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30 Cool Photoshop Photo Effects to Add Style & Wow

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This post is part of a series called Alice in Wonderland Week.
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Love to make cool Photoshop edits? Explore cool edits in Photoshop with actions and other easy-to-use Photoshop effects. You'll want to check out this list if you're looking for cool Photoshop ideas too.

Try out these amazing cool Photoshop effects from Envato Elements to make cool photo edits and trendy pictures to wow your friends and audience. 

Envato Elements offers thousands of premium digital assets, including fonts, graphic templates, and even thousands of cool Photoshop effects. One low monthly fee gets you unlimited access to all of this content: it's all included! 

Check out this list of Photoshop photo effects. They're all included in the Envato Elements library. Download your favorites, or enjoy some cool Photoshop ideas to inspire you.

30 Cool Photoshop Effects to Try Now

1. RGB / Glitch Photo FX Cool Photo Filters (PSD)

RGB Glitch Photoshop EffectRGB Glitch Photoshop EffectRGB Glitch Photoshop Effect

We'll start things off with this glitch effect. Make cool picture edits with the included PSD file. The best part? These amazing Photoshop effects can be used without affecting your original photo. Create to your heart's content, and make changes as you see fit. 

2. Redwood Fairytale Photoshop Actions (ATN)

Redwood Fairytale Cool PhotoshopRedwood Fairytale Cool PhotoshopRedwood Fairytale Cool Photoshop

We have this gorgeous set of Redwood Photoshop actions that fit perfectly into a fairytale theme. Designed to add a touch of warmth and richness to your trendy pictures, these actions are stylish and efficient.

3. Shimmer Photoshop Action (ATN)

Shimmer Photoshop ActionShimmer Photoshop ActionShimmer Photoshop Action

A little shimmer goes a long way. So create compelling photos for your profiles, websites, or posters with this sweet Photoshop action. This is one of the coolest Photoshop tricks. Tried and tested on Photoshop versions CS3 and above, this action creates shimmering bokeh and light effects quickly and easily. Make cool picture edits in just a few clicks!

4. Bokeh & Light Leaks Photo Overlays (JPG)

Bokeh Light Leaks Photo OverlaysBokeh Light Leaks Photo OverlaysBokeh Light Leaks Photo Overlays

Photo overlays are a fun way to add fantastic special effects. This is perfect if you're looking for cool effects for pictures. This pack, for instance, includes 15 high-resolution bokeh and light leaks. You can quickly add effects to photos in Photoshop with this pack. Render gorgeous, out-of-focus results for a unique look.

5. Synergy Photoshop Action (ABR, ATN, PAT, PNG)

Synergy Photoshop ActionSynergy Photoshop ActionSynergy Photoshop Action

Create trippy, psychedelic photo effects inspired by retro neon colors and geometric shapes. To use the Synergy action, just fill the area where you'd like to apply the effect, press play, and create Photoshop edits. Instantly you'll get an impressive look that's perfect for posters and party flyers.

6. Paints Photoshop Photo Effects Action (ABR, ATN, PAT)

Paints Photoshop ActionPaints Photoshop ActionPaints Photoshop Action

There are many cool ways to edit pictures that let you express yourself. This eye-popping, paint-inspired Photoshop action is a perfect example. It creates a unique look with drip and blob effects for a shiny, realistic result. Simply open your own photo and play the action to take advantage of this incredible effect. Give it a shot!

7. Light & Dark Photoshop Effects Actions (ATN)

Light  Dark - Photoshop ActionsLight  Dark - Photoshop ActionsLight  Dark - Photoshop Actions

Save hours of work making rays of sunlight by hand! This quality Photoshop action creates a glorious light and dark result for dramatic portrait and landscape photography. Choose from 20 color corrections, and follow the detailed video tutorial also included for more help on how to make trendy pictures.

8. Cloud Photoshop Action (ABR, ATN)

Cloud Photoshop Edits ActionCloud Photoshop Edits ActionCloud Photoshop Edits Action

The abstract nature of clouds and smoke can add a lot of mystery to your work. This smart photo effect kit helps you make fantastic abstract designs using complex shapes and elegant, cloudy waves. Get inspired to try cool Photoshop ideas with this action. 

