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15 Free Photoshop Light Leak Actions and Overlays


The vintage film look has made its comeback in force with free light leaks! The light leak effect was commonly created by openings (leaks) in film cameras. Light trickling through the body would prematurely expose film, leading to some brilliant looks in the final photo.

Light leaks commonly show as bands of bright, colorful streaks over the top of your image. 

light leak overlay example
Light leak look by Richard (PJ) Lambert.

As the film style has made its way into the digital era, so too have simulated light leaks! In this tutorial, I'll show you a combination of free and premium light leak photo overlays in Adobe Photoshop.

Download Light Leak Photoshop Actions

If you want to create realistic effects with a light leak photo overlay, check out what Envato Elements has to offer. Envato Elements is an all-you-can-download creative buffet of assets, templates, and graphics for your projects.

The Elements assets are hand selected and reviewed, so you can spend less time searching for files and more time on the project at hand.

Light leak actions on Envato Elements

Elements includes an impressive collection of light leaks for Photoshop. If you purchase a subscription to Elements, you can download and keep Photoshop actions, Lightroom presets, and so much more. 

Check out these film light leaks, included with an Elements subscription:

FilterGrade Light Leaks Photoshop Actions S1 (ATN)

FilterGrade Light Leaks Photoshop

If you want a pack of light leaks for Photoshop, we recommend the FilterGrade series. This pack includes 20 film light leaks. There's also a useful help file if you don't know how to install actions. It's hard to match this quality with a free light package for Photoshop.

FilterGrade Light Leaks Photoshop Actions S2 (ATN)

FilterGrade Photoshop Leaks

Here is another pack of film light leaks from FilterGrade. It also has 20 Photoshop leaks that work with a single click. On top of the free support and updates, you can also find video tutorials to get you started with your film burn effect for Photoshop.

Bokeh & Light Leaks Backgrounds (JPG)

Light Leak Overlay

Need a light leak photo overlay? How about 15 of them? This Photoshop leaks pack also includes bokeh effects for eye-catching photo edits. These film light leaks add a retro touch without losing touch of the modern side of your photos. Try them out! They're a nice substitute for a free light leak overlay for Photoshop.

Free Light Leak Actions

If you're looking for free light leak overlays for Photoshop, I've created a roundup of 15 of the best free light leaks and styles from around the web.

These links are a mix of actions (one-click styles to add light leaks) and light leak photo overlays, which are images you overlay on top of your own photo. Check the instructions on each page for how to use any of the free light packages for Photoshop.

Free Light Leak Photoshop Actions from Sivioco

Free Light Package Photoshop

This free light package for Photoshop includes five actions.

Brusheezy - Lomo Light Leaks

Brusheezy Free Photoshop Overlays for Photographers

There are 71 free Photoshop overlays for photographers included in this pack.

Brusheezy - Prestalgia Retro Action Effects

Prestalgia Free Light Leaks

Try out the ten actions in this free light package for Photoshop.

Friabrisa Light Leak 

Friabrisa Light Streak Photoshop Action Free

Friabrisa is a cool option if you've been hunting for free light leaks online.

pstutorialsws Actions

Pstutorialsws Free Light Package Photoshop

The pstutorialsws free film burn effect for Photoshop has a very authentic, realistic look.

Sivioco Light Leaks

Sivioco Free Light Leaks

Here's a pack of five Photoshop leaks that are free to download and use.

Spoon Graphics - Free Light Leak Texture Pack

Spoon Graphics Free Photoshop Overlays For Photographers

Spoon Graphics has a huge pack of 15 free Photoshop overlays for photographers.

Photographypla.net - Free Vintage Light Leak

Photographyplanet Light Streak Photoshop Action Free

Photography Planet has released this pack of light streak Photoshop actions for free.

Shutter Pulse - Free Vintage Light Leak Action

Shutter Pulse Free Light Leak Photoshop Action

Try out this light streak Photoshop action for free. An email address is required.

PresetPro - Free Photoshop Light Leak

PresetPro Light Streak Photoshop Action Free

This subtle light streak Photoshop action is free from the link above.

Loaded Landscapes - Free Action

Loaded Landscapes Light Leak Film Burn Effect Photoshop

If you want Photoshop leaks for free, check out this option from Loaded Landscapes.

Coffee Shop Artistic Light Leak

Free Film Burn Effect Photoshop

The artistic results of this free light streak Photoshop action make your photos look great.

Photoshop Tutorials - 24 Ultra Fade and Light Leak

Light Leaks Photoshop

You can download 12 free Photoshop overlays for photographers above.

CoffeeShop Light Leak

Coffeeshop Free Light Leak Overlay Photoshop

CoffeeShop has another excellent free light leak overlay for Photoshop with this one.

Creative Tacos - 4 Free Light Leaks

Creative Tacos Free Light Leaks

This pack of free light leaks is from Creative Tacos. The quality is great for free actions.

Make Your Own Film Burn Effect in Photoshop

If Do-it-Yourself is more your speed, then you'll love this film burn effect for Photoshop tutorial. Envato Tuts+ can walk you through the steps of creating an awesome light leak effect on your own. You can also find it as a video guide from our YouTube channel.

Recap & Keep Learning

This tutorial helped you find some of the best-looking and easiest-to-use premium and free light leak overlays for Adobe Photoshop.

If you want to try out other creative styles for your images with actions, check out these tutorials:

How do you build a Photoshop light leak look? Let me know in the comments.

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