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1.1 Introduction

Welcome to Dynamic Gesture Drawing. In this course I will help you take your drawings to the next level by studying motion and emotion and learning how to express these topics in your drawings. I'll also show you how I add tone and color when taking a gesture drawing from pencil drawing to full color. I hope you enjoy the course.

1.1 Introduction

Hi, welcome to Dynamic Gesture Drawing. My name is Brian Lee and I'll be your instructor for this course. I'm a multimedia artist with an extensive background in fine arts as well as many forms of digital art. I produce and sell my own artistic creations including children's books, custom portraits of people and landscapes, and I also work as a freelance concept artist and map painter for feature films and television. In this course, I will focus on teaching you the fundamentals of gesture drawing, and how they can be applied to build life-like portraits and stylized characters of your own artistic creations. I'm hoping you will walk away from this course with a strong set of tools that you can use to draw pretty much anything. This includes how to break complex and dynamic objects into simple shapes. How to examine and build a human body to produce life-like drawings not exaggerate and transform your drawings into images that tell a story. At the end of the course, we will look at how to apply tone and color to get your gesture drawings ready for a professional profile of this. Finally, I hope you have fun at this course you learn a lot. For each lesson, there's an exercise at the end that I hope will help you practice what you learn along the way. And if you do have an extra questions along the way, feel free to send me an email or check out my website for more information about me, So thanks for joining me out, hope to see you in the course.

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