9. Artistic Smoke Portrait Photo Effect Templates (PSD)

Artistic Smoke Portrait Photo Effect TemplatesArtistic Smoke Portrait Photo Effect TemplatesArtistic Smoke Portrait Photo Effect Templates

Looking for cool Photoshop effects? Design stunning website headers, posters, and more with this smoky portrait photo effect. This wonderful pack of Photoshop photo effect templates uses smart objects to apply fiery smoke and fire effects to your pieces. These cool effects for pictures are easy to customize, and you have complete control over the final result. Try this effect out if you've been looking to make cool photo edits.

10. Hipster Photo Template Image Effects Photoshop (PSD)

Hipster Photo TemplateHipster Photo TemplateHipster Photo Template

Are you a fan of the cosmos? Create trippy, hipster-looking pieces with this cool hipster photo template. Create amazing, cool Photoshop designs with this pack of high-quality backgrounds, filters, and vector geometric elements. Just insert your photo to get started!

11. Matte Pastels Photoshop Action (ATN)

Matte PastelsMatte PastelsMatte Pastels

Some actions are a lot more subtle. This matte pastels Photoshop action will add an instant dreamy appearance to any great location shot. Compatible with Photoshop versions CS5 and above, this action creates film effects styled like photographer Masashi Wakui and is one of the best photo filters for recreating film color grades.

12. Frequency Photoshop Action (ATN)

Frequency Photoshop ActionFrequency Photoshop ActionFrequency Photoshop Action

Want a photo effect that's a bit different? This frequency Photoshop action will add just enough pizzazz to your photos for a refreshing new appearance. Create cool Photoshop designs with the desired effect in just a few seconds with Adobe Photoshop and high-resolution images. 

13. Doodle Mosaic Art Cool Photoshop Effects Action (ABR, ATN, PAT)

Doodle Mosaic Art Photoshop ActionDoodle Mosaic Art Photoshop ActionDoodle Mosaic Art Photoshop Action

Love to doodle? Now you can incorporate fun doodle effects into your portraits! This next Photoshop action transforms your selfies with hand-drawn artwork in seconds. Apply this action to your compositions to try out five paper textures along with ten color presets.

14. Vivid Glamour Cool Photo Effects Action Set (ATN)

Vivid Glamour Action SetVivid Glamour Action SetVivid Glamour Action Set

It can take years to master photo retouching. That's why we're bringing you this magnificent set of vivid glamor Photoshop actions. Perfect for portrait or landscape photos, this action set adds sharpness and amazing filters with the click of a button. These photo filters work to add quality to your photos, without looking cheesy. Check them out!

15. 28 Real B&W Film Emulations (ATN, PAT)

28 Real BW Film Emulations28 Real BW Film Emulations28 Real BW Film Emulations

Add real film grain and textures to your photos in just seconds. This collection is a beautiful set of cool photo effects for Photoshop. It has premium black-and-white film emulations, and features 15 contrast effects and eight seamless grains. The amount varies depending on your photo, so make sure to experiment for amazing results.

16. Double Color Photoshop Effects (PSD)

cool photoshop actionscool photoshop actionscool photoshop actions

This amazing Photoshop effect is easy to achieve, thanks to Smart Objects. Simply add your content and watch the magic happen. This is a great one for experimenting with because there are so many possibilities you could create.

17. Retro Film Grain Photoshop Photo Effects (PSD)

Retro Film Grain Photo EffectRetro Film Grain Photo EffectRetro Film Grain Photo Effect

Check out this film grain Photoshop effect. There's no need to tinker around with settings or filters because this PSD template makes it simple to apply this aesthetic to any image you'd like. Just choose your image, insert your content, and check out your results.

18. Radiant Glow Photoshop Action (ATN)

Radiant Glow Photoshop ActionRadiant Glow Photoshop ActionRadiant Glow Photoshop Action

This Photoshop effect brings a lot of energy, doesn't it? The effect looks really impressive, but Photoshop actions, like this one, make complicated effects much more simple. Just download this action, define your area, and then create your cool Photoshop edits.

19. Vintage Cool Photo Effects Photoshop Actions (ATN)

Vintage Photoshop ActionsVintage Photoshop ActionsVintage Photoshop Actions

Isn't this a dreamy style? Add a vintage cool photo effect to any photo in your library, quickly and easily, using these cool photo effects. This could be perfect for all kinds of different photos, especially if you're looking to evoke a specific mood.

20. Vector Art Photoshop Effects (PSD)

Vector Art EffectVector Art EffectVector Art Effect

Isn't this a playful Photoshop effect? While you could create a vector effect like this by hand, this Photoshop template takes all the hard work out of the process for you. Just choose your photo and then create this effect with ease.

