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How to Make a Fantasy Book Cover (With a Book Cover Maker)

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What You'll Be Creating

They say "don't judge a book by its cover", but the book cover is the first thing you see—so if you want to attract readers, your book must look great! 

In this tutorial, I'll show you how to make a book cover using a book cover maker in a few easy steps. If you need some ideas for a book cover, Placeit offers many templates that you can customize to create something stunning. In this tutorial, we'll be designing a fantasy book cover, but you can use these templates for whatever you need!

Follow along with us over on the Envato Tuts+ YouTube Channel:

How to Make a Fantasy Book Cover (With a Book Cover Maker)

Step 1

Go to Placeit.net. Go to the Designs tab and find Book Cover Maker.

book cover maker

Step 2

There are many book cover templates that you can modify to create your custom book cover. Pick the one that looks the most promising to you.

book cover templates

Step 3

This template has some assets ready to use: illustrations with transparency that you can preview right away, and special colorful backgrounds that complement the illustration. Of course, if you want your cover to be more unique, you can add your own custom image. To do this, click Custom Image and select your own photo or illustration. I used this photo from Envato Elements.

add custom image to cover

Step 4

Give it a few seconds to upload, and then resize and move the image to create a proper frame. When you're done, click Crop.

crop the image for book cover

Step 5

Time to add the text. There are four text elements in this book cover template that you can edit. First, add the author's name on top. Change the font to something fitting the style you're going for.

add author name on book cover

Step 6

In this book cover template the title is placed inside a single text element, but if you want more flexibility, you can use multiple elements for the title. Give them all the same font, and then add the text to each field and resize the elements manually on the cover.

add text elements to book cover

Step 7

You can also change the color of each text element. I decided to keep the text white, as it contrasts nicely with the dark background of this book cover design.

change font color on book cover

Step 8

When you're done, just scroll up and click the Download button. Here you can purchase the book cover design or download it as a part of your unlimited subscription.

download book cover

Step 9

Additionally, if you want to see how your book cover design really looks, you can use Placeit's book mockup generator

book mockup generator

Find loads of awesome book mockups to show off your design:

Good Job!

Now you know how to create a fantasy book cover with a book cover maker! If you're interested in creating book covers in general, you may also like these tutorials:

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