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2.4 Adjusting Stroke Widths

[MUSIC] Righty-o, number four, I absolutely love this tool. So, if you've never used the width tool before in Illustrator, prepare to have your mind blown. This is amazing, and I love this one so much. So I'm gonna grab the pencil and just remove that fill, and we've got a black stroke. And I can left-click and left-click again, and we'll just drag. And we're just gonna draw a nice, wavy line. And it wants to continue this line, we can just go up to Select and down to Deselect, or just press Esc on the keyboard. And from the stroke panel on the right, we can increase the weight. And yeah, I mean it's a line, it looks okay, but we can also use the width tool to adjust the width of the line at different points. So you can see this over here on the left, and I believe you will need a copy of Illustrator CC to have access to the width tool. So let's click this, and I can now hover along this path and you can see it has a plus symbol. So I can click anywhere along this path and drag up or down. And from that exact point, it will become a bit thinner, Or a bit wider, or what we can do is we can grab the existing anchor point. So at the moment, this shape is made of up three anchor points. We've got one anchor point at either end, and one in the middle. So if I hover over this and click, I can, of course, do the same thing. So we could bring these anchor points at the end in, so they become smaller. And once you've created an adjustment point, as well, you'll see you get these two points either end. Just grab either of those and bring it in. And then we can hover over that middle anchor point, let's just zoom in on there. And we can then make this wider. So you can see we've adjusted this middle anchor point, so when we hover over it again, we get this line here that runs across the width of the stroke, and we can adjust it from there. And we've still got square kind of edges on the end, so if we just drag over everything and then round off the cap, you get a lovely round finish as well. So this is a great way, if you're kind of creating illustration or some floral decorations or really creative borders. You can draw a lot of your lines just as normal strokes, and then you can go in and really refine the width. For example, this would make a fantastic eyebrow if you were doing the illustration of someone's face, for example. Or we could just hold Alt and drag, and we'll scale this down. Maybe move this up here. And then, of course, still go in and adjust the stroke weight. Now if you've applied some changes with the width tool, and then you go in and you adjust the stroke weight, it will still remember all of the different proportions. So even though we're adjusting the stroke weight now, we're bringing it down, making the stroke thinner. It's still going to remember that the middle is a little bit wider than either end. So we can bring this one down as well, and do something like this. And bring this one down, and we can even go a little bit wild, as well, if we grab that width tool, and we can just select all manner of different points. And you can, Really get quite creative with this, actually. [LAUGH] I'm not entirely sure where this is going, I have no idea what this is. It looks very abstract, but you can see that you can fully adjust the width of any stroke at various points along that line. Fantastic, so that is the width tool, I absolutely love that one. And when I first learned that, I was honestly blown away, because it's a tool tucked over here that I hadn't actually ever used before.

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