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4.2 Conclusion

I hope you’ve picked up some useful knowledge and skills from the course, and have perhaps discovered a typographic sub-topic that has sparked your interest. My name is Grace Fussell, I’m an InDesign and print design instructor here at Tuts+, and a big thank you from all the Design & Illustration team for watching!

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4.2 Conclusion

Hi guys, in this final video, I just want to remind you of all the skills and knowledge that you've picked up while taking this course. And hopefully, you'll feel confident in using these to create your own typographic designs in the future. You now have a broad knowledge of the history of typography from the 15th century, up to the present day. And how it informs typography design today. We've touched upon a range of useful typographic techniques such as sizing, leading, kerning, alignment, hyphenation and drop caps which you can apply to your own designs. You've also been exposed to a number of classic typographic tasks including typesetting, and working with typography in layouts as well as being able to vectorize and digitize your own typefaces. I hope that this course has given you some insight into the art of typography both as it stood in the past and how it fares today. And I sincerely hope this will develop your passion for typography, and present some doors for you to open and find your own place in the diverse and fascinating world of typography. The typographic world is your oyster, and I hope that you now the typography artist will find great satisfaction in finding a place in that world that feels just right for you. Thanks again. I'm Grace Fussell, a Design and Print Design Instructor here at Tuts+. And you have successfully completed this course, the Art of Typography. So great work, guys, and hopefully I will see you again soon.

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