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2.6 Warping Text

[MUSIC] So we're going to learn how to warp stuff. Let's grab our type tool, left click anywhere on the art board, and we'll type some text. Let's type warped. And we can go to the Character panel at the top, and we can pick a font, let's go for Gotham Bold. And I'm going to go to the alignment options here, and select Align Center so this is in the middle. And let's create a few copies again, holding Alt+Shift and dragging. So we'll select the first one, and go to Object > Envelope Distort > Make with Warp. And we've got the Preview option checked, now we can choose the Style here, as well. So we've got lots of these presets, so let's go for Bulge, and see how that looks. So at the moment, we are bulging this text horizontally, and we can adjust that slider. So, of course, we can go up a few percent and you'll see it starts to bulge outwards. Or, we can go ever so slightly into the negatives and it will go inwards. You can, of course, go to the absolute extreme and it will go totally bonkers. But we could do something subtle like this, or you could bulge this vertically, so it'll behave slightly differently. So it really does depend what you're going for. But we could also distort this both horizontally and vertically, as well using the slider. So if you wanted one side to appear larger, like this. So you really can distort these to the absolute extreme, to be honest. If we go for something like that, and click OK, you can see that we've warped the text. And if we click this, we still have all of these options along the top, but just laid out slightly differently. And we can click on that preset, and we can go and change it to something else if we like. Now, at the moment, if I press Cmd or Ctrl+Y to go into outline mode. You can see that it's still got this box around it, these lines, so I can't really change the color or anything. At the moment, it is just showing me this gray color, which it's clearly not. So what I recommend is once you've done your warp, and you're happy with your text, go to Object > Expand. Leave Object and Fill selected, click OK, and then we can switch into outline mode again, and you'll be able to see your text. Now remember, expanding anything in Illustrator, essentially what you see becomes the paths of the shape. So this is now made up of all of these different anchor points. And we can still go and adjust these if we really want to go and fine tune that warp, or make it slightly differently. But also when we select this now, it has a fill color, and we can then go and pick a color, and it will apply that color to the text. So let's go and warp a couple of other things, so we've got Arc. So there we go, we'll set the distortion back to 0. And we can bend this up, or we can bend this down, and of course, you can adjust this to Vertical as well. And you can really [LAUGH] go to the extreme on this. There we go, that's pretty cool. So, of course, remember, once you've got your warp and you're happy with how you've warped your text, you can go and fine tune it up here. That's a pretty cool pattern, I like that. But once you're happy with your warp, and you'd like to start adding color to it, possibly getting creative, adding some strokes. Maybe some of those brushes we used in the last lesson, we can go to Object and Expand it. Leave Object and Fill selected, click OK, and then we can now get creative with this. So let's go and add some brushes, so we'll swap that fill in the stroke so we now have an outline. And from the Brush panel. That's a little bit too thick. Let's go for one of the, let's go for the pencil, one of the pencil brushes. And let's pick a different color for the pencil, let's go for an orange perhaps. And there we go. So once you've warped your text, remember, Object > Expand, and then you can start doing whatever you like to it. So there we go, there's a few ways to warp text, I'll leave you to go and have a lot of fun. There's a lot of different warp options and ways that you can do this. But yeah, that's how you warp text in Illustrator.

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