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Magazine Design & Templates

Love magazine design? Learn everything you need to know about setting up your very own magazine while grabbing up many great templates from this list.

How to Create a Simple Magazine Template in Adobe InDesign
How to Create a Simple Magazine Template in Adobe InDesign

Get set up right with this awesome collection of beginner, intermediate and advanced tutorials for magazine lovers and creatives like you.

Magazine Quick Links

Need to skip to some of our most popular magazine tutorials instead? Check out these in-depth articles from our instructors.

How to Make Magazines: The Basics

What are the most important aspects of print design? And how do you format magazines properly? Get answers to these questions and more with these core lessons.

Easy Magazine Tutorials

Then dive into an easy magazine project with one of these helpful beginner tutorials. Understand the basics of print formats, creative design and more from our instructors.

More Magazine Tutorials

Now that you know the basics, challenge yourself with more magazine tutorials. Check out this next collection for great tips and resources.

Magazine Videos

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Here's what you'll see on the channel.

Creative Magazine Layout Design


Magazine design is trending big around the world! Tap in now to get access to helpful information for your very own magazine with this course from instructor . Learn how to combine stunning images and assets for a full magazine and cover.

Adobe InDesign for Beginners

Or brush up on your Adobe InDesign knowledge with this in-depth course from instructor . During this course, you'll learn how to make a four-page brochure while covering the essentials of working with Adobe InDesign.

More Magazine Videos

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Premium Magazine Resources

Don't forget, you can always shop for amazing premium resources to speed up your work. Check out these fantastic magazine templates from Envato Market and Envato Elements.

Further Recommended Reading

Need more fun reading material? Get tons of magazine inspiration from the following articles. Here are a few similar topics we recommend.

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