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40+ Best Cricut Wedding Fonts (For Signs, Invitations, & More)

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Planning a wedding? Wondering what the best wedding font on Cricut is? Save hours of your time with this selection of the top wedding fonts for Cricut from Envato Elements.

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Is this your first time uploading new fonts to Cricut? No worries, here's a great resource:

9 Cricut Fonts for Wedding Invitations

The invitation is the first piece of your wedding that your guests will see, and it will be the introduction to the type of wedding they can expect. If you've chosen a very formal font, the guests will know that it is not going to be a casual affair. Choosing a font that pairs well with the type of day you want to have will serve both you and your guests well.

1. Madelican Calligraphy (OTF & TTF)

Madelican Calligraphy-postMadelican Calligraphy-postMadelican Calligraphy-post

This Cricut wedding font is the perfect combination of modern and classic calligraphy. The flourishes allow it to stand out on any type of invitation, creating a classically beautiful invitation for this celebration of love.

2. Regalhisa (OTF & TTF)


What is the best wedding font on Cricut for your wedding? Well, sometimes a font with fewer flourishes can work just as well to elevate your wedding. This font is a bit less formal, while still having some flourishes to take your Cricut wedding project to the next level.

3. Brightshine (OTF & TTF)


Just by looking at this picture, you can see why this font is the perfect choice for an invitation. It is thin and has beautiful, whispy flourishes that are perfect for an upmarket wedding style.

4. Evelyn (OTF & TTF)


This font also has quite a bit of playfulness to it, and the flourishes are fantastic for setting this font apart from others. The classic calligraphy style, with a hint of modern styling, is what I love the most about this playful font.

5. Valentina (OTF & TTF)


This style of font is a fan favourite for these types of events. The heart flourishes are perfectly suited to a wedding invitation—weddings are all about love, after all! Whether you use this in the headline of your invitation or just to add a bit of softness, it's a great choice.

6. Butterscotch (OTF & TTF)


This handcrafted modern calligraphy font provides a nice soft look and feel, while also maintaining a playful vibe, and it's definitely one of my favourite wedding fonts for Cricut.

7. Delight (OTF)


This handwritten font has some calligraphy aspects and delightful flourishes that you can use to emphasise the headline on your invitation title and make it stand out. It also has some fun extra brushstroke images that you can use to amplify your invitation.

8. Angelova (OTF & TTF)


Here's a thin, elegant font with additional flourishes to elevate your invitation. This one is also a lot easier to read (which I love!), and the thin, playful, wispy edges of this font give it a timeless look and feel.

9. Agnetta (OTF & TTF)


A slightly more serious font than the one above, Agnetta is one of the best Cricut wedding fonts for a slightly more formal and serious wedding style. Though it has some modern aspects, the clean lines and uniform style mean that it will look classically beautiful for many years to come.

8 Best Cricut Wedding Writing Fonts

Writing-style fonts come in many different styles and looks. Monoline fonts give a much cleaner and more even look and feel, whereas calligraphy fonts have different weights to the up and down strokes, creating a sense of movement.

Both styles can work beautifully in your search for the perfect Cricut wedding font. These are some of the top examples of different writing-style Cricut wedding fonts that would be perfectly suited for different parts of your wedding, from adding addresses on your invitations to signage or even sharing general information with guests.

1. Marselin (OTF & TTF)


Perfect for a classically elegant wedding style, Marselin is one of the best wedding fonts for Cricut Design Space to use in any aspect of your wedding. This would look incredible as titles on your menu, or even a fun sign that might encourage guests to sit together at the ceremony.

2. Ondyne Stylish (OTF & TTF)


I can see this stylish font used on so many different wedding items, from table numbers to thank-you cards. It's the perfect wedding font to use with your Cricut to be cut out of some pretty chrome vinyl and applied to a gorgeously crisp white card.

3. Designest Calligraphy (OTF & TTF)


This font contains swashes, ligatures, and support for so many languages, which make it the obvious choice if you want a modern typeface font that is extremely professional-looking.

4. Symphony (OTF & TTF)


If you are leaning towards a more handwritten feel, then this is a perfect choice to bring some movement and provide a nice semi-formal feeling to the big day.

5. Washington Calligraphy (OTF & TTF)


This is one of the best Cricut wedding fonts to use if you want to maintain the semi-formal aspect of your wedding, while still allowing it to have an elegant feel. It differs from the one above as this font is a bit more refined, which makes it better suited to a slightly more formal wedding. 

