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What Are the Most Popular Fonts for Cricut?

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What is the most popular font for Cricut? With so many different project types, that answer comes in many different forms. There are so many fonts that are perfectly suited to many different projects, and sometimes it is better to look at a few of the best fonts to choose from.

Get Unlimited Cricut Fonts With Envato Elements

It's often hard to choose a particular style for your project, and even harder to choose a font within that style. With so many fonts to choose from on Envato Elements, it is often very hard to decide on the best one! This list of the most popular fonts to use on your Cricut project will help you sift through so many fonts to find the best one to take your project to the next level and make it a wild success. 

Popular Cricut FontsPopular Cricut FontsPopular Cricut Fonts
A few examples of perfect Cricut fonts to use

Top 5 Handwritten Cricut Fonts

Handwritten fonts are very versatile to use on your Cricut projects that may have a slightly more natural and quirky feeling. These fonts are ideal for adding character to your projects as the letters are not always uniform, which can add to the handcrafted style of your projects.

1. Spring Market (OTF & TTF)

Spring MarketSpring MarketSpring Market

Let's start off with a nice, soft, handwritten font. Spring Market can be used for wedding invitations, business branding, a simple book cover, or on a frame for home decor. This is one of the most popular fonts for Cricut wedding decor!

2. My Sweet Farmhouse (OTF & TTF)

My Sweet FarmhouseMy Sweet FarmhouseMy Sweet Farmhouse

This one is a little more quirky, and it has a bubble type look which contrasts nicely with the first font. Try it on a project where you are trying to achieve a slightly more youthful look. This is one of the more popular Cricut fonts for names.

3. Summer (OTF & TTF)


What are the popular fonts for the Cricut for signs? Summer is a strong contender. This font has a slightly stronger look, and while the letters still have an uneven look because the lines aren't uniform, it is the perfect font to choose for a title for your project.

4. Cafe Matcha (OTF & TTF)

Cafe MatchaCafe MatchaCafe Matcha

This is one of the best Cricut fonts that I have in my arsenal. The letters are smooth and slightly thicker than some other fonts, which makes it a lovely font to use for so many different projects like titles or even paragraphs on posters.

5. Milky Shake (OTF & TTF)

Milky shakeMilky shakeMilky shake

This handwritten font is quite fresh, and its natural style makes it the perfect choice for titles, posters, and much more. It's easy to see why it is one of the most popular fonts for Cricut projects!

5 Most Popular Calligraphy Fonts for Cricut

Calligraphy is one of those things that I have never been able to quite get the hang of drawing freehand. Doing the thicker downstrokes and the lighter, thinner upstrokes is very challenging! Luckily, there are so many amazing calligraphy fonts that we can use, so we don't ever have to stress ourselves over learning it. These are some of the most popular calligraphy fonts for Cricut Design Space that you can use for your projects.

1. Regalhisa (OTF & TTF)


This font has a very subtle calligraphy style, and it also falls into the category of a brush script font. This font will change any project into a true piece of art. 

2. Quennsland (OTF & TTF)


This calligraphy font has a really classy, elegant look, and it would be perfect on stationery, especially of the wedding variety. It's proved to be a very popular font for handmade Cricut wedding decor projects because of the readability and classiness of the font. 

3. Agnetta (OTF & TTF)


This font has more of a classical look, and its height makes it the perfect choice for areas where you need additional height but can't sacrifice the width. It works beautifully for logos, titles, invitations, and even social media branding projects.

4. Elizabeth (OTF & TTF)


Elizabeth has the hallmarks of a typical calligraphy font, but combined with the scripting and cursive style, it makes it a much more natural, handcrafted style font. This makes it one of the most popular cursive fonts that I like to use with my Cricut machines!

5. Willow Bloom (OTF & TTF)

Willow BloomWillow BloomWillow Bloom

The hand lettering style of this calligraphy font and the alternate characters that come alongside it put it high on the list of one of the most popular Cricut fonts. The flourishes that you can add to the letters make it an extremely popular choice of cursive fonts to use on Cricut with names and titles.

Most Popular Script Fonts for Cricut

Script fonts are one of my favourite styles because of the cursive look, but also because of the swashes and how they partially resemble cursive writing. Script fonts are usually connected to each other because of the handwriting aspect of how the font is designed. 

