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3.3 Creating Moon Craters

In this lesson, you will follow my process of creating different sized craters around the moon.

3.3 Creating Moon Craters

Hi everyone, and welcome back to Create a Low Poly Moon with Cinema 4D. In this video, we'll continue adding details and craters around the moon. So just looking at our moon here, and the three different styles of craters that we've created in the last video, we want to add a bit of variety to our moon, to make sure that it doesn't look too repetitive. So I'm just going to take the style of our first crater here, and spread it around evenly. So we've got one crater here. Let's go ahead and create one here, like so. So just grabbing the Extrude tool, and extruding it in the negative direction. And it looks like we can add one here as well. So grabbing my Selection tool here, I'm just going to click in the middle of all these polygons where all these polygons meet, so I don't have to click all the triangles. Right-click, select Extrude. And again, moving it in a negative direction, cool. And just to add a little bit of variety, let's go ahead and create a larger moon crater here. Selecting all the polygons, extruding it. And in fact, it's quite close to our previous crater, so I don't wanna do that. Let's go ahead and select the crater here, yep, just giving it a little bit of space. Let's extrude this in a positive direction. Just making sure you're happy with the height, and then I'm going to scale it down slightly. Then right-click Extrude Inner to add some polygons in there. Right-click, and then extrude in a negative direction, like so, cool. Right, so let's go ahead and continue doing that. Let's see, where else can we create some cool looking craters? It's just moving around the moon here now. Let's go ahead and make a crater here, so selecting that, extrude in the positive direction, scaling it down. Extrude Inner, And right-click Extrude in the negative direction. Cool, next I'm going to do the same. Let's see an interesting place to put the next one, may be about here. Just the same thing again, right-click Extrude in a positive direction. Maybe this one will be a little bit taller. Well, that's a little bit too tall, let's go ahead not moving it. Just being careful where you click with the mouse. Scaling it down, right-click Extrude Inner. And just repeating the same steps around the moon, like so. Okay, so that's looking quite nice. In fact, it looks like we missed one of the polygons here, so let's go ahead and fix that one. So in order to fix that, just select that one triangle, right-click Extrude. And just, So let's do this differently. Let's go ahead and delete this polygon. And we can go ahead and delete these polygons here, like so, holding Shift to select multiple polygons. Now we've got a space here. What we can do from there is click on the Edge Selection tool, use our Live Selection tool here, we're going to select the edge here. So just using this square bracket keys on the keyboard to make our selection smaller or larger, just wanna select that edge there, zooming in, right-click on that. And we want to look for Bridge, so just using the Bridge tool to bridge this edge to this edge here, like so. So now that we've got that, let's go ahead and fill in this gap here. So using the Live Selection tool again, select the edge, right-click the edge, and now we're going to look for close polygon hole. So using Close Polygon Hole to close that polygon, and there we have fixed our crater, excellent. So moving back to the Polygons tool, selecting the Live Selection tool again, just going to go ahead and move around our moon, seeing what's the best place to select our next crater would be. So we want to spread our craters around, so it doesn't look too samey-samey. So let's go ahead and create one, let's say at the top here. Right-click Extrude. Extrude it a little bit. Go ahead and scale it down. Right-click Extrude Inner, and then right-click Extrude in the negative direction. Cool, and you can see how our moon is slowly starting to take shape. So again, let's go ahead and create some more segments. So going back to the Live Selection tool here, let's start adding some simpler craters, so let's add a crater here. And we're going to right-click Extrude, and let's extrude that in the next direction, like so. Just moving around, seeing whatever places that we can place our crater in. Live Selection tool again. We don't want to put a crater here, cuz that's too close to these two craters. We can add one here. Let's go ahead and right-click Extrude, and it could be quite nice. In fact, let's go ahead and see if we can extrude this one in the positive direction as well. Scale it down, right-click. We'll right-click on the polygons, selected Polygons > Extrude Inner. Right-click, and extrude in the negative direction, like so. Cool, just going round our moon, seeing if there's any other places we can add another crater. So we've got a space here that we can add a crater to. So going to our Live Selection tool here, right-click. In fact, it's too close to that crater here, so maybe not there. Moving around again, maybe this one, right-click Extrude. This one in the negative direction, and it looks like we can add one here as well. So I'm just looking for spaces, which are quite close to the craters that we've created, but not exactly next to each other That's too deep, so Ctrl+Z, and just making it go in. In fact, we can play about with this one. Let's go ahead and right-click Extrude Inner, just to make the crater smaller. Right-click Extrude, and then in negative direction like so, cool. And I think that's that about our moon, we fill up the whole surface of our moon with craters. So that's it for this video. In the next video, we'll go through how to color our moon using materials. See you all there.

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