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50+ Best Free Photoshop Actions of 2021

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Photoshop actions are terrific tools for creatively transforming your images with a single click. That's because they allow one artist to record all the steps needed to create an effect and another artist—you—to add all those actions to your own work with the press of a button. This means that they save you time and can also be a great learning tool to help you improve your skills. 

Selective Color Photoshop ActionSelective Color Photoshop ActionSelective Color Photoshop Action

Today, we'll take a look at over 50 of the best FREE Photoshop actions around, and for those looking for high-quality actions, we'll first share a handful of premium Photoshop actions from Envato Elements that you shouldn't miss. 

Envato Elements: Best Source for Premium Photoshop Actions (Unlimited Downloads)

Envato Elements is the best source for professional, versatile, and easy-to-use Photoshop actions. With unlimited downloads for one low monthly fee, you can choose as many Photoshop actions as you want or need. 

One low monthly fee = unlimited access not just to the high-quality actions, but also to thousands of premium digital assets like logos, fonts, photos, business card templates, and much more. Elements saves you both the time and energy needed when creating from scratch.

Let's look at the most creative Photoshop actions to be found at Envato Elements.

11 Premium Photoshop Actions You Need to Try

1. Enso Art Photoshop Tool (ATN, ABR)

Enso Art Photoshop Action DownloadEnso Art Photoshop Action DownloadEnso Art Photoshop Action Download

Create fantastic Japanese-inspired images in 2021 with Enso Art. This unique Photoshop action works with a couple of clicks and within a few minutes, saving you hours of time. If you want to create manga-style artwork in Photoshop, try out Enso Art.  

2. Pencil Sketch Photoshop Action (ATN, ABR, PAT)

Pencil Sketch Photoshop ActionPencil Sketch Photoshop ActionPencil Sketch Photoshop Action

Turn your favourite portrait into a gorgeous pencil sketch with this Photoshop sketch effect action, which will make your portrait or other artwork look as if you spent hours drawing from scratch with a pencil and paper. It includes a terrific video tutorial to help you prepare your image for the action and show you how to customise your final artwork. 

3. Double Exposure Action (ATN)

Double Exposure ActionDouble Exposure ActionDouble Exposure Action

Double exposure is a cool photo effect that you can create yourself easily with this double exposure Photoshop action. The package contains a set of four Photoshop actions that simulate a double exposure effect and can be combined with any other actions. The final effect is fully editable. 

4. Black and White Professional Actions for Photoshop (ATN)

Black and White Professional Actions for PhotoshopBlack and White Professional Actions for PhotoshopBlack and White Professional Actions for Photoshop

If you're looking for a great action to turn your colour photos into black and white, this is the action for you. The bundle contains 27 stunning black and white photo actions that will allow you to create everything from a dreamy vintage style to edgy, high-contrast black and white photos. The bundle comes with a 13-page PDF cheatsheet with a list of all the effects available and tips for best results.

5. Real Snow Photoshop Action (ATN)

Real Snow Photoshop ActionReal Snow Photoshop ActionReal Snow Photoshop Action

For those times when you want to winterise your photos by adding both the colour and feel of winter as well as snow falling, you need to use this snow effect Photoshop action. You can run the action on your photo once or several times to vary the results. Either way, this is a great way to achieve a realistic feeling of snow floating down without spending hours trying to create the effect yourself. 

6. Nebula Photoshop Action (ATN, ABR)

Nebula Photoshop ActionNebula Photoshop ActionNebula Photoshop Action

Space, the final frontier. Add a touch of the magic of the universe with this cloud and particle effect Photoshop action, which includes explosions, lights, clouds, and terrific colour grading. A help file is included to help you get the most from the action.

7. 50 Premium Matte Photoshop Actions (ATN)

50 Premium Matte Photoshop Actions50 Premium Matte Photoshop Actions50 Premium Matte Photoshop Actions

This is the Photoshop edit action that photographers dream of. The bundle contains 50 matte actions that add tonal consistency and cohesion across a body of work to create a portfolio with a polished and professional look.

