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1.1 Welcome

Welcome to “Creating Professional Logos in an Instant”! In this course you’ll learn how to create super professional logo concepts for clients, even in a very short turnaround time.

2 lessons, 04:29


Picking a Style for Your Logo Kit

2.Building Block #1: Icons
2 lessons, 09:23

Sketching and Vectorizing Icons

Refining Your Vector Icons

3.Building Block #2: Frames
1 lesson, 06:11

Creating Framing Elements

4.Building Block #3: Typography
2 lessons, 11:32

Choosing Great Typefaces

Formatting and “Mapping” Typography

1 lesson, 03:10

Your Finished Logo Kit

1.1 Welcome

Hi guys. A big welcome to this Embatto Textbook course. Creating Professional Logos in an Instant. My name is Grace Fussell. I'm a graphic designer and I am obsessed with branding design. One thing I have encountered a lot in my work is that clients often want logo concepts very quickly. So they might ask you to pitch some ideas within a week, or even a couple of days if they want something really soon. Your instinctive reaction to this might be to panic and to go into creative meltdown which used to happen to me quite a fair bit. But honestly, there are techniques that you can use to design incredible, professional standard logos in very little time. Pro designers working within agencies often use these time-saving techniques to create multiple concepts. So we're gonna take our cues from the pros, and see how you can use this approach in your own work. In this course, I'm gonna show you how to create a versatile logo kit. A set of elements that you can combine in different ways to create a wide variety of logo designs. I'll show you how to choose a style for your kit, and how to sketch and vectorize designs for icons and frames, creating the key building blocks of your kit. We'll finish up by looking at how you can save time by choosing typefaces that work seamlessly with your chosen style. And also how to format your logo topography to make it look as professional as possible. In the next lesson we'll make a start by taking a look at how to pick a design style for your logo kit. So I'll see you there in just a moment.

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