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42 Best Photoshop Illustration Actions (From Photo to Illustration)

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Photoshop actions allow you to turn a photo into an illustration with almost no effort. This list of the best Photoshop illustrations actions includes a great variety of different styles of illustration effects, from a classical watercolor to a risograph-styled work of art.

VectorArt Photoshop Action

If you want to create beautiful and attractive images for your social media profiles, Photoshop actions could be a great and useful tool to save time and money. The useful Photo to Illustration Actions at Envato Elements provide you with a large number of painting effects so that you can find the right one for your purposes.

Unlimited Photoshop Illustration Actions From Envato Elements

photo to illustration actions add-ons on Envato Elements

Envato Elements is the perfect place to find design resources and smart Photoshop tools for any design project. With our subscription, you can download as many resources as you need for a reasonable price. So let's take a look at the best Photoshop illustration actions at Envato Elements.

42 Best Photoshop Illustration Actions (From Photo to Illustration)

1. Newspaper Art Photoshop Action

Newspaper Art Photoshop Action

This photo illustration action adds an amazing atmosphere to your photo and converts it into a true work of art. You could easily create amazing posters with an inspirational look. Save your time and add this effect to your collection of Photoshop tools.

2. Retro Illustration Photoshop Action

Retro Illustration Photoshop Action

Retro Photoshop effects could be a great tool for creating inspiring illustrations from your photos. This Retro Illustration Photoshop Action can help you to create a professional artistic effect with sketch, watercolor, and retro styles. The final result is fully customizable, so you can easily change the colors and elements of your illustration.

3. Impasto Oil Paint Photoshop Action

Impasto Oil Paint Photoshop Action

If you are looking for a more "classical painting" Photoshop effect, the Impasto Oil Paint Photoshop Action is the right tool for you. It helps you to transform your photos into hand-painted oil works of art in a few simple clicks. Besides the amazing and realistic painting effect, it also gives you 20 color presets to apply with a single click.

4. Aquarelle Watercolor Photoshop Action

Aquarelle Watercolor Photoshop Action

Another Photoshop illustration action with an outstanding end look is Aquarelle Watercolor Photoshop Action. With this Photoshop action, you can create a digital illustration in just one click. The final result is fully customizable, so you can play around with the elements of your illustration. 

5. Paint Splatter - Photoshop Actions

 Paint Splatter - Photoshop Actions

Another way to turn your image from a photo to an illustration is with the Paint Splatter Photoshop Actions set. This action can save you hours of work and automatically generate illustration elements. You can easily create a lot of variations of your artwork and create illustrations for your posters, flyers, or social media projects with no effort.

6. Hologram Photoshop Action

Hologram Photoshop Action

This Photoshop action illustration kit inspired by 80s aesthetics is a great tool for creating creative and colorful illustrations from your photos. This product comes with an organized folder structure and easy navigation, so it's easy to change the color or edit elements of your illustration.

7. Double Exposure Action

Double Exposure Action

If you need an instant eye-catching effect to grab attention for your post on social media, try to turn a photo into an illustration with a double exposure effect. This effect has been a trend for a few years because of its amazing visual aesthetics and almost endless creative possibilities.

8. Island Photoshop Action

Island Photoshop Action

Among many Photoshop effects, this one is really surprising and creative. Turn your portrait into an island illustration in a few simple steps. The final PSD file contains ten color effects and gives you a structured file with many layers and folders, so it's very easy to improve the final result.

9. Miniaturum - Watercolor Sketch Photoshop Action

Miniaturum - Watercolor Sketch Photoshop Action

Miniaturum is a cartoon action Photoshop effect, which gives your pictures the incredible artistic look of a watercolor sketch. The final result of this action is a highly detailed, fully customizable PSD file with a clean structure. Give it a try for your architecture photos.

10. Color Fusion Photoshop Actions

Color Fusion Photoshop Actions

Color Fusion is another cartoon Photoshop action that transforms your image into a colorful illustration. This Photoshop effect gives you a vibrant acrylic-painted artwork with an eye-popping color palette with just a couple of clicks.

11. Guardian 3 Photoshop Action

Guardian 3 Photoshop Action

This photo illustration effect is the best choice for creating illustrations for sport flyers and posters. The artworks created with this action include smoke, light, and cloud elements, which give your photo a dynamic look. It's extremely easy to use, and there's no need for professional design skills.

12. 80s Retro Poster Action

 80s Retro Poster Action

Here's another action for 80s lovers, with a lot of neon light and bright elements! The amazing vector art style 80s posters created with this action will grab the attention of fans of Stranger Things and other TV shows with 80s aesthetics.

