochure

Corporate Brochure (INDD, INDML)

Thinking of making a new company profile? Check out this next corporate brochure for a fast transition. Now you can add all your pertinent information to this very well-organized company documentation. Discuss financial information, expert quotes and more with this template.

Corporate BrochureCorporate BrochureCorporate Brochure

Travel Resort Trifold Brochure Design (INDD, INDML, EPS, AI, PSD)

Sell the vacation of a lifetime with this stunning travel resort brochure template. You can easily swap out the tropical photos for a different location or adventure. Get access to multiple file formats for Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator. 

Travel Resort Trifold Brochure DesignTravel Resort Trifold Brochure DesignTravel Resort Trifold Brochure Design

ADVENT Adventure Business Brochures (INDD)

Does your business need more promoting? Take on the challenge with this modern brochure design. This InDesign template features one-click color changes and image placeholders. It also holds fully editable layers, making it the perfect design for beginners.

ADVENT Adventure Business Brochure InDesign TemplateADVENT Adventure Business Brochure InDesign TemplateADVENT Adventure Business Brochure InDesign Template

Business Brochure (INDD, INDML)

Earn more sales by building your own business brochure. This minimalist template features 32 layouts with master pages also included. Create your company's profile quickly and easily so you can get back to business. Try it out today!

Business Brochure Business Brochure Business Brochure

The Company Brochure (INDD)

Why will customers choose your business? This next company brochure is sure to draw them in. It features a colorful, geometric design with triangular placeholders for your company photos. Add additional details with the help of Adobe InDesign. 

The Company BrochureThe Company BrochureThe Company Brochure

Company Profile (INDD)

Boost your company's status with an informative marketing brochure. This company profile template is modern and minimal. Although the photos aren't included, you can easily update the image placeholders with every picture you need. Jump-start your next project for under $15!

Company ProfileCompany ProfileCompany Profile

Bifold Brochure Corporate InDesign Template (INDD, INDML)

Bifold brochures, like this one, feature automatic page numbering and more for efficient design. This particular pamphlet template is available in A4 and US Letter sizes and is made with completely free fonts. Change the colors quickly with just a few clicks!

Bifold Brochure Corporate InDesign Template Bifold Brochure Corporate InDesign Template Bifold Brochure Corporate InDesign Template

Gym Bifold Brochure (INDD, INDML)

Starting a new gym business? Build an effective client list with a brilliant bifold brochure. This brochure design features 18 custom pages that are perfect for fitness fanatics and gym enthusiasts. Edit it fast using standard software like Adobe InDesign. 

Gym Bifold BrochureGym Bifold BrochureGym Bifold Brochure

Medical Healthcare Brochure InDesign Template (INDD, INDML, EPS, AI)

Visiting the doctor is an uncomfortable experience for some. Make your clients at ease with a helpful medical brochure. This InDesign template features three color variations along with additional file formats. Use it for hospitals, medical centers, and private practices!

Medical Healthcare Brochure InDesign TemplateMedical Healthcare Brochure InDesign TemplateMedical Healthcare Brochure InDesign Template

Vineyard & Winery Brochure (INDD, INDML)

Do you have some of the best wine in the world? Your audience won't know without a helpful brochure. This next template features an elegant vineyard and winery theme with beautiful pictures, elaborate fonts, and more. Get access to multiple formats with this download. 

Vineyard  Winery BrochureVineyard  Winery BrochureVineyard  Winery Brochure

Creative Brief Template (INDD, INDML)

Design a company brief that's strong yet creative. This next brochure template features a clean and professional design with bold, red details you can easily customize. Add your company photos, information and more for a whole new look!

Creative Brief TemplateCreative Brief TemplateCreative Brief Template

InDesign Magazine Brochure Template (INDD, PSD)

Ready to kick start your career in writing? See how your ideas come together with a multipurpose template that's great for creatives. This brochure features 26 pages, free fonts, and additional paragraph styles for a beautiful magazine design. Try it out!

InDesign Magazine Brochure TemplateInDesign Magazine Brochure TemplateInDesign Magazine Brochure Template

Report Brochure Template (INDD, INDML)

Don't clutter your reports with unnecessary details. This next brochure template is perfect for the avid minimalist. It features fully editable Adobe InDesign files along with a quick PDF guide to help get you started. Add it to your design arsenal today!

