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10 Best Print-Inspired Halftone Effects (Color and Black-and-White) for Photoshop

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halftone effect is technique that makes an image from dots of different sizes and opacities. You might recognize this distinctive look from comic books and photos in newspaper.

In the digital era, you can apply the halftone effect to your existing photos, illustrations, or designs, and you don't have to be a designer to create your own halftone effect. Instead, apply Photoshop actions or pre-made textures that will help you skip ahead in the process.

One of my favorite places to grab this type of effect is from the library at Envato Elements. This all-you-can-download subscription service has the shortcuts you need to apply halftone effects.

In this round-up, we'll look at five Photoshop actions and five general purpose images that can help you apply a halftone effect to your files. Each of these brings a slightly different effect to the table.

5 Best Photoshop Halftone Effects

Photoshop actions are the one-click "easy buttons" for applying a style to an existing image. The selections below are a combination of actions and textures that each apply halftones easily.

1. Halftone Photoshop Actions

This is the classic pop-art style effect that can bring the halftone effect to an image with a single click. Download these actions and apply them to an existing image easily.

Halftone Photo Filter ActionHalftone Photo Filter ActionHalftone Photo Filter Action

2. Dot Grid Photoshop Actions

Here's another flexible option for applying a pseudo-halftone effect. You can even use a variety of actions inside this package to vary the size of the dots for complete creative control!

Dot Grid Photoshop ActionsDot Grid Photoshop ActionsDot Grid Photoshop Actions

3. 10 Special Effects

This is a package of ten different effects, but shines for its halftone effect included in the package. This takes more of a square halftone approach to the effect on your image.

10 Special Effects 10 Special Effects 10 Special Effects

4. Vintage Letterpress Text Effects Vol 1

This download includes a number of different text effects, including a really slick halftone texture you can apply to any typeface.

Vintage Letterpress EffectVintage Letterpress EffectVintage Letterpress Effect

5. 40 Halftone Illustration Brushes

Brushes are another way of applying the halftone effect, and these illustration brushes can help you integrate a halftone stone on any part of an image. Load these halftone brushes into Photoshop and brush it over an image to selectively add halftone details.

40 Halftone Illustration Brushes40 Halftone Illustration Brushes40 Halftone Illustration Brushes

5 Halftone Image Effects

Whether you use Photoshop or another app, the images in this section of the round-up are flexible enough to apply to many projects. These textures and pre-made images feature alpha channels so that you can use them with your existing projects.

1. Subtle Halftone Textures

This package is a great example of how helpful textures can be. This is a set of ten different halftones that you can overlay on any image in either EPS or PNG format.

Subtle Halftone TexturesSubtle Halftone TexturesSubtle Halftone Textures

2. Halftone Dots Texture Pack 10

Here's another vector texture that you can apply in practically any situation. Thanks to the vector format, scale the overlays up to any size and layer it onto any file to add the halftone effect.

Halftone Dots Texture Pack 10Halftone Dots Texture Pack 10Halftone Dots Texture Pack 10

3. Clean Vector Halftones

This halftone package is flexible and can be used for a variety of images, including the thumbnail for this tutorial! Because it's packaged as a vector-based Illustrator file, you can scale it up to any size and apply the halftone fade to any of your projects.

Clean Vector HalftonesClean Vector HalftonesClean Vector Halftones

4. Crumpled Paper Halftone Textures

This paper style effect still integrates the halftone effect but in a more organic way thanks to the layered paper textures. Try this out for a true paper effect with halftone printing styles for your content.

Crumpled Paper HalftonesCrumpled Paper HalftonesCrumpled Paper Halftones

5. Halftone Stains #1 Texture Pack

Halftone effects don't have to be clean and homogeneous. This package of halftone stains has an almost crime scene meets comic book effect. Drop these in for a touch of halftone without covering your image.

Halftone Stains Texture PackHalftone Stains Texture PackHalftone Stains Texture Pack

More Photoshop Actions in Action

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