1. Frunch (OTF & TTF)


This bold script font has a lovely vintage feel to it, and with it being so easy to read, it makes your titles really stand out. This font also has some swashes, which means you can accentuate both the beginning and the end of your titles. 

2. Asthenia (OTF & TTF)


This script font is a little more typical of a script font, with slightly more obviously uneven weighting in the strokes of the font. It is this uneven weighting that makes it so pretty to look at, and it's on my top list of popular Cricut fonts to use in many projects.

3. Martina (OTF & TTF)


This font has a little more character to it with the movement in the letters. Although it is still a very strong script font, it is also a very popular choice for logos, invitations, special projects, and many other project types. 

4. Bouquet (OTF)


This is one of the most popular script fonts for Cricut projects. It has a beautiful soft flow to the letters, which creates a very classy look and feel. The swashes that go with this font make it the perfect choice for logos and signatures, and it's very easy to use.

5. Wonderful Today (OTF & TTF)

Wonderful TodayWonderful TodayWonderful Today

This font is another one of the most popular script fonts for Cricut because of its slightly whimsical nature. It works beautifully for posters with motivational sayings and will add something extra to every project.

Most Popular Serif Cricut Fonts

Serif fonts are very popular to use in many different types of projects. The often bold shape and weighted edges allow for a typically more masculine feel. These are also the type of fonts that you would want to use somewhere where there is more text than normal. As serif fonts are easier to read, it makes longer paragraphs of text a lot more comfortable to read.

1. Pittsbrook (OTF & TTF)


This font comes with a few different styles, which means you can easily mix and match for the perfect project type! With it being a serif font, you get nice strong, sharp edges, and it would suit a beautiful vintage type project.

2. Pollinator (OTF & TTF)


I find this to be the type of serif font that has the hallmarks of a strong, anchored font, but also allows for so many other project types because of the slight softness to it. That makes it a very versatile choice to use for logos, posters, and even T-shirts.

3. Trigger (OTF & TTF)


Here's the perfect font choice for all your sporty projects! With a touch of vintage style, combined with a classic font, this font has solid foundations and a minimalist style. It also comes with a few different weights, so you can very easily add some variety to your project.

4. Douglas (OTF)


If you want to know what are the popular fonts for the Cricut for signs, then this is definitely one of your strongest choices. There are many variations to this font that can perfectly suit many projects.

5. RNS Camelia (OTF)

RNS CameliaRNS CameliaRNS Camelia

This is a very popular Cricut font to use for tumblers because of the strong edges, and the reverse stroke provides this font with an unexpected look. It's perfect to use at large sizes and help the names on the tumblers stand out really well!

Favourite Thick Cricut Fonts

Thick fonts are amazing to use for your Cricut projects when you are looking for something to stand out nicely, and they're an especially good choice when choosing which of the popular Cricut fonts work best or tumblers. Because the letters are thick, they stand out really well against the background and are easy to read, so it's clear to see why they are such a popular choice.

1. Arizona (OTF & TTF)


This is a lovely soft font choice when searching for what the most popular font is for Cricut. This is one of my top choices as the edges are rounded, giving it a nice soft effect, and it's also slightly uneven, which allows for a hand-crafted look.

2. Watch (TTF)


If hand-crafted isn't what you're looking for, and you want something a little edgier and with a particular graffiti feeling, then this is the perfect choice.

3. Routhers (OTF)


This retro bold font is another of the most popular Cricut fonts for tumblers. This one has a few different font types in the package, and the extrude font allows for a brilliantly 3D type effect, which looks really cool on many different projects!

4. Gazillions (OTF & TTF)


This soft script font is a great thick font to use because of the extras and the flourishes that you can add to a font project—and any font that you can properly customise makes it one of the best Cricut fonts to use!

5. Siggy (OTF)


This font fits into a few different categories, but the thickness of the serif letters makes it the perfect choice for this section. There are also a few different styles, which makes it a very popular Cricut font choice for many different project types, especially titles and headings.

Popular Cursive Fonts for Cricut

At some point, I'm sure we are all looking for the most popular cursive fonts to use with our Cricut machines! They are so versatile to use in so many different projects, from signatures to being a popular font choice for Cricut wedding projects.

These cursive fonts often have all of the hallmarks of handwritten or hand-crafted fonts, but they are able to achieve a totally different kind of effect—something I would never be able to write myself. Here are some popular cursive fonts for you to use on your Cricut projects.