Report Brochure TemplateReport Brochure TemplateReport Brochure Template

Exeelo Trifold Brochure (INDD, INDML)

Trifold brochures are often the go-to pamphlets for many entrepreneurs. The Exeelo brochure design is exciting yet minimal. It features a punch of purple color as well as plenty of space for your company details. Experience with Adobe InDesign CS4 and above is required.

Exeelo Trifold BrochureExeelo Trifold BrochureExeelo Trifold Brochure

Square Business Brochure (INDD, INDML)

You can also change the shape of your brochures for more impact. This square business brochure template is modern and compact. It features a basic visual aesthetic that can easily fit many industries. Download the bonus help file for more fonts and information. 

Square Business BrochureSquare Business BrochureSquare Business Brochure

Law Firm Brochure (INDD)

Create a long-lasting career in law with this brochure template. Just drag and drop your photos, colors and text into the efficient placeholders to secure your design. It also works well as a digital brochure for online content. Try it out!

Law Firm BrochureLaw Firm BrochureLaw Firm Brochure

Architecture Brochure (INDD, INDML)

Need a stunning brochure for your architecture business? Try this amazing design. This Adobe InDesign template comes in print and digital brochure formats to give you more possibilities for expanding your reach. Enjoy 26 unique layouts and so much more!

Architecture BrochureArchitecture BrochureArchitecture Brochure

Creative Brochure Templates

Explore your creativity through your business. This last selection of brochure templates is perfect for creative entrepreneurs, designers, and business owners. 

Brochure Template (INDD, INDML, INX)

Work in a creative field that's heavily impacted by visuals? Check out this brochure. The example, below, showcases a barbershop, but this could work for a wide variety of creative pursuits. Show off your best work with this lovely design.

Brochure TemplateBrochure TemplateBrochure Template

Creative Portfolio Brochure (INDD, INDML, INDT)

Get creative for your personal portfolio! This brochure features a clean-cut design that highlights your work remarkably. It includes 24 high-resolution pages with intriguing layouts and details. Customize the look to fit your brand in much less time. Try it out!

Creative Portfolio BrochureCreative Portfolio BrochureCreative Portfolio Brochure

The Creative Brochure (INDD)

Are you running a creative agency or individual business? No matter your specialty, you'll be able to describe your passions with this fantastic brochure template. This modern design features free fonts and master pages, along with text and images separated on completely different layers. Add it to your collection!

The Creative BrochureThe Creative BrochureThe Creative Brochure

InDesign Fashion Catalog Template (INDD, JPG)

Want a smart fashion catalog for your growing boutique? This next InDesign template should do just the trick! It features 30 pages that are print ready with additional bleeds. Update the title with the font of your choice to match your own aesthetic. 

InDesign Fashion Catalog TemplateInDesign Fashion Catalog TemplateInDesign Fashion Catalog Template

Creative Bifold Brochure (INDD)

Business professionals can't get enough of bifold brochures! These professional templates are not only easier to navigate but also include straightforward company information for your clients. Enjoy two popular color options for both blue and green results. 

Creative Bifold BrochureCreative Bifold BrochureCreative Bifold Brochure

Vibrant Bifold Brochure (INDD)

Need a design that's informative and vibrant? Create a forward-thinking brochure with this unique bifold template. Available in both A4 and US Letter sizes, this brochure is compatible with Adobe InDesign versions CS5 and above. Check it out!

Vibrant Bifold BrochureVibrant Bifold BrochureVibrant Bifold Brochure

Creative Agency Profile Template (INDD)

Build your creative agency from the ground up! This sleek brochure template might be just what you need to handle that task. It includes 16 pages, three covers, and fully editable details you'll love to customize. Great for tech, art, and business professionals.

Creative Agency Profile TemplateCreative Agency Profile TemplateCreative Agency Profile Template

Extreme Sport Landscape Brochure (INDD)

Take your audience on an adventure with an extreme sports brochure. This brochure template features a landscape orientation with lots of room for text and large images. It also includes every shape, element, and page needed for a professional project. Try it out!

Extreme Sport Landscape BrochureExtreme Sport Landscape BrochureExtreme Sport Landscape Brochure

More Brochure Templates

Brochure templates give power back to business owners to help expand their brand over time. Create lasting, one-on-one experiences using high-quality templates for businesses and creatives.

Want more brochure templates? Check out these articles for inspiration:

Tried any of these assets? Let us know! Tell us your favorites in the comments below.

This has been a selection of premium resources perfect for the avid creator. For more brochure design templates, check out Envato Elements and Envato Market, or enlist the help of our talented designers at Envato Studio. Happy creating!

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