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30 Best Stylish InDesign Magazine Templates (New for 2021)


You still have time to set your goals for 2021. How about building your own magazine? Discuss expert advice and more with your very own magazine layout. Check out these new stylish magazine templates for 2021.

modern magazine template
Get this clean and modern magazine template from Envato Elements

An InDesign magazine template can transform your ideas into actual business plans in less time than you think. So we're bringing you another amazing list of magazine templates inspired by famous publications from around the world.

Enjoy easy-to-use templates that you can edit fast for the best results. Get access to modern, premium InDesign magazine designs from the creators at Envato Market and Envato Elements.

Love a challenge? Try your hand at magazine design using these tips from Grace Fussell.

Where to Find the Best InDesign Magazine Templates in 2021 (With Unlimited Use)

Do you need to renew your magazine's design? Do you want to create a new magazine? Are you looking for the best digital assets for your publication? Then Envato Elements is the best place to go. 

Enjoy unlimited InDesign magazine templates from Envato Elements
Enjoy unlimited InDesign magazine templates from Envato Elements

For a low monthly fee, enjoy unlimited InDesign magazine templates. On Envato Elements, you can also download the best graphic templates, fonts, Photoshop add-ons, royalty-free photos, and more.

15+ Best InDesign Magazine Templates From Envato Elements

Reinvigorate your dreams with clean, stylish designs. Enjoy this selection of creative magazine article templates below.

1. Fashion Magazine Template (INDD)

Fashion magazine template

This InDesign magazine template immediately stands out. Its clean and minimal design will make your content pop. This magazine design works great for fashion magazines. The InDesign template features:

  • two sizes: A4 and US letter
  • 40 unique pages
  • paragraph and character styles
  • 5 mm bleed
  • print ready
  • 300 DPI 

2. Food Magazine Template (INDD)

food magazine template

Looking for an InDesign magazine template for your food magazine? This is the one for you. This magazine template features a clean design with plenty of white space and strong typography. Your food or restaurant magazine will look clean and professional. This template also features:

  • US Letter size
  • 15 unique pages
  • character style
  • landscape style
  • easy to customize
  • CMYK 300 DPI

3. Modern InDesign Magazine Template (INDD) 

modern magazine template

If you need a magazine design to stand out from everyone else, this magazine template is for you. 

The white space, image masks, and attractive lines will surprise and attract readers. This InDesign magazine template features:

  • two sizes: A4 and US Letter
  • 30 unique pages
  • based on 12 column grid
  • paragraph style
  • master pages
  • images, text, and background on separate layers
  • print ready
  • 300 DPI

4. Stylish Magazine Template (INDD)

Stylish Magazine Template

Looking for a design with fun pops of color and an interesting layout design? Look no further; this template might be right up your alley! This A4 sized design includes 25 different layouts. Easily add your own content, customize the colors, and make it your own.

5. Nomad Magazine Template (INDD)

Nomad Magazine Template

Are you always on the go? Make an impact with this stylish magazine cover template. This multipurpose template features 32 pages along with two cover designs. The images are also included! But feel free to update them with your own stylish options. 

6. InDesign Magazine Template (INDD)

InDesign Magazine Template

Save valuable time creating your own magazine! This next InDesign template will look great on local newsstands! It features a clean and minimal aesthetic with quirky fonts that are all free! A tutorial is also included for more help.

7. Lifestyle InDesign Magazine Template (INDD)

Lifestyle InDesign Magazine Template

This next multipurpose template lets you switch between two creative covers. Best suited for lifestyle subjects, this InDesign magazine template is just gorgeous. Create a jaw-dropping cover yourself using landscape photography like the images below. 

8. Business Magazine Template (INDD)

Business Magazine Template

Designed with businesses in mind, this template is clean, sophisticated, and ready for your content. In fact, you get 40 custom pages included with this template, so there's plenty to see and customize to make this one the perfect fit for your project.

9. Traveling Magazine (INDD)

Traveling Magazine

Where will your next travel destination be? Bring your audience along with this exciting magazine template. This template is formatted with a standard A4 size, paragraph styles, and even free fonts! Check out the helpful instructional guide for more information. 

10. InDesign Magazine Template (INDD)

InDesign Magazine Template

Bring out your passion with a brilliant magazine template. Fit for any type of industry, this InDesign template is print ready and well designed. Enjoy access to free fonts and more in one amazing download. Great for beginners!

11. InDesign Magazine Template (INDD)

InDesign Magazine Template

You can learn a lot about the world through the history of architecture. Share your interests in design and more with this lovely magazine layout template. Made specifically for InDesign users, this template includes 26 unique layouts that are ready to go. Check it out!

12. Colorful Magazine Template (INDD, EPS)

Magazine Template

How about a fun splash of color and geometry for your next design project? This template is both fun and versatile; mix and match 14 different pages, add your photos, change colors, and choose between US Letter and A4 sizes.

13. Multipurpose Magazine Template (INDD)

Multipurpose Magazine Template

This stylish, multipurpose magazine template includes 40 pages and uses free fonts, so you can download them and jump right in. The cover is also premade, so you have the choice of a quick and ready design or a starting point for something new!

