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4.2 How to Export Your Cover for Printing

With the cover artwork finished, it’s time to perform a Preflight and get the cover ready for printing. You'll learn how to use the Preflight window in InDesign and export a press-ready PDF file for either sending off to a specialist printer or uploading to a print-on-demand service of your choice.

4.2 How to Export Your Cover for Printing

Hi, nice to have you back. So have our cover artwork finished. It's time to get it ready for printing. Some printers will allow you to hand over in design files as they are. But generally best practice is to export your cover as a press ready PDF file. So first thing to do, and often neglected, is to do a spellcheck. So go to Edit, Spelling and Check Spelling. You can just skip your way through unless anything gets flagged up and then hit Done to exit. Okay, so Preflight time. Preflight is one of InDesign's really handy little features and honestly it will save you so much heartache later on. You can access the Preflight window by choosing Preflight Panel to the right of this little colored circle down at the bottom of the workspace. If your circle is green, you're good to go, there are no errors flagged up. But if it's red, you've got something to sort out. So whether it's a missing font, text overflowing a text frame or a missing image link you can identify it and get it sorted from here. So hopefully, you've got no errors, but if you do, you can navigate straight to them from here. For example, say this text frame is too short and there's text overflowing, that little circle is gonna go instantly red, and it's telling you that it's overset text. And by clicking on the page number it takes you straight to the source of the problem, and we can sort that out by extending the frame down. Okay, so with Preflight done you can go ahead and export your cover, so go to File and Export So name your file something like Final Lunar cover for print and choose Adobe PDF Prints from the format menu. And click Save. Okay, so in this next window, there's actually very little that you actually have to do. The important thing is the pre set at the top for the Adobe PDF preset, choose Press Quality. And this is gonna give you a real high quality file for printing. On to pages, remember that we left a copy of the front cover on page one. So check Range and set this to 2, just to export that expanded cover which is on page 2. One more thing to do is to make sure to include the bleed in your artwork. For that, click on Marks and Bleeds in the left hand menu of the window. Some professional printers, print shops, etc, might prefer it if you include some or all printer's marks. So you need to check with them in advance if that's what they'd like you to do, but with a lot of print on demand sites, all they want is the bleed and no marks. So for this, just check Use Document Bleed Settings. And that's good to go, so go ahead and hit Export. And InDesign, we'll generate your PDF, it might take a minute to do. And awesome, there we go. So how cool is that? This file is ready for uploading or sending straight up to print. And you can give yourself a big clap on the back. Your work here is completely done. So in the next and final video, I'm going to finally let you have a breather. I will take a quick overview of all the cool skills that you've picked up over the course. So amazing work, and I'll see you over there.

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