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29+ Best Gym & Fitness Center Logo Ideas: Design Inspiration (2021)


If you own a gym or fitness center and you want to create fresh new branding, it’s key for you to make your gym stand out. You want the best fitness logo designs for your business in 2021.

Graffiti Stencil Logo Generator For Crossfit Gym
Just one of the many fitness logo design templates available on Placeit to help your gym or fitness center logo stand out.

On Placeit, you can explore your fitness center logo ideas and craft a winning finished product quickly in just a few clicks. Your gym or fitness center will have a leg up on its competition, and you’ll have more time to focus on building (and promoting) it for 2021!

Create a Unique Fitness Logo Design

You may be wondering: how do you go about creating a logo that stands out for your fitness-oriented business?

One way to do that is with a vibrant and engaging fitness logo. Fitness logo design calls for creativity, and there are a few points to really keep in mind as you design and build your creative fitness logos:

  • Be bold. Exercise and fitness bring to mind action and results. Choose energizing themes and colors to match.
  • Be memorable. Just like any other marketing campaign, your goal is to first attract, and ultimately maintain, viewer attention. Generic flat logos won’t cut it.
  • Match names and images. Choose icons and symbols that complement or relate to the name of your gym or fitness center.
  • Build universally. As you design your logo, plan for its use in a variety of channels: billboards, T-shirts, road signs, and more. Be sure it looks great at any size and doesn’t include small elements too tough to read from a distance, or while in motion.

Sound daunting? It shouldn’t, because with Placeitfitness logo design has never been easier. Thanks to Placeit, you can choose from stunning professional gym logo design templates, and then apply all of your own content, all inside your web browser. No complex editing software is required, nor do you need any graphic design experience. 

How to Make a Logo With Placeit

Before we dive into some examples, let’s take a look at just how easy it is to build a custom fitness logo design using Placeit. 

1. Select a Fitness Logo Template

For the purposes of this tutorial, let’s use one of the items from below, the Gym Logo Maker for Fitness Studios. As you can see, Placeit shows a preview of the finished logo in the center, with these placeholders around the sides. In them, you can adjust the text, titles, colors, backgrounds, and more.

Placeit Gym Logo Maker
Start with a pre-built logo design to skip ahead in the process on Placeit.

2. Change the Business Name

The default name is Route 66 Fitness Center, but let’s go ahead and change this to the name of our fictional fitness center. We’ll call it the Armstrong Workout Center. 

Now, the text placeholders on the left split the text in half: the top one is the text to the left of the red box, and the second one is the text in the red box. 

For contrast, let’s offset the word “strong.” So, in the first box, type “Arm”, and in the second text box, type “Strong.” Next, type “Workout Center” in the bottom text box. You can also change the font style and size with the drop-down options.

Update text
Update the text placeholders with your brand text to customize it rapidly.

As you can see, Placeit instantly updates the logo preview and shows us how the finished product will look. 

3. Change the Background and Banners

Carrying on with our edits, let’s now change the background and banner colors. The banner is the red highlighted box. Let’s say we want to invert the colors, to have a blue box and red background. 

In the Banner box, click on the color drop-down and choose a color from the chooser. Click on the More option to open up a color wheel to enable minute customizations. Choose a shade of blue, and then just repeat the same steps on the Background color drop-down, choosing a shade of red this time.

Update color scheme
Highlight your text and change the colors to match your brand's color palette. 

That’s it. In just a few seconds, we’ve built a totally unique logo for our fitness center. 

4. Preview Your New Customized Fitness Logo

Are you finished? Click Download at the top, and then launch a preview of the logo’s image file. 

Once you download the logo, it’s ready to use. You've now got a powerful new marketing tool in your arsenal.

20 Top Place Gym & Fitness Logos

Now that we’ve learned how easy fitness logo design is using Placeit, let’s dive in and explore 20 of their best gym and fitness center logo designs to use for 2021. Remember, all you've got to do to create your own logo is choose the one you like best and drop in your own content, just like we did above.