6. Marison Brieny (TTF)

Marison BrienyMarison BrienyMarison Brieny

Try this clean, modern-style font, which works incredibly well in a high-contrast and minimalist design. Think of classic black writing on a white sign or card, with minimal, striking decor and peonies highlighting the couple's names. Sounds divine to me!

7. Eleanor (OTF & TTF)


While similar to the font above, the small differences in these two fonts would suit slightly different projects. The swashes on the ends of the letters are a bit shorter, so this would work better for slightly longer text, and it has more of a handwritten feel to make it feel a little softer.

8. Whitening (OTF & TTF)


This font is even softer and the letters are closer together, which allows it to have a much more informal feel. This would be perfectly suited to paragraphs of writing that could be found on a program showing the guests where they need to be on the day.

8 Top Cricut Wedding Fonts for Signs

Set your wedding apart with Cricut wedding fonts that can be fun and very versatile to suit a wide array of different situations. Signs can be incredibly useful for guests who aren't familiar with the venue or traditions that you may want to perform on the day.

For a sign to be effective, you need it to be bold and easy to read. These fonts will help you to maintain the style of your wedding, while also making sure that your guests won't miss any vital information on your big day.

1. Algetura (OTF & TTF)


The casual nature of this font would be perfectly suited to a more laid-back wedding, or even in a slightly more formal wedding to indicate to guests where they might be able to relax between events.

2. Asthenia (OTF & TTF)


This bold script font has many flourishes that can take it to the next level. It would look perfect on the branding of your food truck or special custom-made pre-reception drinks!

3. Elizabeth Calligraphy Font (OTF & TTF)

Elizabeth Calligraphy FontElizabeth Calligraphy FontElizabeth Calligraphy Font

If you want to maintain an elegant look and feel to your wedding, this bold font is one of the best Cricut fonts to use for wedding signs, as it ticks all the boxes! The timeless nature of this font also means that it will never look out of place.

4. Lovatine (OTF & TTF)


This fun, playful font lends itself perfectly to aspects of your wedding for which you want to retain a more cuddly nature. It makes me think of a gorgeous sign at the entrance to your event with a warm and fuzzy sentiment. I wish I had this at my wedding!

5. Martina (OTF & TTF)


A little bit more playful, while also keeping a hint of elegance, this font would fit seamlessly into many different wedding sign projects that you can make with your Cricut.

6. Quennsland (OTF & TTF)


If you are looking for something to complement the more formal aspect of your wedding, this font has many modern aspects, while also being bold and easy to read.

7. Willow Bloom (OTF & TTF)

Willow BloomWillow BloomWillow Bloom

Here's another bold font that would complement a more formal font type, paired with some ligatures. It's the perfect addition to your wedding signs.

8. Wonderful Today (OTF & TTF)

Wonderful Today-postWonderful Today-postWonderful Today-post

Easily one of the best Cricut fonts for wedding signs, this whimsical script font has many flourishes that you can use to provide a warm and welcoming environment for your guests.

8 Favourite Monogram Wedding Fonts for Cricut

Monograms are synonymous with weddings, and they're often used to provide the event with an element of branding. A monogram can easily tie many different aspects of a wedding together and really set the tone for the wedding.

Monograms can be used in main signs as you enter the venue, or even for something tiny like a branded pair of socks for the gentlemen in the wedding party. They can also be used in a very classic way for branding your napkins, place settings, and keepsakes for your guests.

1. Love Story Monogram Font (OTF & TTF)

Love Story MonogramLove Story MonogramLove Story Monogram

If you are looking to set an elegant feel for your wedding right off the bat, this monogram is a solid choice. With many flourishes that you can easily cut with your Cricut machine, this calligraphy style monogram will bring a fresh feel to your wedding. You can also really easily use the upper and lower case letters of this font to pair your monogram in no time at all.

2. WAW Monogram Font (OTF & TTF)

WAW Monogram FontWAW Monogram FontWAW Monogram Font

A slightly more whimsical choice, this font comes with three different versions to help you easily create your own monogram in so many different ways. This is a perfect Cricut wedding monogram choice for those with longer surnames or unusual circumstances because it offers so much flexibility.

3. Starlove (OTF)


Here's a typical split monogram, which is extremely popular in many wedding styles. This Cricut Wedding monogram font also comes paired with a serif font that beautifully complements the monogram, so you don't have to search for one that works!

