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25 Best Logos for General Contractors, Mechanics, Electricians, HVAC, & More


Branding your contracting business in 2021 is key for success. Whether you’re a general contractor, mechanic, electrician, or specialize in something else, building great marketing is essential. You’re looking for the best general contractor logos for your business.

Handyman Logo Example
Use Placeit's logo making tool to build easy and clean logos like this one. 

When you use Placeit, you can generate winning general contractor logo ideas and bring them to fruition in a few simple clicks. You’ll instantly stand out in your crowded market space. And you’ll have more time to build and grow your contracting business! Envato Elements is another great source for contractor logo templates.

Create a Custom Contractor Logo Design

As a contractor, you may be wondering how to build the perfect custom logo design for your business.

The best way is to design a logo that grabs attention fast. You've got to be creative and design something memorable enough for people to recollect you when they need your services. There are a few things to keep in mind to help you succeed:

  • Be memorable. Potential customers might see you in advertisements or notice your work truck driving by. Unless they happen to be in the market for a contractor, mechanic, or electrician right now, chances are most people will simply file the info away. So stand out and be remembered.
  • Be strong. Bold, bright colors and strong fonts help you convey strength and success. They’re also more noticeable, and easier to read from a distance.
  • Be clear. An essential part of logo design is making your service absolutely clear. That starts with bringing your offerings to the forefront.
  • Match names and branding. Choose icons and symbols that align with your own business. Generic logos don’t stand out; customized ones do. 

If this sounds like a lot, don’t worry. Placeit makes contractor logo design a breeze. With Placeit, you can build incredible custom logos right inside your web browser. 

Then you can download them for use anywhere. You don’t need access to complicated editing software, and design experience isn’t necessary.

25 Best Contractor, Mechanic, & Electrician Logo Designs for 2021

Contractors, mechanics, electricians and more all have one common need: a great logo that promotes their business. Here are 25 of my favorite starting points on Placeit, to create those logos in less time than ever.

1. Home Remodeling Logo Maker

Home Remodeling Logo Maker

We start our list of general contractor logos with this modern option. It has a contemporary font that offers a touch of class. The graphic suits the industry, but you can change it to fit your brand's personality.

2. Logo Maker for Home Repair Contractors

Logo Maker for Home Repair Contractors

Try out this logo option if you're a home repair contractor. Freshen up your brand with the bold font and scaled-back icon featured here. Feel free to edit the layout, colors, and text of this logo template.

3. Colorful Logo Maker for a Painting Services Company

Colorful Logo Maker for a Painting Services Company

Bright and fun with clear messaging, this is the perfect logo to show customers interested in painting services. The minimal icon of a paintbrush can have its color changed if pink isn't for you, and so can the font!

4. Carpenter Logo Maker With Minimalistic Icon

Logo Maker for Carpenter

Carpentry is an underrated skill, and so is choosing the right logo for your business. If you're a woodworker, keep it simple with this minimal logo template. Add your company name and brand colors in just a few clicks. 

5. Logo Generator for Home Remodeling Companies

Logo Generator for Home Remodeling Companies

The cute little house icon featured in this logo completes the stylish aesthetic. With classy lettering and a soft brown background, this logo will make clients trust you with their home restyling. 

6. Logo Creator for Home Renovators

Logo Creator for Home Renovators

Whatever your specialty is, this remodeling logo will help you brand your business in style. With easy-to-use color changers and bold fonts, you can easily tailor the logo to fit just right. Don't forget to try out different layout options to change up the look and feel even more.

7. Home Design and Remodel Logo Template

Home Design and Remodel

Focused on home improvers of all kinds, this versatile logo is perfect for contractors anywhere who want to promote their business. It's one of the best logos for construction contractors thanks to its bright and beautiful graphics. It leaves plenty of room for a catchy slogan as well.

8. Logo Generator for a Handyman

Logo Generator for a Handyman

Contractor specialties span a wide range. But this template captures all of these and more. If you're in need of an HVAC logo, electrical contractor logo, or anything similar, it's hard to beat this stylish template. Creative flexibility lives in the vast array of specialty icons.

