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25 Cool Photoshop Watercolor Effects & Filters With Texture

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How to Convert Photos Into Paintings Fast With Photoshop Actions

Create beautiful watercolor art with simple Photoshop actions! Check out these amazing Adobe Photoshop watercolor effects we've gathered for you. 

Watercolor is one of the coolest mediums to explore. All you have to do is begin by mixing colorful paints with the magical qualities of water for stunning, artistic results.

Watercolor Photoshop Action
This watercolor filter is one of our most popular Photoshop actions from Envato Elements

But if you don't have as much time on your hands, you can achieve the same realistic effects with just a Photoshop action! And we've put together a great selection of premium watercolor filters and add-ons to help give your photos and designs cool watercolor textures.

Hand-picked from the latest assets to hit Envato Elements and Envato Market, these Adobe watercolor actions are incredibly easy to use, even if you're a beginner to Adobe Photoshop. Want to see these effects in action? We've tried a few out! 

Envato Elements: Get the Best Photoshop Effects (With Unlimited Use)

Envato Elements is our subscription-based marketplace. This means that for a low monthly price, you can go there and download as many Photoshop watercolor styles as you need. We've got thousands of Photoshop actions, add-ons, and all the digital assets you may need.

Get unlimited downloads of Adobe Photoshop watercolor effects in Envato Elements
Get unlimited downloads of Adobe Photoshop watercolor effects in Envato Elements

This is a great offer if you're a photographer, graphic designer, digital artist, avid Photoshop user, or if you're in any creative field and constantly work with design software. 

15 Top Adobe Photoshop Watercolor Effects to Get From Envato Elements

Let me share with you some of the coolest Adobe watercolor actions we've got. You'll be creating cool watercolor paintings in no time after you see this selection.

1. Aquarelle Watercolor Painting Photoshop Action (ABR, ATN, PAT)

Aquarelle Watercolor Painting Photoshop Action

Have you ever wanted to create cool watercolor paintings in a fraction of the time? Now it's possible with this unique watercolor action, which is based on traditional watercolor techniques and will turn your images into works of art. The Adobe watercolor action works great on landscapes, architecture, buildings, and still life. 

2. Miniaturum - Watercolor Sketch Photoshop Action (ABR, ATN, PAT)

Miniaturum - Watercolor Sketch Photoshop Action

There are plenty of Photoshop watercolor styles to choose from at Envato. If you're looking for a minimalist or simpler look, this watercolor action for Photoshop CC will be great for you. The action is easy to use, and you'll have a stunning result.

3. Nostalgia - Old Watercolor Overlays (PSD, ABR)

Nostalgia - Old Watercolor Overlays

For those who love a vintage look, this Adobe Photoshop watercolor effect hits all the marks. You can turn your photos into old watercolor framed pictures in seconds. The Photoshop watercolor filter plugin comes with 11 frames, six old paper textures, and more.

4. Watercolor Photoshop Action (ABR, ATN)

Watercolor Photoshop Action

Get this unique watercolor action and create cool watercolor paintings in a few clicks. It's one of our most popular Photoshop watercolor filter plugins because it's really easy to apply.

5. Artistic Watercolor Photoshop Action (ABR, ATN, PAT)

Artistic Watercolor Photoshop Action

This watercolor action for Photoshop CC quickly transforms your photos into contemporary creative watercolor artworks. The watercolor filter works best with figures, models, inanimate objects, and other photos. The final composition is fully layered and provides plenty of customization options.

6. Watercolor Magic Volume 1 (ABR, PAT, ASL, AI, EPS, PSD)

Watercolor Magic Volume 1

Now, if you need a really complete Adobe watercolor action bundle, this is a great option. This watercolor splash generator comes with 15 realistic Photoshop watercolor styles, 25 handmade brushes, 15 seamless patterns, 31 hand-drawn vectors, and the ability to combine them all with minimal effort.

7. Lively Photoshop Action (ABR)

Lively Photoshop Action

Want a cool effect like the result below? Just use the incredible Lively Photoshop action. Mix and match colorful watercolor textures with a cool sketch effect for one insane result.

8. AquaFlow Watercolor Generator (ABR, AI, ASL, EPS, PAT, PNG)

AquaFlow Watercolor Generator

You don't need a photo to enjoy the lovely benefits of watercolor art. Try this watercolor generator, for instance, which allows you to create awesome, realistic textures for your shapes, logos, and text. You'll also get a bonus of over 150 hand-crafted vector illustrations to take your work to the next level. Try it out!

9. Modernum - Watercolor Art Photoshop Action (ATN)

Modernum - Watercolor Art Photoshop Action

Transform your travel photography with fantastic watercolor effects! The Modernum action does all the work for you by applying highly detailed watercolor filters to your photos. Customize your work even further by playing with the ten different color presets available.

10. Watercolor and Pencil Action for Adobe Photoshop (ATN)

Watercolor and Pencil Action for Photoshop

Many artists lay down their watercolor illustrations with a bit of pencil work first. And you can achieve the same workflow with this lovely Photoshop action. Get started with your favorite image before applying a number of presets. You'll love this unique look!

11. Watercolor Photoshop Action (ABR, ATN, PAT)

Watercolor Photoshop Action

Turn your selfies into magical watercolor royalty with this superb Photoshop action. Designed for portraits and more, this action comes as a well-structured file that is easy to customize. Get access to high-quality brushes and patterns, all in one file.

12. Painter Photoshop Action (ABR, ATN, PAT)

Painter Photoshop Action

Create imaginative editorials with this awesome Painter Photoshop action. This action contains ten color effects that are fully layered and organized for hassle-free productions. Achieve countless watercolor results with one well-rounded action. Check it out!