8. Skin Retouch Photoshop Actions Vol. 2 (ATN)

Skin Retouch Photoshop Actions Vol 2Skin Retouch Photoshop Actions Vol 2Skin Retouch Photoshop Actions Vol 2

Portrait photographers will love this collection of Photoshop portrait actions designed specifically to make skin look flawless and gorgeous. This skin retouch action will let you retouch portraits in a fraction of the time it would take if you retouched each photo individually yourself. You can create a matte effect, airbrush, heal and improve skin, and much more using this versatile tool. 

9. Grass Photoshop Action (ATN, ABR, PAT)

Grass Photoshop ActionGrass Photoshop ActionGrass Photoshop Action

This is a fun Photoshop text action that scrapbookers and collage artists need to check out. Grass Photoshop Action covers your text and logos with a grassy effect. What's even better is that you have a choice of different kinds and colours of grass, so think spring grass, autumn grass, tropical grasses, etc. How cool is that? 

10. Radiant Photoshop Action (ATN, ABR)

Radiant Photoshop ActionRadiant Photoshop ActionRadiant Photoshop Action

Want to add some razzle-dazzle to your images? Wondering how to create particle effects in Photoshop or how to add a sparkle effect overlay? Wonder no more. This light particles Photoshop action allows you to add light particles, glitter, and shimmer just where you need the effects in any of your images. 

11. Duotone Photoshop Action (ATN)

Duotone Photoshop ActionDuotone Photoshop ActionDuotone Photoshop Action

You've seen edgy and eye-catching duotone images all over the internet, but perhaps you have no idea how to make your own duotone effects. Why, with a Photoshop effects action, of course. This duotone Photoshop action pack contains 25 duotone Photoshop effects that allow you to add your chosen effects to any image with just one click. Now how's that for getting the job done quickly and easily?

50+ Best Free Photoshop Actions 2021

1. Rainbow Photoshop Action

Harness the beauty of a rainbow in this rainbow light leak overlay. Add it to any type of image at any resolution, and bring a touch of vintage iridescence to your images. 

2. Dots Shooter Photoshop Action

Try something unique with your projects with this free Photoshop action download. Create a static or animated pointillist result with this set of dot effects. 

3. Light Rain Photoshop Action

Capture the look of light summer rain in your photos with this rain effect Photoshop action. Run the action once or several times to create different densities.

4. Convert Photos Into Pixel Art Action

Turn any photo or graphic into pixel art with this awesome pixel art Photoshop action that resembles vintage video games. The free download gives you six Photoshop actions for colour and B&W results.

5. 20 Free Black & White Photo Effect Actions for Adobe Photoshop

Create amazing black and white photos with this black and white Photoshop action that not only converts your images quickly but generates beautiful tones that enhance the overall mood of your images. The set contains 20 presets, which apply a range of stylish effects to your photos.

6. 40 Free Pastel Effect Photoshop Actions

This set of 40 Photoshop actions will give your images amazing pastel tones. It's ideal for portraits, but will work equally well on landscape or nature shots.

7. Dehaze Photoshop Actions

For those times when there's just a bit too much haze in your photos and you need to get rid of it without taking the time to slowly work on each photo, there is this dehaze Photoshop action that promises to do a better job than Photoshop’s native tools.

8. Light Leak Photoshop Actions

The light leak aesthetic seems to be sticking around for a while longer, so if you're keen to add this effect to your photos, this light leak Photoshop action, which offers eight different effects, is a great choice. 

9. Wedding Photoshop Actions

Weddings are among the most special of life's moments, and you want your photos to reflect that. That's why we've included this Photoshop dreamy glow effect action. Add it to your photos and create a fairytale quality that's as magical as the day itself. 

10. Free Animated Glitch Photoshop Action

Want to add a bit of edginess to your images? Try this glitch effect Photoshop action. What's great about this action is that it contains a looping animated glitch that you can save as an animated GIF within a few seconds.

