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So you want to be a writer? Many aspiring authors start with a clear idea in mind for their official book covers and layouts.

How to Make an InDesign Book Template Cover  Layout
How to Make an InDesign Book Template (Cover & Layout)

And now you can embark on that creative journey with the help of this guide. We've collected all the resources and tutorials you'll need to know how to make book templates like the professionals. Explore this selection from our authors to get inspired.

Book Quick Links

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How to Make a Book: The Basics

Making your very own book requires a little software know-how and a bit of creativity. Ready to get started? Check out these great tips to master the basics.

Easy Book Tutorials

Or try out a stunning book cover with one of our easier lessons. Learn a variety of ways to make easy book layouts and covers using Photoshop, InDesign, and online print makers.

More Book Tutorials

Continue your learning with more helpful book tutorials. This next batch will help you conquer everything from children's book designs to magazines and more.

Book Videos

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How to Make a Fantasy Book Cover (with a Book Cover Maker)

How do you make a fantastic book cover without confusing software? In this video, you'll discover the amazing benefits of Placeit online book templates to do just that. Learn how to create an incredible fantasy cover using simple tools and resources.

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Premium Book Resources

Short on time? Discover the best book templates around from these premium resources. Get more incredible templates from Envato Market and Envato Elements.

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