13. Architecture Sketch and Blueprint Photoshop Action

Architecture Sketch and Blueprint Photoshop Action

Architecture Sketch and Blueprint Photoshop Action is a kit to help you convert a photo to a cartoon. It converts any photo into a professional-looking pencil sketch, and it also gives you a lot of possibilities for customization, as well as ten useful color presets. With this powerful kit, it's super easy to create blueprints and sketches in a few simple steps.

14. Storm Photoshop Action

Storm Photoshop Action

You can use Storm Photoshop Action to create realistic illustrations inspired by disaster films from any photo. It works perfectly with landscape photos and gives you ten color presets to find the right look for your artwork.

15. Eclipse Photoshop Action

Eclipse Photoshop Action

This Photoshop action is ideal for converting a photo to an illustration with a dark atmospheric look. This Photoshop effects set offers three different line widths and full control of the final design colors and elements. All you need to do is fill your subject and play the action!

16. Zombie Grime Art Photoshop Action

Zombie Grime Art Photoshop Action

This is my favorite cartoon Photoshop action for creating illustrations. This Photoshop effect inspired by the Instagram and Tumblr trend converts your photos into awesome zombie illustrations. It gives you customizable drip pattern parameters such as scale, translation, and texture variation. Use this action for your social media profiles and grab the attention of your followers!

17. Vector Painting CS6 & CC+ Photoshop Action

Vector Painting CS6  CC Photoshop Action

And here's another amazing vector art style illustration kit with a lot of creative possibilities. This non-destructive action with well-arranged layers and PNG shapes creates bright illustrations suitable for any purpose. You can easily create posters, banners, and avatars in a few simple clicks.

18. Halftone Photoshop Action

Halftone Photoshop Action

If you are a fan of pop art, take a look at the Halftone Photoshop Action. This Photoshop effect not only turns a photo into an illustration, but also offers four different halftone textures along with ten duotone color presets. 

19. Modern Poster Photoshop Action

Modern Poster Photoshop Action

A continuation of the best photo to illustration actions, this photo effect transforms your images into modern posters with geometric elements. This action not only gives you a fully layered final PSD file but also creates 15 one-click color presets.

20. 21 Pixel Art Photoshop Actions

21 Pixel Art Photoshop Actions

If you are a fan of retro pixel art or indie games with that pixelized look of the characters, try this cartoon action Photoshop effects pack. It contains 21 color palettes, from the Nintendo console to a trendy cyberpunk palette. Also, it gives you 11 different pixel sizes to choose from. Pixel art was never so easy to create!

21. Generative Geometric Art Photoshop Action

Generative Geometric Art Photoshop Action

Looking for a photo to illustration action with an abstract, geometric effect? Check out Generative Geometric Art Photoshop Action!  Every time you run this action, it gives you a unique result, so you could play around a lot with this one. The action comes with five different color variations and five main design elements.

22. Ink Monoprint Poster Photoshop Action

Ink Monoprint Poster Photoshop Action

Need a stylish black and white illustration? Try to turn your photo to an illustration with Ink Monoprint Photoshop Action. This action creates a unique design each time you play it. Imagine the possibilities of this action for creating illustrations for absolutely any purpose!

23. Risographia for Adobe Photoshop

Risographia for Adobe Photoshop

I've used this smart Photoshop tool a lot of times for creating different illustrations. It's a must-have product for every poster artist. Instantly create risograph illustrations, adjust the density of the effects, and control the colors. This item contains 16 main effects and an illustrated PDF guide. It will be super easy for you to create a risograph illustration in a few simple clicks.

24. 5 Premium Retro Action

5 Premium Retro Action

This set of Photoshop action illustration effects creates stunning artworks with a retro touch. The action includes five color variations of the main effect, and it can help you to find the right color for your designs. If you want to create some retro illustrations, give this action a try!

25. Disturb Intense Distortion Effect

Disturb Intense Distortion Effect

Produce high-quality illustrations in a few minutes with this amazing Photoshop action. Perfect for abstract posters, this action gives your photo that distorted and glitchy look.

26. Hope Pop Art Generator

Hope Pop Art Generator

This photo illustration action helps you achieve that retro pop art look inspired by the popular Obama Hope poster by Shepard Fairey. This action is easy to use and comes with four overlay paper textures that you can pick from. The final result is fully editable, so you can customize the poster any way you like.

27. Sketch Action

Sketch Action

Do you love traditional black and white pencil illustration sketches? This action is a great choice for you. Try out this lovely sketch action that produces hand-drawn illustrations from your photos. 

28. Magic Photoshop Action

Magic Photoshop Action

Here's another great Photoshop action with truly magical colors and design elements. You can turn a photo into an illustration complete with shining particles and bright lights in a few clicks. All you need to do is follow along with the text guide to see how it works.

29. Artista - Mixed Media Art Photoshop Action

Artista - Mixed Media Art Photoshop Action

Do you prefer mixed media art? Then try this next Photoshop action. Automatically generate many graphic elements to work with, combine them, and create lots of variations. Follow the detailed video instructions and create awesome illustrations.