4. Monogram Heart Flourish Font (OTF & TTF)

Monogram Heart Flourish FontMonogram Heart Flourish FontMonogram Heart Flourish Font

This easy-to-use flourish font will help your wedding look as though it was entirely custom designed just for you! This font is whimsical, while also keeping the classic and timeless elements to make it perfect for any wedding project.

5. Montheylin-Calligraphy (OTF & TTF)

Montheylin CalligraphyMontheylin CalligraphyMontheylin Calligraphy

Although this isn't technically a monogram font, its style lends itself incredibly well to designing your own monogram in Cricut Design Space. So it's perfect if you are looking for something a bit more custom that no one else will have.

6. Monogram Calligraphy (OTF & TTF)

Monogram CalligraphyMonogram CalligraphyMonogram Calligraphy

This simple, clean monogram font has a few flourishes, but is very soft and welcoming to use as your wedding 'brand' or even just on a sign as you enter the venue!

7. Mellisa Jonathan (OTF & TTF)

Mellisa JonathanMellisa JonathanMellisa Jonathan

Combine both of your names to create a stunning monogrammed invitation to allow both parties to be equally represented on this very special day for you both.

8. Salvalyn (OTF & TTF)


Here's another one that isn't strictly a monogram font, but lends itself very well to being turned into a monogram with all of the special flourishes each letter has. This is the type of font that I would use with the letter as a standalone element on your wedding project, without altering it too much.

9 Perfect Cricut Fonts for Seating Charts

What is the best wedding font on Cricut for your seating chart? There are so many things you need to consider. Seating charts are particularly challenging to find the correct font for because they are usually really large projects, with very small names.

As most of us know, cutting really small fonts on your Cricut is very challenging, so in order to make your life easier, I would suggest choosing a slightly bolder font, and one that doesn't have flourishes. Not only does it make the font easier to weed, but it also makes it easier for your guests to find their names when they arrive at the wedding reception.

1. Enriq Round (OTF & TTF)

Enriq RoundEnriq RoundEnriq Round

The soft edges of this font make it perfectly suited if you want the environment to be casual, warm, and welcoming. It is easy to read, and with so many font styles to choose from, you can easily create your seating chart with your Cricut and not have too many problems weeding this one.

2. Valencia (OTF)


If your wedding has a bolder, more formal style, this thinner font will work beautifully for your seating chart or many other elements that will tie this wedding together.

3. Sojourn (OTF & TTF)


This sans serif font has a softer feel and is quite bold, so when you have many small names cut out of vinyl, it won't be as difficult to work with. 

4. Aadam (OTF & TTF)


This serif font will not only work well for headings on your seating chart, but it will also pair quite well with many of the Cricut wedding monogram fonts we covered earlier.

5. Groce (OTF & TTF)


If you want the seating chart for your Cricut wedding to have a bit of flair, this thick serif font is one of the best to use. It will be easy to cut and weed with your Cricut, and the fun stylistic alternatives will mean that you can add some flair to the headings of your seating chart.

6. Qualey (OTF & TTF)


Qualey is another font that would work well in the headings of your seating chart for a more formal styled wedding. If you are a beginner, I wouldn't suggest using this font for the names if they are too small, as the thin elements would be difficult to weed if your cut settings aren't close to perfect.

7. Wedding Font Pairing II (OTF & TTF)

Wedding Font Pairing IIWedding Font Pairing IIWedding Font Pairing II

Some of the fonts in this pack are perfectly suited for the small names you will need to cut with your Cricut for your wedding seating chart, and the fonts with the thinner elements are perfect to use alongside those fonts as they are already matched for you. We love a font pack that saves us time!

8. Deluce (OTF & TTF)


This one is definitely for the more experienced Cricut users as the thinner elements on this font make it more challenging to use for a seating chart, but it is definitely not impossible to do.

9. Pearl One (OTF & TTF)

Pearl OnePearl OnePearl One

A slightly different font to end off with, Pearl One is not only modern and very stylish, but it is also a stencil font. If you need to use a stencil font to apply your seating chart or any element of your wedding to a different surface, or you just want to use a completely different style of font, this is a fantastic type of Cricut wedding font to use.

These Wedding Fonts Pair Well With New Cricut Skills!

Some of the fonts we have spoken about require a bit of upskilling to be able to use them to their full potential. Whether you need to learn how to cut small letters, how to create monogrammed items, or how to use flourishes, we have so many tutorials that will help you take your Cricut game to the next level.

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