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2.9 Types of Stars

[MUSIC] Okay, second to last one, stars. Now this is definitely something worth learning. If you left-click and hold over the basic shape tools, you can go down to the bottom and you have the Star tool. And I'm just going to pick a color from the color picker. In fact, we should probably pick yellow, I think, because stars are yellow. And if we left-click and drag, we get the default five-pointed star that Illustrator creates. So we'll create this one, and of course you could hold Shift if you'd like it snap to being upright. And we have a standard five-pointed star. What we could also do is left-click, and you can do this with most of these shape tools. And you get the dialog box pop-up, and you can adjust Radius 1, Radius 2 and the Points. Now, Radius 1 is the outermost point on the star, so this is a radius 1. This is a Radius 1 as well, and this is a Radius 1. Radius 2 are the inner points, so this is Radius 2 here, here, and here. So the further the distance between these two numbers, so if I increase this, and then decrease this. The bigger the distance, the more pointy your star will be. And if we increase the number of points to 15, You can see that we can create lots of different star shapes. Now, it doesn't have to just be stars, it can be those kind of starburst things. We can bring this really close together now, so there's only 20 points difference between these two radii, and then you can create something like this. Or if you'd like a slightly different shape of star, something a bit more similar to a pentagram, you could use these specific values, 65.5, 25, 5 points, these exact values, and then just scale it up. And you get something a bit more similar to a pentagram. Say you get that pentagon in the middle there, and we could change that color as well. So lots of different ways that you can create stars and starbursts in Illustrator.

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