13. Watercolor Scene Text Mockups (PSD)

Watercolor Scene Text Mockups

Step up your social media game with this series of watercolor text mockups. These easy-to-use templates feature fully editable smart objects positioned in realistic painting scenarios. Just switch out the text with the message you want, and adjust the colors to fit your needs.

14. HyperFuze Photoshop Action (ATN)

HyperFuze Photoshop Action

Pump up the energy in your flyers and posters with the superb HyperFuze action. Explore fantastic watercolor textures mixed with neon colors and glowing graphics! This action is best used with versions CS3 and above, so make sure you have the latest software before downloading. Enjoy!

15. Valentinum - Sweethearts Photoshop Action (ABR, ATN)

Valentinum - Sweethearts Photoshop Action

Celebrate love with this romantic Photoshop action. Designed for romance and inspiring holidays, this action creates a cutesy watercolor effect with bonus heart shapes. Surprise your friends and family with your edits, or create a unique greeting card. Try out different effects!

GraphicRiver: Best Source for Photoshop Effects (Get One at a Time)

On the other hand, if a subscription isn't your thing and you prefer to buy digital assets one at a time, then our single-purchase market place is the perfect option for you.

Choose from our variety of unique watercolor effects in Graphicriver
Choose from our variety of unique watercolor effects available at GraphicRiver

Browse through hundreds of Photoshop watercolor filter plugins and buy them when you need them. We offer premium items with the highest quality in our Envato marketplaces.

10 Best Photoshop Watercolor Styles From GraphicRiver

To show you what I mean, here are some of our best watercolor splash generators and actions available in our single-purchase marketplace:

1. Watercolor Creation Kit (ABR, PAT, ATN)

Watercolor Creation Kit

This stunning watercolor action for Photoshop CC is one of the best you'll find. What makes this unique watercolor effect stand out is that you can choose from various texture presets. All the textures were hand-painted, scanned, and converted into seamless patterns. Apply the effect to your entire photo or reveal only the areas you want. Use it to create the most realistic and cool watercolor paintings.

2. TechnicalArt Photoshop Action (ABR, ATN, PAT)

TechnicalArt Photoshop Action

With this bundle pack, you've got a selection of watercolor and traditional art effects and textures, all in a handy action! Check out how this was created in our tutorial on How to Make a Watercolor Effect in Photoshop.

3. ColoreeXign Art Photoshop Action (ABR, ATN, PAT)

ColoreeXign Art Photoshop Action

Make cool portraits with the simple click of a button! This gorgeous action creates magical, watercolor-themed portraits complete with realistic textures, splashes, and more!

4. Watercolor Oil Paint Photoshop Action (ABR, ATN, PAT)

Watercolor Oil Paint Photoshop Action

Make the most out of your wildlife photography with this beautiful Photoshop action. Mixing two creative mediums in one, this action gives your photos that watercolor and oil painting look! Just open any image you want, and run the action to play with different effects.

5. Solid Watercolor Photoshop Action (ABR, ATN, PAT)

Solid Watercolor Photoshop Action

Architects often use watercolor as a creative medium for their architectural drawings. Get that same stunning, professional look with this watercolor Photoshop action. Choose any high-resolution image you want, and then apply the action. Give it a try!

6. MixDxign Watercolor Art Photoshop Action (ABR, ATN, PAT) 

MixDxign Watercolor Art Photoshop Action

Change any object, building, or special memory into a colorful watercolor painting! This action from MixDxign lets you scale, rotate, and even blur your designs for fabulous results. Just download the action to get access to a wide variety of color effects and controls.

7. Papyrum - Vintage Grunge Photoshop Action (ABR, ATN, PAT)

Papyrum - Vintage Grunge Photoshop Action

Pay respect to our creative ancestors with this clever Papyrum Photoshop action. Designed to look like a recreation of vintage water and ink drawings, this action saves you valuable time by creating the effect in seconds! Get highly detailed results that look as if they were made on papyrus paper.

8. Oily Watercolor Paint Photoshop Action (ABR, ATN)

Oily Watercolor Paint  PS Action

Combine the look of two popular mediums for an extraordinary effect! This oily watercolor Photoshop action creates highly detailed results with one straightforward action. It's been specially made for photographers, designers, and artists, so use it to access your fullest creative potential. Give it a try!

9. Watercolor Vector Photoshop Action (ABR, ATN)

Watercolor Vector Photoshop Action

Achieve a watercolor plus vector effect with one simple action. Great for beginners, this Photoshop action applies cool textures to your photography for amazing looks. Just paint over the area you would like to apply the action, and press play! So easy!

10. Creative Masking Kit - Watercolor Brushes (ABR, PSD)

Creative Masking Kit

Check out this set of 102 hand-crafted watercolor brushes for Photoshop. We also have a tutorial to accompany this to see how the brushes were created.

Learn More About Photoshop Actions

Are you a Photoshop beginner user? Don't worry, we've got you covered. Check out these cool resources to learn more about Photoshop actions.

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I'm sure you feel inspired to try the Photoshop watercolor filter plugins I showed you. But in case you need more Photoshop actions and tutorials, I've got some cool resources for you:

Show Us Your Watercolor Designs!

Tried any of these assets? Let us know! Tell us your favorite watercolor effects in the comments below.

This has been a collection of premium resources perfect for the avid designer. For more Photoshop watercolor styles and watercolor splash generators, check out Envato Elements and Envato Market, or enlist the help of our talented professionals at Envato Studio. Happy designing!

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