30. Strokes Photoshop Action

Strokes Photoshop Action

This Photoshop action is great for creating colorful illustrations from any photo and has so many creative possibilities! All you need to do is brush the area on the photo which you want to turn into an illustration and hit the play button. The video tutorial included in this product will not only cover how to set it up in Photoshop but also give you a complete guide to customization techniques.

More Photo to Illustration Actions From GraphicRiver

Photo To Illustration Photoshop Add-ons from GraphicRiver

If you want to buy just one specific action instead of trying out several, then GraphicRiver may be a better option for you. You can download a single Photoshop action for one-time use for a low fee. Let's take a closer look at some of the top-quality illustration effects there. 

31. VectorArt Photoshop Action

VectorArt Photoshop Action

If you want to create a colorful illustration from your photo with an automatically generated striped background, then all you need to do is follow along with the quick video tutorial to see how this one works! VectorArt Photoshop Action is a cartoon Photoshop action with fully layered and customizable results.

32. Vintage Painting Action

Vintage Painting Action

Do you love both watercolor effects and vintage illustrations? Then you don't want to miss this Vintage Painting Action, which gives your image this hand-painted texture look. It's easy to use and comes with instructions and a premade PSD file with fully customizable smart filters.

33. Animated Instagram Stories Creative Portrait

Animated Instagram Stories Creative Portrait Action

If you like to create stunning Instagram stories, then you need to check out this amazing template! It not only converts your photo to a watercolor illustration sketch, but also creates a complex animation. You could easily save the final result to a video file and upload it to your Instagram account, or just save it as a static picture.

34. Retro Illustrations Photoshop Action

Retro Illustrations Photoshop Action

Have you ever wanted to travel in a time machine? This amazing Photoshop action can help you to turn your photos into retro illustrations in just a few minutes. This action automatically combines pencil drawing, brush strokes, and watercolor paints to create the realistic effect of a retro illustration.

35. Vector Sketch Photoshop Action

Vector Sketch Photoshop Action

Create an illustration and add a vector art style to your photo with Vector Sketch Photoshop Action. This action comes with ten color effects and a well-organized layer structure to improve the final result. It works perfectly both on Mac and PC and comes with detailed instructions.

36. Rough Sketch Photoshop Action

Rough Sketch Photoshop Action

Create rough illustration sketches with this cool Photoshop action. It generates ten sketch variations, so you can be sure that you find the one you like. This action comes with three paper textures to pick from that give it even more final look possibilities.

37. Paper Book Photoshop Action

Paper Book Photoshop Action

Looking for a fast way to turn your photo into an illustration with lots of different elements? Paper Book Photoshop Action creates a complex, abstract effect with an eye-popping look. Save hours of work using this one-click tool.

38. Mastro Line Art Photoshop Action

Mastro Line Art Photoshop Action

Create phenomenal, highly detailed line art illustrations with this action. This action is suitable for almost any photo, from portraits to architecture photos. Get this professional photo effect with ten color effects and a well-structured, fully editable final result.

39. Retro Poster Photoshop Action

Retro Poster Photoshop Action

If you are a fan of the Fallout game series, there is no way you can miss this illustration Photoshop action. Design impressive posters from any photo in a retro-futuristic style. Created for Photoshop versions CS3 and above, this action instantly creates a painted illustration with a vintage background.

40. Realistic Chalk Sketch and Drawing Effect

Realistic Chalk Sketch and Drawing Effect

Present your photo as an awesome chalk hand-drawn illustration! This Photoshop action includes one action, a brush set, and detailed instructions with screenshots. Check it out!

41. Engrave Photoshop Action

Engrave Photoshop Action

Do you love old engraving illustrations? Apply this engraving Photoshop action to your photo to get this impressive look. It's quick to apply this rich style to your images, and the results are easy to customize.

42. Colorful Illustrations Photoshop Action

Colorful Illustrations Photoshop Action

And last but not least, here's a Photoshop action illustration kit with lots of options for customization. Colorful Illustrations Photoshop Action allows you to create colorful illustrations with a dynamic look. Just follow the simple instructions to create this amazing effect.

Find the Best Photo to Illustration Action

Visit Envato Elements if you want to find the best Photoshop illustration action or if you need any other Photoshop resources like brushes, patterns, textures, and anything else to polish your illustration. Envato Elements offers unlimited downloads for a reasonable monthly fee.

If you prefer to pay per download, then check what GraphicRiver offers. Here you can find the best Photoshop action illustration kit assortment. In addition, there's a fantastic range of other Photoshop supplies, from backgrounds and textures to Photoshop addons and print templates.

Do you want to learn more about illustration actions or learn how to create a photo to illustration Photoshop action by yourself? Check out these helpful articles and tutorials below:

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