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40 Best Russian Design Tutorials on Envato Tuts+

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Today, we all have an amazing opportunity to learn anything we want. We can study online, on our own schedule and at our own pace—the only thing required is a wi-fi connection! The biggest challenge is finding the resources that you need.

I discovered Envato Tuts+ around 2010, when I was looking for answers to my questions about Photoshop, struggling to understand how it worked. One day I came across the awesome Photoshop Basix video series on PSDTuts+ (which later became Envato Tuts+). It was created by Hungarian design instructor Martin Perhiniak, and my favorite thing about that series was that it was very concise. Every video was just under 10 minutes, yet packed with useful information. 

I looked deeper into the Tuts+ site and found sections offering valuable tutorials in other creative fields, such as illustration, design, photography and video, including even business tips for creative professionals. I told my friends about the site, but the problem was that most of them had problems with understanding English because their native language is Russian.

So when Envato announced that they were looking for people to translate tutorials, I immediately wanted to take part. I discovered that when you’re translating a tutorial, it actually leads to a deeper level of understanding of the topic. And this enriched both my language skills and my Photoshop skills.

I strongly believe that knowledge is the path to freedom, and Envato's translation project helps to bring valuable, up-to-date information on design, photography, business, music to people all over the world. Anyone interested in translating articles into Russian can take part in it, too. 

How to Access Translations on Envato Tuts+

You can access our translations in many languages, not just Russian, via the drop-down menu towards the top of tutorials and articles. 

Translated tutorials on Envato TutsTranslated tutorials on Envato TutsTranslated tutorials on Envato Tuts

Design Tutorials in Russian

Here are the 40 best design articles and tutorials in Russian that offer unique templates for business and personal use. They cover topics on drawing, using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop and even calligraphy and fonts. Dive in and enjoy!

Templates and Mockups

Templates can make your life easier by saving you a bunch of time, but it also takes time to find the right one. Here, we’ve put together a great collection of contemporary templates and mockups for different purposes. Whether it’s for your business or for your personal needs, here you’ll find what you’re looking for.

First, let’s talk business! From designing a new menu for a restaurant to creating a whole magazine, it may seem extremely daunting when you don’t know where to start. You want your designs to be up-to-date and serve their purpose, and I’m sure these articles will give you a hint of where to begin, and how to keep your inspiration going.

Those who need to present their designs to a client in a professional way may want to use a mockup. Not only do mockups help you demonstrate your work in a clear and neat way, they also give your customer an idea of the finished product. In this case, these two articles will be of great help to you. 

If you're about to get started with designing a logo or new packaging for your product, take a look at these tutorials. Here, you’ll find some helpful guidelines, from choosing the proper program that will suit your needs to design principles you can always count on. They’ll give you inspiration and show you the way to create a fascinating design yourself. 

And now let’s tap into one of the most exciting topics for many women, the wedding day. Wedding invitations will add a special touch to it, though they may require a huge amount of time and effort to make. If you don’t have the bandwidth to make them yourself but still want to have stunning invites for your wedding, check out this collection of stylish wedding invitation templates that will save your time and let you relax and enjoy your special day.


Some say that learning how to draw means learning to appreciate what you see more deeply. And below, there’s a collection of drawing tutorials in Russian with comprehensive explanations and guidelines for beginners. 

To just get started, let’s expose some drawing myths that may keep you from making the first step. This next article claims that you don’t need to be gifted to draw—it’s all about finding what keeps you motivated, and in time you’ll notice your drawing will improve.

Once you’ve learned how to get started, it’s time to take a pencil and paper and get to drawing simple forms. Enjoy your drawing and have fun!

There are several useful tutorials on cartoon fundamentals for those who want to expand their knowledge in this specific field. You’ll learn how to draw a cartoon face and body and how to make your character move and express emotions.

If you’re an advanced learner, you may want to go further to depict anthropomorphic characters. In this tutorial, you’ll find out the techniques for drawing anthropomorphic characters and how it differs from drawing cartoons or realistic pictures. 

And finally, if you've decided to switch from drawing on paper to drawing on the iPad and using SketchBook Pro, here are some tips to get you started.

Adobe Illustrator

Hopefully, after completing these tutorials, you feel confident in freehand sketching and drawing and would like to get to the next level and draw in Adobe Illustrator. The following articles will provide you with many useful tips and tools that any digital artist or designer needs in their work. 

Are you dreaming of pursuing a career as a freelance illustrator? These articles will give you what you need to know about how to become one. You’ll see what typical projects look like, where you can find your first clients, and even how you can get started creating a pack of stickers for iMessage to make some extra cash.

Scroll through even more of our awesome Illustrator tutorials in Russian.

Adobe Photoshop

For those who are keen on photography and creating unusual Photoshop effects, we’ve got some outstanding tutorials on trendy Photoshop effects and manipulations. You may have always wanted to get a closer look at how to create a double exposure, dispersion, or glitch effect. These articles will provide you with a clear step-by-step guide to creating your next digital masterpiece.


Have you been wondering how you can create your own font? Or what if you’re just looking for a specific one for your next design piece, or even a tattoo? Check out these articles for inspiration and for how to expand your knowledge of fonts.

Social Media

And finally, once you’ve created a variety of amazing artworks, you’ll probably want to share them on social media to show others what you do. If you, like many other artists, prefer to display your designs on Behance, this article will teach you how to get the most from it.


I hope you’ve enjoyed these 40 best design articles and tutorials in Russian. What's your favorite one? Please let us know in the comments below. Remember that you can find more articles on various creative topics in other languages, too. 

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