9. Restoration Services Logo Creator

Restoration Services

Restorations involve cleanup, hard work, and rebirth. Similarly, you can bring new life to your contractor logo with this straightforward template. Featuring geometric icons and funky, modern fonts, it's a winning way to market your restoration contracting business. Be sure to explore the different backgrounds or add your own for the ultimate customization.

10. Contractor Logo Maker with Tool Icons

Contractor Logo Maker

Wrenches, brushes, and hammers—they're tools of your trade. And thanks to this gritty contractor logo, they can be part of your marketing as well. Equally at home on a billboard or the side of your toolbox, this logo is meant to capture customer attention and build profitable relationships.

11. Handyman Services Logo Generator

Handyman Services Logo

This flexible design is a top option among logos for construction contractors. It's driven by custom icons that allow you to capture the essence of your service offerings. Whether you need an HVAC logo, a mechanic logo, or something totally new, you can build it in seconds right here.

12. Home Renovators Logo Template

Home Renovators Logo Template

Home renovation is challenging work, but building your marketing shouldn't be. By using this general contractor logo, you can instantly gain a competitive advantage through style alone. Packed with an array of icons and a full set of custom fonts, this logo is sure to get your business that key second look.

13. Home Repair Logo Maker

Home Repair

Structures of all kinds dominate the iconography of this roofing company logo. It's a winning way to portray your roofing business through understated style and bold colors. And you've got total control over the colors as well, to make yourself stand out anywhere.

14. Logo Maker for House Renovation Experts

Logo Maker for Renovation

A modern vibe dominates this contractor logo design. It's simple enough for easy use, but versatile enough to comfortably fit any business. It works best with bright colors, so if you're looking to stand out in a crowd, there's no better place to start.

15. Construction Company Logo Maker with Hard Hat Icon

Construction Company Logo Maker

Are you looking for logos for construction contractors? Hard hats are a universal symbol of work, construction, and growth. What better way to symbolize your expanding contracting business? Tap into this timeless style with fun, engaging hard hat graphics that capture the spirit of construction.

16. Logo Maker for Home Restoration Services

Logo Maker for Restoration

Painter and mechanical contractor logos should be both meaningful and memorable. You need potential customers to remember your name and number months down the road. Start off with this minimalist, focused logo template that features plenty of room for all your details.

17. Colorful Roof Graphics Logo Maker for Home Remodel

Colorful Roof Graphics Logo

Just like the work you perform, roofing company logos should be of the highest quality. These colorful graphics make the design side easy, bringing the focus directly to the rooftop. Striking fonts give way to spacious subtitles, perfect for sharing your slogan or contact information.

18. Logo Maker for Home Makeovers

Logo for Home Makeover

Equally equipped to meet the needs of roofers, painters, and mechanics alike, this logo template is the perfect complement to your marketing strategy. With colorful backgrounds, the focus truly turns to logo and font contrasts. You can dress those up even more with metallic backgrounds that bring the content to life.

19. Logo Template for a Handyman

Logo Template for a Handyman

Just like any other business, contracting has shifted into the modern age. Capture ultra-modern branding with this flashy general contractor logo template. You'll find a full package of abstract tool icons and refined, polished new fonts.

20. Handyman Logotype Maker

Handyman Logotype

For a flexible, general contractor logo design, don't pass up this amazing option. Whether you're a large company or a sole proprietorship, the easy branding options here will fit your needs in a flash. They're detailed enough to feature in professional marketing campaigns, but they'd be right at home on the side of your work vehicle too.

21. Logo Maker for a Handyman

Fixman Logotype Maker

These dynamic, unforgettable graphics are impossible to ignore. The dark background and bright fonts are a contrast sure to get anyone's attention. It's up to you to introduce your own branding with the variety of placeholders. Then let this contractor logo idea do the work.  

22. Home Remodeling Logo Maker with Roof Graphics

Home Remodeling Logo with Roof Graphics

This all-purpose contractor logo is a good fit for anything involving the home. It's great for mechanics, roofers, painters, HVAC installers, and more. Vibrant colors and flexible logos deliver all the customization options you'll need, with none of the distracting complexities you don't.

