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50 Dirty, Filthy Grunge Photoshop Effects


The grunge movement in design combines rips, tears, decay, smears and scratches to form a dark and gritty result. Here we've collected fifty of the best ever Photoshop grunge tutorials for your enjoyment and education.

1. Old Poster

2. Grunge Type Photoshop Tutorial

3. Urban Style Art Work

4. Add Texture to Improve Artwork

5. Urban City on a Grunge Background

6. Easy Photo Grunge Effect

7. Creating Dirty Grunge Text in Photoshop

8. Antique Ace Of Spades

9. Making a Grungy Business Card

10. Old college Effect Poster

11. The Dark Knight Grunge Wallpaper

12. Gigposter Design: The New Sex

13. Designing Ultra SceneXCore Apparel!

14. Grunge Portrait

15. How to Create a Grunge Web Design in Photoshop

16. Design a Unique Grungy Website Layout

17. Create an Artistic One Eye TV Man in a Grunge Vector Design

18. Awesome Grunge Text Effect

19. Design a Grungy Floating Island

20. Music Logo on a Grunge Background

21. The Ultimate Grunge Design Tutorial

22. Create a Grunge Construction Box

23. Distressed Effects in Photoshop

24. Create Your Own Movie Poster

25. Create a Wicked-Worn Vintage Pop Art Design

26. Decaying metal Sign

27. Graffiti stamps

28. Making of Urban

29. The Louis Daguerre Effect

30. Grunge Rubber Stamp

31. Trendy Geometric Lines

32. Ripped and Torn Edges

33. Grunge Borders

34. Creating Old Paper With Custom Brushes

35. Create an Impressive Mock-up of a Grunge Box

36. Photo Transfer Edge Effect

37. Custom Hang Tag

38. Dark Grunge Photo Effect

39. Hero Header Part II

40. Virtual Duct Tape

41. Freakish Zombie in 11 Steps

42. Music Band Website

43. Building Textures from Scanned Art

44. Grunge Layer Styles

45. Getting Dirty in Photoshop

46. Grunge Design Effect

47. Post Processing Your Photos

48. Worn look Tutorial

49. Make it Worn

50. Retro Grunge Poster

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