1. Gym Logo Maker for CrossFit Gyms

Gym Logo Maker for Crossfit Gyms

This gym logo maker will have your visitors feeling the burn. It's a design that's full of style, while being all about hard work.  The "American Fitness" copy fits perfectly in the customizable dumbbell design. Add in the name of your gym or CrossFit program along with its colors. In a matter of clicks, you'll have finished the perfect CrossFit logo.

2. Calisthenics Center Logo Generator

Calisthenics Center Logo Generator

Professionally crafted with an easy-to-understand design language, this logo generator is perfect for all types of exercise centers. The centerpiece of the design is a figure using a pull-up bar over the name of your gym. Like every other logo, you can experiment and edit every element of this design.  

3. Fitness and Wellness Logo Creator

Fitness and Wellness Logo Creator

With soft colors and typefaces, this logo design is perfect for wellness centers. Use it for your website, tote bags, and gym apparel. Stick with the tones of purple in the default design or tweak it to fit your branding. It's perfect for a rebrand or if you're just starting your fitness center.

4. Fitness Logo Maker - Health And Wellness Training Centers

Health and Wellness Training Centers Fitness Logo Maker

Abstract art is a great way to communicate motion in your logo design. This dynamic tone is set with the bold, dynamic styling of this Placeit template. It's tailored for health and wellness training, but it can be built to suit almost any gym or fitness center. Be sure to explore the many different badge shapes to customize it to your own needs.

5. Power Fitness Gym Online Logo Generator

Power Fitness Gym Online Logo Generator

Craft the perfect image for your gym by using this custom Placeit template. Your fitness center will find its next branding frontier in this dynamic package. Choose from countless fonts and colors to truly make it your own. If you'd like to tweak the barbell imagery, you can find many illustrations that can fit your style.

6. Fitness Logo Generator for Physical Trainers

Fitness Logo Generator For Physical Trainers

If your gym or fitness emphasis is on HIIT training, turn to this inspired template choice. The clock and lightning bolt conjure images of speed and strength, and you can harness that very energy in your logo thanks to this refined template. Colors are key to enable total customization. You can stick with the minimal look, or experiment and see what you can create.

7. Graffiti Stencil Logo Generator For CrossFit Gym

Graffiti Stencil Logo Generator For Crossfit Gym

If you need greater variety for your CrossFit gym logo, this stylish fitness logo design is hard to beat. Take your brand to the streets thanks to the gritty graffiti style of the typography. The orange background complements this look well, but it can be changed to fit your gym. Dive in and build your CrossFit gym logo design right now.

8. Gym Logo Maker for Fitness Studios

Gym Logo Maker

To add a dash of refined contrast to your fitness logo design, try out this bold logo template. You saw it previewed in the tutorial above, and perhaps noted how useful it is to call out words and phrases. Use it to contrast words or make text pop, in a fashion that never goes out of style.

9. Gym Logo Creator

Gym Logo Creator

Focus on strength with this strong brand offering. Featuring a variety of powerlifting iconography, this powerful fitness logo design emphasizes growth and development. Explore the dozens of stylish icons and choose the one that fits best with your gym. And don’t forget the line graphic placeholder, to offset title from subtitle. This template truly delivers the weight of a modern, hip vibe for your business.

10. Logo Maker to Design a CrossFit Logo

Crossfit Logo Designer

CrossFit is one of the hottest new trends in physical fitness, and it follows that the space has a ton of new upstarts. If you’re trying to make yours stand out, start here with this incredible gym logo idea. With its emphasis across multiple disciplines, the plethora of icons included with this template is designed to encompass the diversity of the CrossFit experience. Bold colors and simple styling keep things on track.

