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3.1 Conclusion

Finally, we'll wrap things up with a quick review of everything we have covered and some tips on how to break the rules of movie poster design now you know them!

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3.1 Conclusion

Welcome to the final stop in movie poster design in Adobe Photoshop. We have covered everything from composition to typography, but most of all we have looked at the various trends that seem to tie cult or genres together. Designing posters, of course, requires artistic skill, but most of all it requires a clear communication, and selling tactics are king. But that doesn't mean all of your movie posters need to be so literal. Knowing the rules allows you to break them effectively. A prime example of this is shown in the work of Olly Moss, who uses flat illustration and minimalism to truly capture the essence of the film. Despite bucking most of the trends, these posters remain just as effective as the originals, if not more. Here are some tips and tricks you can take away with you. First, play with bold and vibrant colors that will grab your viewers' attention, especially in a sea of white and black backgrounds. Even if you're working on a horror movie poster, the contrast between the dark subject and vibrant colors could create a great contrast, leaving a lasting impression in that viewer's mind, which is what you want. Second, feature the most compelling subject of your movie. This may oftentimes be the hero, but it also could be the villain, or a weapon, or interesting building and location. It could even be something more abstract, like the sense of adventure, if you have a movie where your subject is going from place to place and place, and the adventure itself is the subject of the film. Finally, go abstract and minimal, showing only exactly what you need to show and nothing more. This can be so much more compelling and impactful than showing a group of actors and characters all shoved on the same poster, leaving a longer impression in that viewer's mind. You could also mix the two, a little old, a little new, mixing the trends with your very own design intuition. And, as Envato Elements has no shortage of graphics, photos, and fonts, you can play with every movie genre and every poster style. Unlimited downloads, one monthly fee, and easy cancellation, a designer's dream. And with that, I think it's time to say our goodbyes. I hope to see you and your movie posters very soon. I'm Abbey Esparza, with Envato Tuts+ and this was movie poster design in Adobe Photoshop. [MUSIC]

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