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24 Best InDesign ePublishing Templates (Digital Magazines & eBooks)

Have an idea for a new eBook? Make it happen with this exclusive collection of ePublishing templates.

24 Best InDesign ePublishing Templates

You can learn just about anything from the internet. From eBooks to online shows, digital media is changing how we learn.

Do you love writing? Now you can create your very own eBook using high-quality InDesign templates from Envato Market and Envato Elements.

Designed by creators just like you, these professional magazine templates feature impressive, modern layouts that are sure to draw readers in!

New to design? Make a custom eBook with one of our instructors! Check out this great starter InDesign tutorial from Grace Fussell.

Sensitive E-Magazine Template

Gather your best stories together for an inspiring e-magazine. This template is clean and minimal. Its design features a grid and column-based layouts along with incredible free fonts. Get access to the beautiful, premade magazine cover you can customize yourself.

Sensitive E-Magazine TemplateSensitive E-Magazine TemplateSensitive E-Magazine Template

Minimalist eBook / Workbook Template

Sometimes, less is more. Try out this minimalist template for effortless eBook elegance.

Minimalist eBook TemplateMinimalist eBook TemplateMinimalist eBook Template

The Digital Newspaper Template

Calling all reporters! Help keep good journalism around with this vintage-inspired e-newspaper template. This InDesign template design is based on famous vintage newspapers and looks just like the real thing. Suitable for Adobe InDesign CS4 and above.

The Digital Newspaper TemplateThe Digital Newspaper TemplateThe Digital Newspaper Template

Melville Tablet InDesign Template

Easily switch your content from landscape to portrait orientation with this tablet InDesign template. Packed with amazing features, this download includes two cover options and more. An ad template is also included as a creative marketing alternative.

Melville Tablet InDesign TemplateMelville Tablet InDesign TemplateMelville Tablet InDesign Template

Real Estate eBook Template

Share your secrets to real estate success with this brilliant eBook template. This high-quality download features professionally designed files that are RGB and animation ready. Enjoy the wonderful landscape orientation layouts for your new digital brochure.

Real Estate Ebook TemplateReal Estate Ebook TemplateReal Estate Ebook Template

Le Journal Tablet Magazine InDesign Template

Easily update this next tablet magazine template with images, text, and more! This extraordinary business template features easy-to-use files for creatives and professionals. A handy help file is also included for more information. Check it out!

Le Journal Tablet Magazine Indesign TemplateLe Journal Tablet Magazine Indesign TemplateLe Journal Tablet Magazine Indesign Template

E-Book Content Marketing

Do you need to step up your content marketing game? Try a standard ePublishing template, like this one. This next digital brochure features automatic page numbering, master pages, and 48 pages of custom layouts. Switch out the original vibrant yellow for any color you prefer!

E-Book Content Marketing E-Book Content Marketing E-Book Content Marketing

Minimal E-Magazine Template

Follow your passion and start that digital brochure. This lovely e-magazine template will help you create a beautiful aesthetic that's perfect for lifestyle and fashion publications. Help and text files are also included with thorough instructions.

Minimal E Magazine Template Minimal E Magazine Template Minimal E Magazine Template

E-Magazine Template

Share the stories you've always wanted to tell with this next e-magazine template. This stunning design features a classic, digital brochure layout with 30 custom pages within high-resolution files. All the objects, text, and images are fully editable, and it's a great time saver.

E-Magazine TemplateE-Magazine TemplateE-Magazine Template

E-Book Proposal

Create impressive eBook proposals with this next InDesign brochure. This download includes master pages, automatic page numbering, and unlimited color options. Just update the file with your personal photos to get started. Check it out!

E-Book Proposal E-Book Proposal E-Book Proposal

Multipurpose E-Magazine

Developing your e-magazine takes patience. Now you can land on the layout you need with this multipurpose template. This ePublishing template features free fonts and more. Edit the colors and text for the style you want to match your growing brand.

Multipurpose E-Magazine Multipurpose E-Magazine Multipurpose E-Magazine

Digital Magazine Template

Should you offer a digital magazine to readers? Test out the waters with this affordable InDesign magazine template. For just $15, you'll get 28 unique pages with fully editable text, images, and backgrounds. Help and text files are also included.