11. Gym Logo Maker

Gym Logo Maker

For more great options in the gym logo design space, check out the options in this versatile template. Recognizing fitness transcends mere heavy lifting, you’ll find logo options here that encompass all types of gym and fitness activities. Yoga, cycling, and swimming: all these and more are represented here, so you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your next fitness logo design.

12. Boxing Gym Logo with Punching Bag Icon

Boxing Gym Logo with Punching Bag

Targeted towards boxing gyms, this fitness logo really packs a punch. Step into the ring of world-class marketing by using it for your own gym or fitness center. Browse a multitude of inspired boxing icons and symbols to choose the one that best matches your current branding. Then set about making it all your own, by altering the fonts, colors, backgrounds, and more.

13. Gym Logo Maker with Shields

Gym Logo Maker with Shields

Many view fitness and physical activity as a guardian against weakness, and a shield against ill health. Emphasize this innate association in your marketing with this shield logo template from Placeit. Courtesy of its Art Deco titles and styling, you can use this template to give your gym or fitness center a feeling of timeless power. Be sure to explore different background colors to change up the look and feel.

14. Minimalist Gym Logo Creator

Minimalist Gym Logo Creator

As you explore your fitness center logo ideas, keep in mind that less is sometimes more. For a minimalist look, it’s hard to go wrong with this simple and stylish template focused exclusively on text offsets. It’s an easy way to brand your fitness center without using distracting graphics. Your design destiny for the logo is in your hands as you can explore virtually unlimited color possibilities. It may be a simple logo, but it’s hardly niche—make it your very own now.

15. Gym Logo Maker with Badge Design

Gym Logo Maker with Badge Design

For a rustic, retro design for your next gym logo idea, turn to this elegant template from Placeit. It evokes a woodsy style built around outdoor fitness activities. But it can also be versatile and built to suit almost any gym or fitness center. The focus is on you, through the creative use of fonts, colors, and more. The finished product is especially meant for wearable marketing materials, and would look great on shirts, hats, and more.

16. Gym Logo Maker for Weightlifting Gyms

Weightlifting Gyms Logo Maker

When you’re trying to put your fitness center logo ideas into practice, it’s really key to select which physical fitness style you want to focus on. Perhaps the most traditional is lifting, and that’s what this template is all about. Choose from dozens of heavyweight designs to bring focus to lifting. Spotters won’t be the only people with eyes on your fitness center after you present your new logo to the market!

17. Text Only Fitness Logo Maker

Text Only Fitness Logo Maker

Cool as they are, you don’t have to use icons to build incredible gym and fitness center logos. This point is made clear in this minimalistic template. Let your brand speak for itself in this text-only offering, and keep the focus on name recognition. Here, it really pays to have a great tagline or slogan. Choose a catchy phrase, and workout enthusiasts young and old will keep coming back!

18. Energy Drinks Logo Maker for Fitness Gyms

Energy Drinks Logo Maker

In today’s competitive marketing environment, branding is just as important as the pre-workout. Bring stamina to your fitness logo design thanks to this unique and catchy theme. Bursts of energy are the key to success in any workout, and the same can be said for enduring marketing campaigns. Capture the power with this style.

19. Sports Logo Maker for Fitness Center

Sports Logo Maker for Fitness Center

You won't need to put your back into it to use this gym logo generator. The Sports Logo Maker will put your visitors in a workout mood. The orange outline seen in this design draws attention to the lifting figure and typeface. Everything is editable in a matter of clicks. Even the position of the text and image can be swapped quickly.  

20. Health Center Logo Generator With Abstract Illustration

Health Center Logo Generator With Abstract Illustration

We round out our list of Placeit gym logo designs with this minimal selection. It does a great job of using white space to draw attention to each important design element. The color of the abstract figure can be changed, just like the accent color. Have fun changing pieces of this design to create the perfect finished logo.