21. Soft Painting Poster Effect (PSD)

Soft Painting Poster EffectSoft Painting Poster EffectSoft Painting Poster Effect

This is such a romantic Photoshop effect, isn't it? There are so many ways you could use this one too: try this effect with portraits, landscapes, and more. Easily create a soft painting effect in any photo of your choice with these cool Photoshop effects.

22. Cinematic Image Effects Photoshop Actions (ATN)

Cinematic Photoshop ActionsCinematic Photoshop ActionsCinematic Photoshop Actions

Looking to add some drama to your photos? Then these cool photo filters might be just what you're looking for. Photoshop actions like this one make it easy to alter your photos. Try applying this look and feel to all kinds of different images in your projects.

23. Cartoonify Cool Photo Filters Photoshop Effects (ATN)


Some of the most popular, cool edits to do on Photoshop are ones that reference illustrative, cartoon styles. These Photoshop actions help you achieve that style with ease. Try it out on your favorite photos to mimic a cartoon look and feel.

24. Motion Blur Cool Photoshop Effects (PSD)

Motion Blur Photo EffectMotion Blur Photo EffectMotion Blur Photo Effect

These Photoshop photo effects are so dramatic and eye-catching, aren't they? You aren't limited to these colors either. Follow the included instructions, edit the blur, choose your colors, and create unique, cool Photoshop edits, all your own.

25. Editable Vintage Sketch Cool Photo Effects (ATN, PAT)

Editable Vintage SketchEditable Vintage SketchEditable Vintage Sketch

Isn't this a fun and memorable Photoshop effect? Try turning any photo in your collection into a beautiful, vintage sketch. Photoshop actions make cool Photoshop edits, like this one, simple to achieve. Give it a try!

26. Dark Gothic Cool Photoshop Effects Action (ATN)

Dark Gothic Photoshop ActionDark Gothic Photoshop ActionDark Gothic Photoshop Action

If you're looking for spooky Photoshop photo effects, you might one to give this one a try. These Photoshop actions add a dark, gothic vibe to your work. It's easy to jump right in and make these Photoshop edits with the included Photoshop actions.

27. Grunge Acid House Photoshop Effects (PSD)

Grunge Acid House Photo EffectGrunge Acid House Photo EffectGrunge Acid House Photo Effect

These are such stylish image effects! Photoshop effects, like this one, use Smart Objects to make cool Photoshop effects easier than ever. Just download, open up the included PSD file, and try adding your content to the Smart Objects. 

28. Poster Cartoon Cool Photo Filters (ATN) 

Poster Cartoon EffectPoster Cartoon EffectPoster Cartoon Effect

Here's another set of fun, cartoon-themed Photoshop effects. It could be a great choice for cool photoshop ideas, especially if you're looking to add an extra pop of fun to your work. This one utilizes Photoshop actions to make these effects a breeze.

29. Genuine Cartoon Maker Photoshop Photo Effects (ATN)

Genuine Cartoon MakerGenuine Cartoon MakerGenuine Cartoon Maker

This variation on a cartoon look and feel is really stylish too. These are definitely trendy image effects for Photoshop, and it's easy to see why they're so popular. It's a fun, memorable design idea that could work for so many projects.

30. Abstract Painting Cool Photo Effects (PSD)

Abstract Painting Photo EffectAbstract Painting Photo EffectAbstract Painting Photo Effect

How about trying a fun, colorful, abstract photo effect? This is another set of cool Photoshop effects that uses Smart Objects, so it's super easy to jump right in and create cool Photoshop ideas.

Learn More About Photoshop Effects

Getting started with Photoshop photo effects? Check out our top 10 cool Photoshop photo effects over on the Envato Tuts+ YouTube channel:

Try More Photo Effects Today!

Ready to experiment with some cool edits to do on Photoshop? There's only one way of knowing how an effect will look in your photos: trying it! Experiment with cool photo effects, sparkles, textures, and filters to give new life to your photos. These articles also come with loads of cool Photoshop ideas. Find more Photoshop photo effect tutorials here:

Which Is the Best Photo Effect in Photoshop for Your Project?

So, what is the best photo effect in Photoshop for your photos or project?

This has been a collection of premium cool photo effects resources perfect for the avid designer and photographer. Photoshop filters, effects, and actions can help take your cool Photoshop ideas and help make them happen easier than ever before. For even more cool Photoshop photo effects, remember to check out Envato Elements. The entire library of photo effects is included for one low price!

Good luck with your cool Photoshop ideas, and happy designing!

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