Digital Magazine TemplateDigital Magazine TemplateDigital Magazine Template

InDesign Magazine Template

Premade e-magazine templates help growing businesses reach their potential. This black-and-white option, for instance, includes 48 pages of creative layouts that will work on both Apple and Windows systems. Use it for lifestyle, beauty, and more creative projects.

InDesign Magazine TemplateInDesign Magazine TemplateInDesign Magazine Template

Tablet Magazine Design

Transition your print magazines to digital brochures with this next compelling design. This eBook template is fun and easy to use. Great for creatives, this download includes 72 layouts with both landscape and portrait orientations. Add it to your collection!

Tablet Magazine Design Tablet Magazine Design Tablet Magazine Design

Interactive Magazine Template

Create a more interactive experience with your readers. This magazine template helps businesses get online. It features 44 pages of interactive layouts with paragraph and character styles also included. It's also easily adaptable across multiple industries!

Interactive Magazine TemplateInteractive Magazine TemplateInteractive Magazine Template

Corporate E-Book Template

Provide clients and subscribers with expert advice through a digital brochure. This corporate eBook template is well designed and includes professionally made InDesign files that we know you'll love. Just add your own details to step up your promotions!

Corporate E-Book Template Corporate E-Book Template Corporate E-Book Template

iPad Magazine Template

What is your best advice to readers? Create an eBook your readers will obsess over with this stylish iPad magazine template. Super simple to use and edit, this template will help you save time doing tedious designs. Best used with Adobe InDesign CS4 and above.

iPad Magazine TemplateiPad Magazine TemplateiPad Magazine Template

Retro Tablet Magazine InDesign Template

Are you inspired by vintage culture? Design a retro tablet magazine with this classic InDesign template. Featuring portrait and landscape views, this template was made especially for iPads and tablets. Just insert your business logo to try out the new look.

Retro Tablet Magazine InDesign TemplateRetro Tablet Magazine InDesign TemplateRetro Tablet Magazine InDesign Template

Corporate E-Book & E-Guide Template

Will your clients need to know important information about your business or services? Share your knowledge with this next corporate e-guide. Made specifically for Adobe InDesign users, this template is well organized and layered. Check out the previews for more layout options!

Corporate E-Book  E-Guide TemplateCorporate E-Book  E-Guide TemplateCorporate E-Book  E-Guide Template

Travel Agency E-Book Brochure

Get your travel business off the ground with an incredible eBook brochure. This digital template works with Adobe InDesign CS4 and above. It includes a clean, modern design that is both creative and professional. Enjoy additional features like free fonts and more.

Travel Agency E-Book Brochure Travel Agency E-Book Brochure Travel Agency E-Book Brochure

Corporate E-Book Template

The best thing about eBook templates is how much time they save. This next corporate eBook features a standard business theme with fully editable files. Easily add or delete pages according to your needs. Try it out for your next writing project!

Corporate E-Book Template Corporate E-Book Template Corporate E-Book Template

Multipurpose E-Magazine

Here's another great multipurpose template for newbies to e-magazines. This awesome template is perfect for InDesign beginners, and allows you to easily edit text, colors and layers for more diverse options. Capture that bold look you need with an astonishing cover.

Multipurpose E-MagazineMultipurpose E-MagazineMultipurpose E-Magazine

E Book Template Bundle

Does your marketing plan include an eBook? Get started with this affordable eBook template bundle. Packed with many great options, this download includes 99 files of inspiring layouts. Bookmark it today and add it to your collection!

E Book Template BundleE Book Template BundleE Book Template Bundle

Kids E-Book Template

Help more families enjoy story time with this sweet eBook for kids. This digital brochure features fully editable text, colors, and object layers. Match it with unlimited styles and colors to fit your children's book or brand. Sadly, these cute model photographs are not included.

Kids E-Book Kids E-Book Kids E-Book

More ePublishing Templates

Which subjects will you cover in your next eBook? Get inspired by these e-publishing templates and build a better business. And don't forget to bookmark this list for future updates!

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Tried any of these assets? Let us know! Tell us your favorites in the comments below.

This has been a selection of premium resources perfect for the avid creator. For more ePublishing templates check out Envato Market and Envato Elements, or enlist the help of our talented designers at Envato Studio. Happy creating!

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