10 Top Gym Logos From Envato Elements

As you can see, Placeit offers tons of stunning gym and fitness center logo design options. But it isn’t the only place to turn to as you develop your marketing campaign. Placeit is now a part of Envato, and with Envato you can also choose the incredible Envato Elements platform. 

fitness logo design templates
Envato Elements also has unique fitness logo design templates.

Envato Elements is an all-you-can-download powerhouse resource for creatives, with images, videos, templates, projects, and more accessible via a low monthly membership fee. It’s truly a one-stop shop for creatives. Let’s explore ten more great gym and fitness center logo templates for 2021, this time from Envato Elements.

1. Bear Gym Logo Template

Bear Gym Logo Template

Fearsome and charming at the same time, the Bear Gym Logo Template is one of my favorites on Envato Elements. Its design is modern, and the text frames the bear design perfectly. The Adobe Illustrator template is well organized and layered for easy editing.

2. Fitness - Logo Template

Fitness - Logo Template

Two important elements of a great logo are to be easily recognizable and easy to recreate. The Fitness Logo Template ticks both boxes. It shares an image of strength while not being overdoing the design. Colors, fonts, and sizes can be changed, and the design is print-ready. Edit this look in Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and Sketch. 

3. Bull Bodybuilder Gym Fitness Logo

Bull Bodybuilder Gym Fitness Logo

Keeping with the fierce animal design theme is the Bull Bodybuilder Gym Fitness Logo. This logo template is perfect if you want to add an edge of toughness to your gym. Each file included in this pack is a vector, making it scalable to any size you need. Use Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop with Bull Bodybuilder if you want a cool logo for shirts, membership cards, and marketing materials.

4. Thunder Fit Logo Template

Thunder Fit Logo Template

The futuristic, abstract graphics in this logo design will surely set your gym or fitness center apart. Drop in your custom taglines and branding to put this logo template to work for you.

5. Fitness Badges & Logo

Fitness Badges Logo

In search of a powerful and stylish fitness center logo design? Try out this great option from Elements, completely with a grungy powerlifting vibe.

6. Logo GYM Powerlifting Bodybuilding Fitness Sport

Logo Gym Powerlifting

With its eclectic graphics and funky, modern style, this simple logo template brings simple style to your marketing campaign. It’s ideal for building a refined, urban image!

7. Fitness Gym

Fitness Gym

Inject urban styling into your fitness center logo design with this Elements template. Fully editable icons and fonts make it a surefire creative option.

8. Apollo Gym Logo

Apollo gym Logo

With modern styling and a focus on healthy living, this logo template is suited to gyms, fitness centers, and wellness activities of any kind. Adjust the text and colors to make it suit you.

9. Fitness Gym Logo

Fitness Gym Logo

Minimal, simple, and full of character, Fitness Gym Logo is a choice for the modern fitness center. Its contemporary design is very easy on the eye, while still looking appropriate for a gym. This logo is 100% vector, making it easily scalable to multiple sizes. It also means that changing colors to fit your brand is also quick and easy to do!

10. Muscle Fitness Guy Cartoon Mascot Logo

Muscle Fitness Guy Cartoon Mascot Logo

The Miami Beach vibes are strong with this logo template. Featuring a muscular character and kitschy 80s flair, this Cartoon Mascot Logo stands out from the pack. It comes with two color options as well as a black and white version. Whether you edit in Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop, you can create your perfect gym logo design.


As you can see, Placeit and Envato Elements combine to deliver virtually unlimited creative potential as you design and build your gym or fitness center logo. With Placeit, you can craft incredible logos right inside your web browser. And with Elements, you can unlock even more creative flexibility by combining professional fitness logo design templates and powerful editing software.

Placeit and Elements are truly must-haves for creatives. With your monthly membership, your creative output will be limited only by your own imagination. So what are you waiting for? Explore these amazing offerings to bring your gym or fitness center to the forefront today!

If you're looking to dive even deeper into the world of logos, Envato Tuts+ has you covered. Learn more about logo design and get inspired by logos from other industries with these articles.

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