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Envato Tuts+ Community Challenge: Created by You, June 2017 Edition

Welcome to our monthly feature of fantastic tutorial results created by you, the Envato Tuts+ community! Every day, visitors like you take the time not only to read our tutorials but also to try them out. This is an assortment of those comment submissions found throughout the Design & Illustration section. Check out this set of results and join in for the next roundup, published next month!

Vector Tutorial Results

Taken from the comments section of your favorite tutorials, these first pieces are an assortment of results created with vector drawing programs. Check out these amazing results!

How to Create a Tropical Bungalow on a Palm Beach in Adobe Illustrator

Ilia Dov created this vibrant Tropical Bungalow from a tutorial by . She commented:

Thanks for an awesome tutorial! I really enjoyed making that one.
Tropical Bungalow Illustration Illustrator Tutorial

How to Create a Bodega Shop Illustration in Adobe Illustrator

Inspired by this Bodega Illustration from instructor , Arjen van der Velde recreated the illustration perfectly, commenting:

Thank you for this tutorial!
Bodega Shop Illustration Adobe Illustrator Tutorial

How to Create a Road Text Effect in Adobe Illustrator

Lwardi Abdo achieved success from this awesome Road Text Effect tutorial by . He commented:

This was an amazing tutorial! As a beginner I enjoyed learning new tricks. Thanks for sharing Andrei, here is my result applied to the word, "Nascar."
Road Text Effect Adobe Illustrator Tutorial

How to Create a Space Observatory Badge in Adobe Illustrator

User Kinzee_fr created an awesome result inspired by this Space Badge tutorial by , commenting:

Here it is. Well, it has some flaws but I tried my best! Thanks for the great tutorial.
Space Badge Adobe Illustrator Tutorial

Create a 3D Paper Bird With Geometric Shapes in Adobe Illustrator

Shamus Tobin created a lovely Paper Bird inspired by a tutorial from . He commented:

Here's a humming bird from my yard.
Paper Bird Adobe Illustrator Tutorial

Create Detailed Tulips With Gradient Mesh, Without the Mesh Tool in Illustrator

Camila Fedarkova just loved this Tulip Gradient Mesh tutorial from . She commented:

Thank you for this great tutorial! It's very easy to follow, even for beginners like myself!
Tulip Illustration Adobe Illustrator Mesh Tool

How to Create a Unicorn Illustration in Adobe Illustrator

Anna did a wonderful job with this Unicorn Illustration from . She commented:

You are such a great teacher! All your tutorials are easy to do and are full of useful advice. Please keep it up! Thank you!
Unicorn Illustration Adobe Illustrator Tutorial

How to Create a Super Kawaii Collage in Adobe Illustrator

Dolphin Trang achieved amazing results with this Super Kawaii Collage from . She commented:

Thank you so much! This was very useful. Here's my result.
Kawaii Fruit Collage Adobe Illustrator Tutorial

How to Design a Naw-Rúz Floral Card in Adobe Illustrator

Captivated by this Naw-Rúz Floral Card from , Dilara Isis Yavuz created a fantastic card of her own. She said:

Inspired by your tutorial, I created a Pokemon-themed spring postcard!
Naw-Rz Floral Card Illustrator Tutorial

How to Create a Stylish Deer With Brushes and Graphic Styles in Adobe Illustrator

Christopher Hoffmann Jacob did an incredible job with this Stylish Deer tutorial from . He commented:

Great tutorial! I will be using the tips for sure, but I need some more practice because I'm a little rusty!
Stylish Deer Illustration Adobe Illustrator Tutorial

Adobe Photoshop Tutorial Results

Let's take a look at this next set of results inspired by Adobe Photoshop tutorials published here on Envato Tuts+. Contributions range from photo effects to icons and more! Check out these wicked results below!