1. Signature Cursive (OTF & TTF)

Signature CursiveSignature CursiveSignature Cursive

This thin, monoline font is a popular cursive font choice to use on Cricut with names, as we can see in the graphic. It works so well because of its simple style, and it's extremely pleasing to look at.

2. Benvollin (OTF & TTF)


This is a popular cursive font to use with your Cricut because it is super easy to read, easy to cut, and has an air of elegance that gives it a totally classy look and feel. This font also has some lovely glyphs and flourishes, so you can take your projects to the next level very easily!

3. Chuglet (OTF & TTF)


This cursive font is slightly less uniform, and while it maintains its air of class, it also allows for a little more room for playfulness. This font would work beautifully for a soft social media post, movie title, or even the perfect logo.

4. Butterscotch (OTF & TTF)


This hand-crafted cursive font is also a beautiful calligraphy font and would work very well for branding projects and even product packaging for many projects. It's easy to see why this is one of the most popular calligraphy and cursive fonts for Cricut.

5. Algetura (OTF & TTF)


This casual cursive font has beautifully contrasting strokes, and it offers some fun flourishes that you can add to your logo or title.

Popular Modern Gothic Fonts for Cricut

A gothic font is a lovely alternative style font that adds a certain air of elegance to so many different projects. If you want your project to have a different look and feel, perhaps something a little darker than one of the other projects that we may have the perfect font for, then this may be the category for you!

Gothic fonts are unusually attractive, and if you want to choose some of the more elaborate gothic fonts, your project will most certainly stand out for all the right reasons. Now let's take a look at the most popular modern gothic fonts for Cricut.

1. Cambridge (OTF & TTF)


Starting off with a very strong gothic font, this one has many decorative elements and is a very strong choice for a lovely, elegant project. The hand lettering on this one makes it the perfect choice for a book, music, invitation, and so much more.

2. Fenrir (OTF)


Now let's switch gears a bit to a gothic Cricut font that has fewer decorative elements, but still has a very strong vintage feel. This would suit a slightly more simple project, and it has some alternate characters which can be used with the capital letters.

3. Killuminati (OTF & TTF)


This is another simple font, but there are so many interesting use cases where it can be applied. The combination of sharp and curved corners makes it the perfect choice for titles, but it could also work in many more applications.

4. Swordstone (OTF & TTF)


This is a lovely alternative to the font before this, as it still has many of the same elements we love in a popular modern gothic font that we can use for Cricut projects, but it's also slightly more readable.

5. Darklands (OTF & TTF)


Inspired by authentic old Gothic script fonts, this font has a lovely Old English style, with a few simple flourishes to add to the character of the font. 

Top Cricut Stencil Fonts to Use

Stencil fonts are the kind of fonts that you can use to cut out of one piece of plastic (usually mylar), and they have been specifically designed to not lose any middle pieces. These fonts have little connectors on the inside of your rounded letter pieces, but they don't have to look obviously like stencil fonts.

There are so many different styles of stencil fonts available, and these are some of the most beautiful stencil fonts that you can use with your Cricut!

1. Aqila (OTF & TTF)


This minimalist font is a thin monoline font which works perfectly for a stencil project without your viewers even realising that it is a stencil font!

2. Vangba (OTF & TTF)


If you are looking for an elegant stencil font to use for a classy project, then this is a perfect choice. It has two different styles, and many interesting alternatives to allow you to add extra dimension to your project.

3. Pearlone (OTF & TTF)


This stylish font comes in two different styles, and it allows you to add a bit more of a runway feel to your project. It's inspired by pearls themselves, and you can use this font to create high-contrast projects, especially when using both the upper and lower case characters that this font allows.

4. Dollar Stencil (OTF & TTF)

Dollar StencilDollar StencilDollar Stencil

This is what you would more typically expect to see from a stencil font, and it's the perfect choice for a classic stencil type project.

5. Quas (OTF & TTF)


Here's another sleek and elegant font that would work with your more refined project types. It works perfectly for headlines and logos, and this minimalist font pairs extremely well with script and sans-serif fonts. 

Pair Your New Font With New Cricut Skills

With the addition of a new arsenal of fonts come opportunities for many new projects. I often have ideas and am not quite sure how to tackle them, so I need to learn some new skills before I can create the new project. These articles will help you learn some new skills and create some incredible new projects.

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