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50 Free Photoshop Actions for Black and White Photography (And How to Make Your Own)


Everyone loves a freebie, so we’ve made a roundup of 50 of the best black and white Adobe Photoshop actions available for free.

Premium Black and White Photoshop Actions

If you browse our extensive list and still find you want more, then here are some of our favourite Envato Elements actions. Subscribing to Elements means you have unlimited access to these and much more, so you can download until your heart’s content.


Recreate pinhole colour grading techniques with this carefully crafted set, created by a team of award-winning photographers.

Pinhole - available on Envato Elements

Black White

31 black and white Photoshop actions for professional photographers or graphic designers. Bring your images to life using powerful tools professional methods.

Black White - available on Envato Elements


A collection of 16 non-destructive, black and white actions from vintage to contemporary.

Carbonium - available on Envato Elements

Black and White Pro

Create professional looking images with plenty of punch and save time while you’re doing it.  

black and white pro
Black and White Pro - available on Envato Elements


Charcoal is a set of three Photoshop actions that give your images a retro/vintage black and white look.

Charcoal - available on Envato Elements

How to Make Your Own Black and White Photoshop Actions

If you want to get into making your own, Melody Nieves has a great article that covers the basics of creating Photoshop actions as well as offering some really helpful tips. If, however, you’re completely new to actions, Kirk Nelson’s course, Building Your Own Actions in Adobe Photoshop, is the best place to start.

Harry Guinness's article on actions for custom photography workflows adds refinements for the particular needs of photographers. Jackson Couse's tutorial on process order gives insight into the best way to structure your photography post-production workflow.

As for black and white, we've got tutorials and courses aplenty.

50 Free Black and White Adobe Photoshop Actions

  1. Aged Black and White – Convert your photographs to black and white, giving them a subtle vintage or aged feel.
  2. 5 Free Black & White Photo Actions – A pack of 5 actions including high contrast, and faded effects.
  3. Old Black and White – A stark and effective black and white treatment.
  4. Bold Black and White - This Photoshop action will turn your colour photos into bold and impressive black & whites.
  5. Black and White – A set of 6 actions including effects with a blue tinge, and a white glow.
  6. Black and White Effect – A high-contrast black and white convertor.
  7. Vintage Black and White – A matte, retro look for your photographs.
  8. Black and White - This action converts your pictures to B&W using a technique by Russel Preston Brown.
  9. Black and White Photoshop Action – A free sample from a set of 10, quickly convert your images to black and white.
  10. Silver – Perfect for giving your landscapes a beautiful, silvery tone.
  11. Old Black and White – An aged, black and white effect with a subtle matte finish.
  12. Black and White Sepia – A black and white converter with a slight, dark-gold twist.
  13. 20 Free Black and White Photoshop Actions – A set of 20 stylish black and white effects including film noir and selenium effects.
  14. 37 Free Photoshop Actions – Among this pack are some cracking black and white actions, including an ultra-matte effect and a high contrast process.
  15. Pure Black and White – An adjustable, clean black and white action.
  16. Black and White – A solid black and white converter.
  17. 22 Awesome Black and White Actions – Embrace the joy of monochrome with this great bundle.
  18. Weekend BW – Graded with 5 colours and sensitive to skin tones, this action is perfect for portraits.
  19. Black and White Action – A grainy, fashion inspired black and white action.
  20. Bold Black and White – Easily convert your images to bold black and white.
  21. B&W Conversions – A pack of 6 black and white converters with varying effects.
  22. Black N White Tones – 7 different black and white tones.
  23. Great Black and White Effect – A stylised black and white effect.
  24. Veiled Monochrome – A matte, vintage look.
  25. Black and White Effect – A low contrast, matte look.
  26. Blackwhite Effect – A matte look with focused areas of high contrast.
  27. Black and White Effect – A stylish, monochrome convertor.
  28. High Contrast Black and White – A high-contrast black and white action.
  29. NoiseLess Black and White – High contrast effect with the option to add grain.
  30. Detailed B-n-W – A set of actions designed to pop detail from your photograph.
  31. Black and White Noisy, High Key Effect – A high-key look with added noise
  32. Black and White Retro – A retro, film look.
  33. Black and White Effect – A low-key, matte effect.
  34. HolgaRoid Generator BW – Mimics the look of a black and white Polaroid.
  35. White and Black – A pack of actions including subtle colour overlays.
  36. Cold Tones – A pack of actions designed to convert to black and white with the option of added cool tones.
  37. Black and White Action – A high-contrast black and white effect.
  38. Black and White Actions – A pack of 6 actions to convert your images to black and white.
  39. BW Photoshop Actions – 3 actions of varying tones and contrast.
  40. Black and White Action – A high contrast or matte finish.
  41. Photoshop Action #09 – A simple, high-contrast black and white.
  42. Black and White Wedding – 20 professionally designed black and white actions.
  43. Shifted – Convert your photos to black and white with a hint of coloured tone.
  44. Film Noir – An old, cinematic look.
  45. Black and White Effect – A set of 4 options including a greyscale effect.
  46. Classy Set – A set of 5 actions from a basic converted to an aged, matte look.
  47. Dramatic – A clean, dramatic look for your black and white photos.
  48. The Dark Jungle Effect – A dark, grainy effect with plenty of atmosphere.
  49. Vintage – A vintage look with a sepia tone.
  50. Black and White – A simple action with an optional touch of blue.

Recap & Keep Learning

This article shares some of our favourite freebies, but if you'd like to get more actions or just learn about Photoshop in general, then here are some links you might find useful.

  1. Envato Elements has a wealth of Photoshop actions for you to enjoy.
  2. We have a number of great tutorials dedicated to Adobe Photoshop.
  3. If you have a little more time to spare, we have some great courses to help you become a Photoshop expert in no time.

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