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1.2 Picking a Style for Your Logo Kit

In this first lesson I’ll introduce you to the building block method for creating logos, and take a look at how to choose a design style for your logo kit.

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Picking a Style for Your Logo Kit

2.Building Block #1: Icons
2 lessons, 09:23

Sketching and Vectorizing Icons

Refining Your Vector Icons

3.Building Block #2: Frames
1 lesson, 06:11

Creating Framing Elements

4.Building Block #3: Typography
2 lessons, 11:32

Choosing Great Typefaces

Formatting and “Mapping” Typography

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Your Finished Logo Kit

1.2 Picking a Style for Your Logo Kit

Hi there. So I want to start by talking to you about where to begin with your logo design process. So let's say that you get a brief from the client and they want to see a variety of logo designs for that brand. The first thing you need to do is learn a little bit more about the brand and the sector. Let's say as an example, that the client is a park service. So the very first thing that you need to do, is get online and look them up. Do they have an existing brand? Is it pretty developed? In which case you need to accommodate that when designing, or is it actually a bit sketchy? If the latter, you've got a bit more freedom to explore some new ideas. Take a look also at the brand's sector and their competition. What sort of logo styles, colors, and typography are used by the brand's competitors to appeal to their audiences. Making notes of a few common things that you can spot. Now that you know a bit more about your brand, you can start to match that up with a logo style. All logos needs to be not only appropriate for the brands industry but also they need to look contemporary. Choosing a design style which is gonna suit your brand is a sensible first step. Let's take a look at some of the dominant trends in logo design at the moment to give you some ideas. Vintage and hand-drawn styles are still going really strong. They've got a nostalgic, friendly appeal, which makes them a great fit for independent businesses like coffee shops and small retailers. Another style which is becoming increasingly popular is the low poly geometric trend. These designs are youthful and ultra modern. They make a great fit for start up business or technology branding. We're also seeing more cartoon designs styles emerging in logos at the moment, which add a bit of fun and personality. These would be a great fit for the right sort of brand. If the brand you're designing for has more formal or corporate feel, then a style which uses abstract shapes and color gradients to give it that slightly 3D effect might work really well. The style that I'm going to work with in the lessons coming up is one of my favorite trends out there at the moment. Line Art is a really simple minimal style, but it looks really fresh and cutting edge, and it works for a wide range of brands and sectors. We're going to work towards creating these logo designs and I'm gonna show you a basic three step process which you can use after you finish the course to tackle just about any logo design project with confidence. So now that we've done a bit of research about our brand and chosen a design style which we think suit it, we can make a start on the first building block of our logo kit, which is creating icons. For the lessons going forward, you'll need to have access to Adobe illustrator, which if you don't have already you can download a 30 day free trial of the software from adobe.com. Of course, if you prefer using other vector software like Inkscape or CorelDRAW that's fine too. The interface will just be a little bit different. But you can still put the logo designs together without a problem. Okay. So in the next lesson we're gonna get started straight away. So see you there

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