11. Simple Beautiful Borders

If you need to create borders around your images, this action is for you. The bundle contains six collections with a total of 30 different borders. The created effect is always layered, so you can customise it as needed. 

12. Matte Photoshop Actions

These matte Photoshop actions will work equally well on portraits, landscapes, and street shots. They'll add a wonderful unifying tonality to your images and give them a professional quality. 

13. Free HDR Photoshop Actions

Create the perfect high dynamic range effect with this free Photoshop action. The three unique filters in the set work with RAW and JPEG images and offer non-destructive editing. 

14. Photoshop Vintage Actions

Giving your photos a wonderful retro quality is easy with this vintage effect Photoshop action. The set contains seven vintage actions, and you can control the adjustment layer in each action to alter the intensity of the effects.

15. 5 Skin Retouching Photoshop Actions

One of the best Photoshop actions for portraits, this action allows you to heal, mattify, and airbrush skin with one click. It also includes actions for brightening eyes and increasing contrast without clipping highlights/shadows.

16. Retro Vintage Photoshop Actions

Whether you're drawn to the cooler or warmer palettes of retro photos, this vintage effect Photoshop action contains nine beautiful coloured filters to suit every taste and need. 

17. Dystopian Photoshop Actions

This grunge effect Photoshop action was designed specifically to bring a dystopic quality to night-time cityscape photos. Download it for free and add the effect to your photos with one click. 

18. Photoshop Creamy Actions

Want to bring a big of warmth to your photos? Then try this Photoshop colour effects action. It adds just a hint of yellow to your photos to create a very safe and comforting feeling. 

19. Fashion Photoshop Actions

This set of ten Photoshop actions for fashion photos has been designed to add an air of glamour to your photos. Use it to make your images truly eye-catching.  

20. Chrome Effect Photoshop Action Download

Bring some shine to your creative projects with this chrome effect action. Apply this action to text, logos, and more. The chrome look really pops against projects with dark backgrounds.  

21. Double Exposures

Double exposure is a photographic technique that combines two images into one, and this double exposure Photoshop action is designed to combine any two images you choose expertly.

22. EasyComic Free Photoshop Action

Want to add some humour to your images? Why not turn your photo into a comic-like image quickly and easily with this Photoshop comic book effect? Give it a try. 

23. Photoshop Snow Action

For those times when you need to add snow to a wintry scene, there is this snow effect Photoshop action. Have fun running the action once or several times to layer the effect. 

24. Silver

Want to convert your favourite photos to black and white? Try this silver effect Photoshop action. It offers eight film emulations, six film contrast effects, and two real film grain textures. All free to download and use. 

25. Free Duotone Photoshop Actions

Give your images a stylish and modern duotone look with these free duotone Photoshop actions. There are seven different actions which offer different colour variations to enhance your photos. Just select the action you want and play it.

26. Architecture Sketch Photoshop Actions

Want to turn your photos of buildings into drawings? This sketch Photoshop action is for you. The free plugin, which offers a choice of three styles, also includes a watercolour effect Photoshop action.

27. 3D Retro Text Creator Photoshop Actions

If you're looking to turn your text into 3D style, check out this 3D effect Photoshop action. Simply select the layer you want to transform, play any of the six actions offered, and Hey Presto! 3D text will be created for you.

28. Prestalgia: 10 Retro Effects With Light Leaks

This set of ten free light leak Photoshop actions will give your photos that vintage look that's all the rage. Each effect gives a different variation, so experiment to see which you like the most.

29. Free Glitch Photoshop Action

Want that glitch effect that used to come from a corrupted VHS tape? Check out this glitch effect Photoshop action. Easy to download, easy to use. 

30. 24 Ultra Faded Light Leak Photoshop Actions

More light leak fun with this light leaks Photoshop action that offers 12 ultra-faded film effects and 12 different kinds of light leaks. Fully editable and non-destructive. 