How to Create a Fur Action Text Effect in Adobe Photoshop

Hiba recreated this Fur Text Effect from perfectly! They commented:

Thank you very much, this is my result.
Fur Text Effect Adobe Photoshop Tutorial

Learn How to Paint a Realistic Nose in Adobe Photoshop

User SZoeter achieved an amazing result with this Realistic Nose Painting tutorial from , commenting

Nice tutorial! Here's my result!
Paint a Realistic Nose in Adobe Photoshop

How to Add Texture to a Flat Illustration in Adobe Photoshop

Aisha Khan created her own refreshing Flat Drink Illustration with help from a tutorial by . She commented:

Thank you so much for your tutorial. It really helped me improve my Photoshop skills. I really love your work and I hope to use more of these techniques in making works of my own.
Flat Lemon Drink Illustration Photoshop Tutorial

Create a Funny Surreal Underground Scene With Adobe Photoshop

User bao007fei just loved this Surreal Underground Scene from instructor , commenting:

Amazing tutorial! Love you Jenny Le!
Surreal Underground Manipulation Photoshop Tutorial

Quick Tip: Create a Glass Text Effect in Photoshop Using Layer Styles

Naveed Mirza achieved beautiful success with this Glass Text Effect from . He commented:

Thanks, I love this!
Glass Text Effect Photoshop Tutorial

How to Create an Energetic Paint Splashing Effect in Adobe Photoshop

Franck Beaume did a job well done with this Paint Splashing Effect from instructor . He commented:

Thanks Melody for this great tutorial. Very inspiring and well explained. I could not miss the opportunity to use one of my favorite techniques, so here's my version. Best regards.
Paint Splashing Shoe Effect Photoshop Tutorial

How to Create a Cute Baby Dragon Photo Manipulation in Adobe Photoshop

Liya Rybakova created her own adorable Baby Dragon Photo Manipulation from a tutorial by . She commented simply:

Thank you!
Dragon Photo Manipulation Photoshop Tutorial

Design Tutorial Results

These final pieces are inspired by an assortment of design tutorials that don't quite fit the previous categories. They include everything from print design to drawing and more! Enjoy these beautiful pieces created by the community below!

How to Draw a T-Rex Dinosaur

Atka Kaa created a ferocious T-Rex Dinosaur Illustration from a thorough tutorial by , commenting:

Thanks. It was a bit difficult for me, really. His legs are not very good.
T-Rex Dinosaur Drawing Tutorial

How to Create a Vintage Wedding Invitation in Adobe InDesign

Jael did a superb job with this Wedding Invitation tutorial from and commented:

Thanks Grace, I decided to use a different font!
Wedding Invitaion Adobe InDesign Tutorial

Cartoon Fundamentals: How to Draw a Cartoon Body

Spencer Price showed off his amazing talent using this Cartoon Fundamentals tutorial from . He said:

Stumbled across these tutorials, and I have to say, I love them. Thanks for sharing your talent with others. You helped me come up with this one. Here's my attempt.
How to Draw a Cartoon Body Tutorial Result

How to Be Involved in the Next Showcase

Have you created a piece based on one of our tutorials here in the Design & Illustration section of Envato Tuts+? We're keen for you to share your results with us! Check out the general guidelines below to join in with our community:

  • Your artwork should be similar in some way to the tutorial that you followed or that inspired it. The aim of these showcases is to share what readers have created after following the tutorial.
  • Comment on the tutorial you used, attaching an image of your result. We're keen on all levels of ability: from beginner to advanced!
  • Include a comment about your result, yourself, or your process. We like knowing about you and what you're sharing.
  • Share the tutorial when you share that artwork elsewhere on the web. If you've posted your piece on sites like Facebook, Tumblr or Behance, link back to the tutorial so that other users know your source and can join in on the fun.

Thanks to everyone who was highlighted above for sharing your results with the Envato Tuts+ community. We look forward to checking out your brilliant versions of our tutorials in the near future, and welcome users new and old to participate in upcoming showcases.

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