14. InDesign Magazine Column Template (INDD)

InDesign Magazine Template

What will be the next greatest cover story? Explore the stories around you with this fantastic InDesign magazine template. This template includes print-ready files with file information and so much more. Check it out!

15. InDesign Magazine Template (INDD)

InDesign Magazine Template

Travel through the eyes of families everywhere! Create a stylish magazine using a fun template like this one. Just drag and drop your own pictures into the modern design for a quick update that's ready to print. Get high-resolution files and additional support. 

16. InDesign Tablet Magazine Template (INDD)

InDesign Tablet Magazine Template

Many people are moving to digital these days. That's why a tablet magazine template is also handy as an alternative option. This one, for example, works on both Apple and Windows and includes fully editable Adobe InDesign files. Add it to your arsenal today!

17. Moore Blank Magazine Cover Template (INDD)

Moore Blank Magazine Cover Template

Building a great magazine takes time. Explore many creative options with this InDesign magazine template. Although the images below aren't included, you'll still get access to 32 layouts and two cover options. Try it out for tech, business, and lifestyle magazines. 

10+ Best InDesign Magazine Templates From GraphicRiver

On the other hand, if you need a single InDesign magazine template, we've got you covered. Browse through the library of premium magazine templates from GraphicRiver and get the one you love. 

Get InDesign magazine templates one at a time from GraphicRiver
Get InDesign magazine templates one at a time from GraphicRiver

There are over 3,000 InDesign magazine templates to choose from on Envato Market. Here's a hand-picked selection of the best ones:

1. The Magazine Template (INDD)

The Magazine Template

Remember to add compelling images to your covers like this next awesome template. This magazine cover template is available in a convenient InDesign format with 24 custom pages that are simple to update. A help file is also included for more instruction.

2. Sweet Magazine Template (INDD)

Sweet Magazine Template

Got a sweet tooth for adventure? Create a professional, high-quality magazine layout with this stunning InDesign template. This download features a fun and colorful design that is easy to adapt to nearly any subject. Customize 29 pages of inspiring layouts with the latest versions of Adobe InDesign.

3. Magazine Template (INDD, PSD)

Magazine Template

The beauty of minimalist templates is that they give your work more room to shine. And this next magazine page template is compatible with both Adobe InDesign and Photoshop. You can change nearly any layer or item and customize it even further for a whole new look. 

4. InDesign Magazine Template (INDD)

InDesign Magazine Template

Create the cover of your dreams with this magazine template. Featuring a classic design, this template includes 41 pages of print-ready layouts you'll be happy to use. Just drag and drop your images to get the most out of this template. 

5. Business Magazine (INDD)

Business Magazine

Drive your business to success with this magazine layout template. Great for budding entrepreneurs, this magazine is print ready and fully customizable. Enjoy the sophisticated business look with 24 pages you can update yourself. Try it out!

6. Explore Magazine (INDD)

Explore Magazine

Explore every part of the world with a travel magazine. Invite your readers to new and wonderful places without ever leaving their homes! This beautiful template features four different cover options and more. Try out new styles with just the click of a button! 

7. SANDVIKA Magazine Template (INDD)

SANDVIKA Magazine Template

Appreciate the beauty of minimalist design with this stunning zine template. Perfect for fashion and lifestyle professionals, this template includes 48 pages designed for editorials, artwork, and so much more. Add it to your collection today!

8. Sport Magazine Template (INDD)

Sport Magazine

Are you a sports fan? Discuss the latest stats and more with a pre-designed magazine cover template. This template is compatible with Adobe InDesign CS4 and above, so some experience will be required. A helpful user guide is also included to help get you started. 

9. InDesign Magazine Template (INDD)

InDesign Magazine Template

Your creativity knows no bounds! So curate a passionate publication with a creative design. This magazine article template is simple and easy to use. It comes in a standard A4 size with 25 pages and color swatches ready. Add your revisions for less than $20!

10. Multipurpose InDesign Magazine Template (INDD)

Multipurpose InDesign Magazine Template

Blend beautiful monochromatic tones with bold colors! This multipurpose InDesign template is compatible with versions CS4 and above. Two cover alternatives are included as well as links to free fonts. Update it fast with your unique style!

11. Magazine Template (INDD, PSD)

Magazine Template

Have you considered a stylish, lookbook aesthetic for your layout? This next magazine article template is modern and efficient. It includes automatic page numbering and a full set of creative layouts for your best content. Make your work shine with this template!

12. Helvetica InDesign Magazine Template (INDD)

Helvetica InDesign Magazine Template

Highlight your love for writing with this brilliant Helvetica magazine template. Featuring 32 uniquely-styled pages, this template also includes two cover alternatives. Easily swap out the main images for any photos you prefer. 

13. Fashion Magazine Template (INDD)

Fashion Magazine Template

How will your publication look next to a cup of coffee? Imagine the possibilities with this creative fashion magazine template. Made especially for professionals in the fashion and lifestyle industries, this template consists of 32 pages that are all fully editable. Check it out!

Discover More Magazine Templates

Are you one step closer to your dreams? Design for success using this list of helpful premium goodies. Download these templates to explore new ways to present your content.

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This has been a selection of premium resources perfect for the avid creator. For more magazine templates, check out Envato Market and Envato Elements, or enlist the help of our talented designers at Envato Studio. Happy creating!

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