23. Logo Maker for Remodeling Company

Logo Maker for Remodeling Company

Bold fonts and a minimal graphic make this contractor logo design a winning option for those who remodel homes. Choose from a diverse set of icons to represent your brand. Then mix and match colors and fonts, and watch your vision come to life.

24. Logo Maker for Restoration Services

Logo Maker for Restoration Services

Do you dig the minimal look? This restoration and remodeling company logo template stands out in its simplicity. If your brand uses... less blue, don't worry! It's completely customizable. Change the color, layout, icon, and more to fit the image you want.

25. Home Improvement Logo Design

Home Improvement Logo Design

We close with this minimal logo. Its design is simple yet eye-catching, and the icon stands out against the text. As with the other Placeit contractor logo templates, you can edit the graphic, text, and color background. Rearrange the layout for a look unique to your home improvement company.

5 Quick Tips for Making Great Contractor & Mechanical Logos in 2021

Now that we’ve explored 25 custom contractor logo templates, let’s learn more. It’s time to check out how easy it is to build your very own logo with Placeit.

1. Select a Winning General Contractor Logo Template

Let’s use item #7 from our collection of logos above, the Home Design and Remodel Logo Template. When we click on the link, Placeit will display a preview screen. This is also the editing suite that lives right inside of Placeit. 

These placeholders on each side enable you to customize the logo by changing colors, text, fonts, and more. A prime tip for logo design is to truly make it your own by taking advantage of every option you can.

Choose a logo

2. Select a New Icon

Over on the right side, you can see the variety of icon options included in each Placeit template. Be sure to select an icon that aligns with your business. For example, let’s say we’re creating a logo for a painting business. This house and brush icon is a perfect fit. When you click to select it, Placeit will instantly display a preview in the center.

Select an icon

3. Customize the Text and Font

The next key element to building a great contractor logo is to customize the text and font. Those options are located on the left side of the screen. Start off by adding your own name and slogan. Then, be sure to select a custom font to bring your words to life. Simply click on the text drop-downs and choose from dozens of stunning fonts.

Customize text and fonts

4. Choose a New Background Color

The default yellow looks great, but you might want a different background color. To change it, simply click on the Background menu on the right side of the screen. A color chooser will appear, and you can click to select a new option. 

For more customization, click More to launch a color wheel. You can even drop in a color hex code for a precise match.

Choose background color

5. Download and Use Everywhere

Once you’ve finished creating your custom contractor logo design, it’s time to download it and start using it. To do this, simply click Download at the top, and then select your desired resolution. In seconds, you’ll have your custom logo available as an image file. 

Use your new logo far and wide—on ads, signs, hats, shirts, mugs, and everywhere else. Remember, the more exposure your business gets, the more customers you gain.

More Great Options From Envato Elements

As you’ve seen, Placeit offers countless stunning contractor logo ideas just for you. But as you build your branding, Placeit isn’t the only place to look. You can also check out the unlimited download creative buffet, Envato Elements.

Envato Elements General Contractor Logos
Use any of these Envato Elements to completely customize your next logo design.

Elements is an all-you-can download service that offers logos, project templates, images, audio, fonts, and more. For a low monthly fee, anyone can unlock access to a library of content approaching a million items. It’s truly a must-have option for creatives, or anyone looking to brand their business in style.

Learn Logo Design From the Envato Tuts+ YouTube Channel

If you've looked into logo design, you know that it's a deep topic. Thankfully, the Envato Tuts+ YouTube channel makes learning about logos a lot easier. You'll find some helpful logo design video tutorials to get you more comfortable with creating.

Head over to our dedicated logo playlist on YouTube for our video guides. Here's a free course you can watch to get started. 

Build Your Contractor Logo With Envato Elements

With Placeit and Envato Elements, you can bring your general contractor logo ideas to life in 2021. Placeit lets you do this right inside your favorite web browser. And Elements enables even more customization options, thanks to templates that work seamlessly with your preferred editing software.

Both Placeit and Elements are must-have options for designers and creatives. They truly deliver value to any situation. Let your imagination guide you on a creative journey of success. So what are you waiting for? Get started building your custom general contractor logo today!

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