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5.1 Your Finished Logo Kit

In this final video we’ll review the three-part process for creating effective logos in an instant. We’ll finish on some tips for going forward with your logo designs, from developing an existing logo kit to embarking on new projects with a different style. Thanks for watching!

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Picking a Style for Your Logo Kit

2.Building Block #1: Icons
2 lessons, 09:23

Sketching and Vectorizing Icons

Refining Your Vector Icons

3.Building Block #2: Frames
1 lesson, 06:11

Creating Framing Elements

4.Building Block #3: Typography
2 lessons, 11:32

Choosing Great Typefaces

Formatting and “Mapping” Typography

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Your Finished Logo Kit

5.1 Your Finished Logo Kit

Hi, guys. Welcome back and congratulations is in order. You've completed the Envato Tuts+ course, creating professional logos in an instant. I've shown you how you can design awesome logos when time is really short by creating a set of building blocks, including icons, frames, and typography. This is a great way of showing a client lots of concepts with much less time and effort than having to reinvent the wheel for each new logo design. So let's take a quick recap of the process for designing logos when you're in one of those time pressured situations. First up, so you get the client brief and then you need to get online and do some research about their brand. And also about the sort of branding adopted by other companies in their sector. This is gonna give you a pretty good idea of what sort of logo designs might be appropriate for the client. Then it's time to pick a design style for your logo kit. It saves a lot of time by focusing your energies on one strong style, which you think will be a good fit for the client. Whether you opt for vintage, geometric, line art or something else, this is gonna give you some direction for drafting your designs. Next up, it's time to get sketching some ideas about icons which will be image-based or symbolic parts of your logo design. When you've got some ideas, you can translate these into digital drawings using a vector program like Illustrator. You'll also need a nice selection of framing elements to use in your design, such as lines, shapes, and badges. These don't need to take up a lot of your time, but these simple elements can really help to pull your logos together. Finally, you can add a finishing touch to your designs in the form of typography. You can combine text with your icons and frames to create a whole design. And taking a little bit of time to map out the typography well and format the text to a really high standard. It's going to elevate your logos to a really professional level. And there we have it, that's your step-by-step process for tackling any time pressured logo design project. And to be honest, even if you've got a bit more time on your hands, following a work process that has distinct steps is always really helpful and will mean you don't spend more time than you need on certain stages of the project. So where can you go from here? Well, the logo design world is completely open to you and I hope this short course has given you some confidence to have a go at tackling professional logo design projects. If you're still not ready to dive into some client work, you can have a go at setting yourself a fictional brief or try using the process we've looked at to design logo concepts for your own freelance or small business brand. Try experimenting with different logo styles, different time frames for completing the process, until you really feel like you're getting into the swing of it. And above all, remember to have fun designing logos. It's definitely one of the most enjoyable and creative aspects of graphic design. Which, admittedly, can be difficult to remember when you're under a lot of time pressure, but I hope you get a lot of enjoyment out of it. And now have the confidence that you can create amazing logo designs, whatever time you have to spare. So a big thank you for watching and make sure to check out the other great courses and tutorials available on Tuts+.

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