31. Photoshop Night Actions

Want to create the effect of a photo taken in the late evening or night? Try this Photoshop action, which allows you to bring the dusky tones of an evening sky to any photo. 

32. Separate Lines From BG Photoshop Action

Looking for a way to separate your traditional line drawing from the white background to create a transparent background? This is the action for you. Just download and press play after installing the addon.

33. Aesthetic Vintage Wedding Premium Photoshop Actions

Wedding Photoshop actions can really help your workflow. This free one offers 15 vintage Photoshop effects to give your images a beautiful 'shot with film' look.

34. 50 Free Winter Photoshop Actions

Winterise your photos with this collection of 50 free winter Photoshop actions that will bring the cool and quiet look of winter to any photograph with just a click. 

35. Free Cinematic Photoshop Actions

Capture the glamour of the world of cinema with this glow effect Photoshop action. With just one click, you can change both the mood and style of your photos. 

36. Free Warm Matte Photoshop Actions

Add some warmth to your photos with these warm matte Photoshop actions that are designed to be used on a wide variety of images.  

37. High Fashion Skin Retouching Photoshop Action Free

Use these Photoshop portrait actions to bring the level of retouching found in high fashion to your photos. The action will let you heal and airbrush skin with just one click. It also includes retouching actions for brightening eyes and increasing contrast.

38. Free 40 Pastel Effect Photoshop Actions

Use these actions to give all your photos that soft, dreamlike effect that comes from pastel colours and tones. The actions work with RAW and JPEG files.

39. Free High Contrast Photoshop Action

Turn your images black and white with this professional pack of 15 black and white effect Photoshop actions. Perfect for photographers and graphic designers, the action is calibrated to give your photos a range of looks along the grey scale.

40. Bubble Tea Action

Give your photos that soft pink quality of early morning light with this free Photoshop dreamy glow effect. 

41. Free Color Pop Photoshop Action

Differentiate your photo from all the others with this colour pop Photoshop action. It offers 14 actions that will boost the colour in your photos and make them stand out in a pleasing way. 

42. Transform Photos Into Watercolors With a Free Photoshop Action

Give your photos that dreamy watercolour look with this watercolour effect Photoshop action. The free action is easy to install and run, and the files it creates are easy to customise.

43. BlackNull’s Modern Artist Action Set

Transform your photos into modern art with this gorgeous artist action, which uses the oil paint filter expertly without you having to do anything but press a button. 

44. Mike Campau’s Looking Glass Effects

Get even more arty with this cool glass effect Photoshop action, which will transform any image with rectangular and circular glass-distortion effects. The action comes with a short how-to video to help you get the most from it.

45. Mockup Flat Shadow Photoshop Action

Want to create shadow effects for your graphics? This Photoshop action is for you. It's specifically designed to add beautiful shadows to your 2D shapes like text or other graphics.

46. Spell

Bring a wonderful moodiness to your photos with this vintage effect Photoshop action. Free to download and easy to use on both RAW and JPEG files.

47. Attractive Free Cosmic Photoshop Action

The free Photoshop portrait actions will give your skin an amazing glow just with one click of the button. Download it and give it a try.  

48. Shadow PS Action 

Another awesome free action that will allow you to create realistic shadows that fall at any angle you desire. 

49. Cinematic Photoshop Actions

Bring depth and high drama to your images with these fabulous cinematic Photoshop actions. The set contains 12 effects based on the colour-grading aesthetics of popular movie genres.

50. Orange Tones Photoshop Action

There are many ways to add warmth to your photos, but none as easy as this orange tones Photoshop action. Just download the free action and run it on your photos with a click. It's as easy as that. 

51. Five Black and White Actions

We complete our whopping list of over 50 free Photoshop actions with this cool black and white set that offers six different effects, from vintage to high contrast to soft contrast. Use it to quickly create the black and white look you want in your images. 

Choose Your Favourite Photoshop Action Download Today

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On the other hand, if your budget is non-existent, you should check out the range of actions featured here, and if you're interested in more premium and free Photoshop actions, check out these terrific articles:

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